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The Taurus Solar New Moon Eclipse

A Solar Eclipse New Moon of Mystical Evolution in the sign of taurus ist about, inevitable change, new resources and Mother Earth love.

Eclipse Season is here again, and the Solar Eclipse New Moon in Taurus is taking place on April 30th, at 1:28 PM Pacific Time so this will be late in the Evening of Saturday for Germany and early morning of Sunday for those in Bali or Australia. Unless you are in South Africa or Antartica you don’t need to set the alarm to watch this spectacular astronomical event as it can only be seen from these locations with the human eye. But because Eclipses are intense, transformational and fateful in nature, blowing gusty winds of change through the world, every single one of us and living creature will feel it. The eclipse degree is 10 Taurus. That this particular Solar Eclipse takes place in the fixed earth sign of Taurus, indicates evolution that is concurrently being enacted around areas of embodiment, values, sensorial experience, and material reality. The sign of the Bull is not known for its embrace of change, as it governs the realm that is slow to morph – the tangible realm of physical form. However the tides of change are also in the works these days for Taurus with revolutionary Uranus located there and conjunct the Sun and Moon in this eclipse configuration. You’ll want to check your birth chart for where Taurus falls in your birth chart – as well as the other fixed signs of Scorpio, Leo, and Aquarius – this areas of your chart and life will be most influenced by this Eclipse season.

Taurus new moon happening with the solar eclipse 2022

Also read the „what is a solar eclipse?“ article to understand the background of this event better.

I really do love Taurus energy (if you don’t know I am a taurus rising babe), and this one packs an extra punch with a solar eclipse. We have the new moon energy, which is the time to plant seeds for your new dreams, manifestations, life, visions, in the earth sign taurus, literally providing a fertile soil to plant the healthiest seed with cosmic aligned intentions and actions. The fact that the moon is exalted in the sign of taurus makes this new moon and solar eclipse very sweet cause luna feels itself here and is very happy. she can bath in the nourishing fertile soil to shine as the most beautiful being afterwards. She is you.

This powerful New Moon / Solar Eclipse brings the perfect time to breathe deep, connect with Mother Nature, and find peace while you immerse yourself in the beauty of the world. This pleasant energy reminds us to stop, feel and sense the sun on your skin, the birds singing and the warmth of the earth beneath your feet. As mentioned above , eclipses are intense and so is the new moon that’s coming with it. Here with taurus it brings about many emotions within you. Remember that new moons are always a time where we go inward and are more inward g(r)o(w)ing rather than outward. With the solar eclipse on top, the light is completely switched off and we are invited to be in the moment with ourselves. Align with the taurus energy by connecting to your body and all of your senses. Let it center and stabilize your inner world. It's necessary to create this foundation within you in order to be available for the energies of abundance to receive. Open your heart and appreciate your world. Abundance comes from within and begins with acknowledging what we already have in our lives. It contiouns and brings more of it when we realize we are worthy of everything we desire and that everything we wish and dream about is already ours.

After the stormy season of aries we have entered the calmness of taurus or as you can say the quite after the chaos. The lil bull stands for earth, grounding, calmness, beauty and hard work, food as well as resources and the energy of money. It is hard to shake a taurus up but there s one thing that the cozy bull doesn’t like so much and that is change.

Hu--did someone really said change ?! asked a taurus and walked away chewing is juicy green barley grass.

Yes when we have this earthy taurus new moon nd solar eclipse ruled by Venus, the planet of Love and beauty and Creativity and Sensuality - everything cozy sounds great.

But what makes this new moon so special, again, are the other aspects. This solar eclipse is companied by the disturber and disrupter Uranus, whereby the Planet Uranus is in the sign of taurus as well at the moment and that is interesting. when Uranus means change and Taurus stand for resources, money, the earth.... you tell me now :-)

Uranus entered Taurus in 2018 and will be there until 2026. Our financial world has changed since it arrived in Taurus. Bitcoin entered the picture (again), Covid entered in this era, and there has been SO much unemployment. Money has expanded for some. Just think about real estate numbers and the interest rates skyrocketing — our financial world is up and down like a rollercoaster. Then the other them of the bull - work hard and succeed - has also revised and proved to be wrong by the Gen - Z generation, while 10, 15 years old teenagers making millions with dance videos on tiktok. What a fun way to earn money, isn’t it? and who would have thought this decades ago, sure not our grandparents. So I think it’s worth a minute to overthink and reboot our beliefe-systems around money as well. I think every one agrees that 100% of the people who work, are doing it for one priority, to have a living meaning something to eat and feed their families. Taurus loves to eat! What must be addressed, however, is changing our consideration of how we get our food. This is the ecological dilemma right now that has environmentalists worried. This is a change that is yet again huge and something we will see change whether we want it or not.

There is a filmmaker (Pamela Tanner Boll) who produced To Which We Belong,’ a documentary that highlights farmers and ranchers leaving behind conventional practices that are no longer profitable or sustainable. With quiet courage, they are improving the health of our soil and sea to save their livelihoods generations — and our planet. This movie is only accessible by a hosted screening event. You can also look up if there is a screening event happening near you. If you’re in bali there is one coming soon ;-) working on it. Or you might want to set it up by yourself in your close community ?

other aspects


Whilst Uranus tends to provoke sudden events or realizations that, while disorienting, help shape novel pathways forward. Because this Uranus signature occurs in the context of an eclipse chart, we might expect a doubling down on the “anything can happen” factor, so that it is a time well spent witnessing, letting go of expectation, practicing acceptance and watching what we are being invited forth into.


The other revolutionary outer-planet archetype, Pluto, is also prominent, being at his zodiacal standstill during this eclipse. Pluto just stationed retrograde one day prior this new moon at 28º Capricorn, which amps up the transformational power of the tiny but mighty Lord of Death and Rebirth in the name of Structure, Systems and Foundations.

Jupiter & Venus

Our favorite planet of the year (and sure in general as well) Jupiter is making a lovely conjunction to the ruler of this eclipse show, Venus, both basking in the waters of the sign of Pisces. How dreamy. This large and buoyant boost of abundance could offer us the gift of new and profound spiritual connectedness, as well as an expansive view into what we most truly value. Venus and Jupiter are really lighting it up in this powerful New Moon, and with Neptune also close by, this trio wants us to feel irrevocably and undeniably the tremendous cosmic love and support available to us as energetic beings. If you find yourself having feelings of grace and goodness wash over you, you may wish to take some time to really anchor the experience into your senses, body, heart, and mind and write it all down on a piece of paper. Of course we couldn’t discuss the positive influence of Jupiter and Neptune without an accompanying word regarding the downside of this combination, the potential pitfalls. And if you've read my „Neptune & Jupiter" post, you probably know that i don't sugar coat everything jupiter does but being realistic that whatever is touched by jupiter is going to be expanded. This can bring about confusion and feelings of anxiety. If this matches your apparent reality, you are right on time – it is an eclipse after all. Jupiter’s magnifying glass can show us striking details of what’s not working, while Neptune’s veils prompt us to fortify and rest into our sense of trust in the benevolence of life and the universe, even in times of uncertainty. Because of Venus’ involvement, there will likely be an additional emphasis on relating, so keep an eye out for the lessons in human connection.

The whole story of solar eclipse and new moon comes with remarkably few hard aspects such as squares and oppositions, and is mostly comprised of flowing aspects, the sextiles and the trines. This allows us a somewhat smoother transition into this Eclipse Season. Pay close attention, and be present with what is arising, as the following Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio coming two weeks further, on Sunday, May 15th, has some decidedly harder edges and intense dimensions. As always, remember to be gentle with yourself and with others, and allow yourself space for extra rest and reflection.

solar eclipse in taurus, Sonnenfinsternis im Zeichen des Stiers

Medical Astrology

Taurus rules the throat, neck, thyroid and vocal tract. During a Taurus new moon plus solar eclipse we want to free up stagnant energy in this areas to further align with the vibration and to be capable of receiving abundance in all kind of forms. This new moon we focus much on the healing of our worthiness and mooney mindset to attract everything we need to live and deserve. Because there is no such thing that the universe divides people into "who deserves to have it all" and can dive in Donald Duck dollar bathtubs and "who’s poor barely have something to eat". No and if you don’t agree because the world is showing us more and more how we widen the gap between those two realities than it is really time to heal your harmed belief system around money and abundance that we carry with us for many centuries. we need to heal this ancestral wound within us in order for more balanced and healed souls who can make a great change in our money world and shape it to the good.

If you want to read more and dive into the astro medicine of this bullish solar eclipse new moon as well as into your personal taurus new moon horoscope then I welcome you in the separate MA Article, which you can access here: If you’ve missed the taurus solar eclipse new moon circle live via zoom with me than this article is something for you, because I cover the main aspects as well as the horoscopes for each sign of this new moon’s health astrology here:

I also want to thank everyone who joined my eclipse Portal and Taurus new moon circle this morning live via zoom. This was magic and I am still enchanted yet grounded by this beautiful circle that we had of like minded souls. No doubt you gonna be Queens of this Eclipse Season as so many of you are now healing the deep (money) wound within. For everyone who bought a ticket but couldn’t make it to the live, you already received the recording via email so you can still tune into the energy and our circle.

For everyone who hasn’t participated in this, I’m sorry but the recording is only available for those who paid and committed to the eclipse portal. But if you want to join us for the upcoming scorpio luna eclipse in two weeks on May, 15th you can buy the ticket as well as read more information about it here:

Specially with the scorpio luna eclipse and full moon we will let go off the limits that stop us from receiving what we truly deserve. And just so you know, it’s your birth right to deserve everything you desire and need.

Alright my moon babes, I wish you a beautiful solar eclipse, take it slow, observe and ground yourself.

p.s. remember no absorbing or charging of any crystals during eclipse season ;-)


many moon blessings



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