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Become your own guru and get answers for questions no one told you before. Become the Master of your health and get your life back with healing in a holistic way so you not only address your body but your mind, soul and spirit too.  Discover julias online courses with a holistic approach for healing. Julia is a astro- practitioner, -yogateacher and -nutritionist. She teaches over 5 years people from all aound the world, hold yoga retreats in Spain, greece, Netherlands and Bali, worked as speaker on different events al around Europe. She became a medical astrologer in 2021 and does one-on-one readings, so people can learn about their blueprint, real purpose and how to heal from illneses in a holistic way. The courses are designed to help and guide you step by step so you can start living a healthy and happy life straight away that you ever dreamed of and inspire you to create a life, you're passionate about. Read more and stop wasting your time buying expensive products that get you nowhere but frustrated. 

holistic COURSES & healthy WORKSHOPS

the face yoga workshop
face Yoga

Face Yoga is a natural and practical way of looking and feeling healthy, happy, glowing and youthful. At its core, it is a combination of face exercises and massages, acupressure and relaxation techniques that are designed to lift, firm,smooth & relax the face and improve your overall skin issues. In this Workshop Julia will teach you how, why and when to practice face yoga and give you all the tolls you need to implement these techniques in your everyday life. We do yoga for our whole body lets not forget our face.

the yoga face
1 hour Workshop
€ 47,00
The wheel of health

In this Workshop you will learn about each sign of the zodiac wheel and their characteristics related to medical astrology. Each Sign rules a specific body part, each sign is part of your natal chart and therefore part of your whole being. You will gain a bigger understanding not only for each individual sign but also about your own wheel of health.


1 hour workshop
€ 25,00
the astrology diet workshop what is the best diet regarded your stars.
Astro Nutrition
which food is your medicine?

This workshop introduces you to the world of nutritional astrology and uncovers the core building blocks of health as they are needed within each Natal chart, like a blueprint to build our foundations of good health. This is an enlightening lecture about the connection between food and astrology because what we chose to eat can lead us towards health and vitality or imbalance and ailment.

feed your stars
1 hour workshop
€ 47,00

Every Course & Workshop  is pre-recorded and available all time on demand with lifetime access to it. If you have any Questions during or after the Course/Workshop we have a special VIP Member's only Group for like-minded people sharing the same interests where you can connect and ask your questions. Julia likes to build communities that support and help each other out and where new friendships are born. Julia answers and provides help in this Groups as well. Join our holistic collective community and expand your relationships to the next level.

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