Namasté at julyas, happy your SOUL guides you to this Place. julyas is your personal BOP, an ORGANIC symbiosis between a Blog and Shop about Yoga.

You can view and book your beautiful Yoga RETREAT and also your YOGA essentials for a CONSCIOUS green Lifestyle. Get inspired by the blog and find a HOLISTIC range of facts whether about a plant-based diet, a specific yoga pose or a BEATfully  MEDITATION.  



September, 13-19 


Januar, 10-12

julyas retreats invite you on a journey where you can leave the stressful everyday life behind you through exercise, mindfulness, relaxation and fun. In addition to the benefits of yoga elements, the goal is to create awareness, to connect like-minded people, to stimulate change and to promote mindfulness. Flow into the day through a yoga flow and sun salutation meditation in the morning, followed by yin yang sessions accompanied by the sunset in the evening. A journey of shared farming rituals and slow food workshops, barefoot walks on velvety sandy beaches where you can kayak, dive, snorkel or just relax in the sunshine make it easy for you to get away from the stresses of everyday life and recharge your batteries. A careful walk through the mountains to a sacred church or a Tempe, or the silence between the dunes let you feel the magic of the oldest healing elements. Celebrate your uniqueness and appreciate life in the Now & Here at a joint moon party and campfire on the beach. This all promotes the spirit of community on Julya's retreats.


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Your Yoga Teacher


Julia Georgia is your Yogateacher, Host, Friend and as we all are children of mama Earth also your Sister, who accompanies you on your Yoga journey and through this Website julyas. Click the Button below to learn more about the meaning of the Name julyas as well as about Julia herself and her Vision.


holistic Cuisine

Each patch of earth has its own fertile soil and offers a gorgeous variety of biodynamic, homegrown fruits, vegetables, herbs and local heroes. Inspired by a holistic, ayurvedic cuisine julyas Retreats serve you healthy, hearty, organic and plant-based meals to purify and detox your inner Body and create space to shine your brightness out. As a holistic nutritionist, I share with you recipes and facts about a plant-based diet with ayurvedic influences on the Blog and in each of my retreats.

holistic Cuisine


The Greenlifestyle

The best wardrobe for your skin ist to get naked, the second one is to choose wisely what you put on and into your sacred temple, your holy body. From the perfect travel Yogamat through a blissfully healing spray to a conscious organic green lifestyle you find everything that your yoga heart desires. 

Retreat essentials

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press Play, pump up the Volume and dance 

There is no other ritual in the world, that connects people across nations, than the movement to ecstatic sounds which raise awareness and grounding at the same time. 

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