As a Yogateacher I don't see yoga just as a downward facing dog on the mat, to me yoga is a Lifestyle. It's about what I eat, what I am saying, how I am saying, what I am thinking, how I am reacting and treating myself and others as well as the whole nature around me. If you think your product needs a place in this shop or has to be featured? Let's get in contact.  If you would like me to be an Ambassador for your Brand or Product, Location or Accommodation or want me to guide your event whether through a yoga flow or a sound session, feel very free to contact me and see if our energies and visions get close to each other. Either you just want a private Yoga class or holistic nutrition and lifestyle coaching, I'm ready to start. I teach in english and german.

  • private Classes
  • Yoga in the Studio
  • Office Yoga
  • Yoga Retreats
  • holistic lifestyle coaching
  • modelling film and photo
  • DJ for special Events that fits my lifestyle
  • collaborations
  • interviews
  • sponsoring