Namasté my friend, before I even tell a single word about me, I would like to say first of all, beautiful that you exist, that you have found on my site and even want to know more about me :-) Seems like you and i have a common passion and a crush on Yoga :-) There are different circumstances and ways that leads us to yoga and wants us to learn more about it or jump into a yogaclass. But what all we yogaseekers have together is that we want to tune more in ourselfes, heal ourselfes and want to feel good not only from the outside but from within and just be happy, satisfied and fulfilled.And that is my Aim how i want you to feel. Because every single one of us has their own stories so is the journey for everyone different. My Purpose is to guide you on this Journey with my experinces, knowledge and wisdom i was able to receive alongside my Journey so far and stil receiving, growing and lerning every day. Now lets have a little insight in my Journey ;-) I am your Yogateacher educated on Bali, based in Germany with roots from Greece. As I am half German and half Greek, therefore, I got blessed with two names. Julia the German one and Georgia the Greek temperament. After my Yoga Alliance certified Teacher Training on Bali I have started teaching yoga classes or personal on Bali, Germany, Spain, Greek and Switzerland so far. Besides my weekly yoga classes in Germany, I'm hosting my own Yogaretreats and I could not imagine any better, magical and satisfiying than holding a sacred place for others. My Lifestyle is built on three pillars, it's my daily Yoga practice on and off the mat, a holistic vegan diet influenced by Ayurveda and the healing power of music. Iyengar Yoga kindled the light in me and since day one it shines brighter and bigger. The Practice of Iyengar Yoga gives me the opportunity to perform the asanas very accurately and correct to be able to develop the full effect on the body system in order to heal illnesses and ailments of my students. I combine that static poses with the flowing practice of Vinyasa to teach the never-ending flow of life accompanied by the constant change of our Mother Earth and other planets. My Yogastyle ends in Yin Yoga to unfold the Energy of the previous exercises in deep relaxation. Besides my Yoga education, I studied nutrition science in Switzerland to become a holistic nutritionist. This gives me all the skills I need to know about a plant-based diet, that I've been on for 8 years. Music and Dancing are my Soulfood. During my childhood, I have always come into contact with the essence of music. Weather influenced by my mom, who is a thoroughbred musician or one of my older sisters, who studied music. In my mid 20 after trying out a lot in that business, I arrived and Yoga helped me to figure out the Rhythm of my Life. As an ecstatic dance DJ, I guide people through a moving meditative Dance experience. It's the Joy of celebrating Life in the here&now. Music is the World's number one language and there is no other ritual who connects people from totally different states of minds than the Rhythm and Beat of Music no matter the Genre. It's the sacred Sound of Music that makes us all feel better. On my Yogaretreats, I share this kind of meditation with you. Let me say it in the words of Gloria Estefan "It's the Rhythm of the Island, don't you worry if you can't dance, let the music move your feet" 

julyas VISION

julyas is the natural symbioses between your Shop and Blog about Yogaretreats and the Yoga lifestyle. Guided from the tradition and meaning of Yin and Yang,  the name julyas ist the unit of two names Julia & Yannik. Bringing Yin and Yang together in a very harmoniously way you create a new object, third energy, that reflects your balance. Bringing the love of Julia and Yannik together new energy of love unfolds. With this big portion of Love, julyas is spreading as much Love out into the World and straight your way. The purpose with every Retreat and Product here on julyas is to carry Love, Happiness, light and deep awareness further out into the World. It would be my greatest honour if you share this with julyas.  Doing good for oneself, others and the whole World around us. 


After spending a good decade on working in the fashion Industry I used that skills to turn that over into Yoga to offer a higher service for People in my Yogaretreats and giving back to our Mama Earth with rising a Conscious Lifestyle. Guided from the Heart Centre, I choose Brands, that spread as much love out into the World as we're trying to do :-) So you will automatically shop and receiving love by purchasing any of the products here on julyas -- Thall-ho love is coming in packages, that's pretty cool. There are items,  that take water bottles out of the ocean or other recycled materials and turn that into new subjects, giving them purpose through an eco-friendly process and cleaning us from all that rubbish. Healing Sprays, which allows your Spirit to unfold wheter in a meditation or using as your daily fragrance and more beautiful things, that want to be caught by a Yogiheart. Feel free to shop your yoga essentials for a green lifestyle. Wherever we travel Yannik and I get inspired and try to purchase those essentials, that make your daily Life more purposeful. Namasté with Love. 



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