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We are what we eat. Food is medicine. Julia studied nutrition science in Switzerland to become a holistic nutritionist. This gives her all the skills and knowledge about a healthy plant-based diet, that she‘s been on for 9 years now. She sees our food as the most important source of our body's health system. How we nourish ourselves and our loved ones has a huge impact on our life. Said that, it doesn't mean teaching to eat more salads, greens and vitamins, Julia educates people in what they should or can eat in order to heal from specific diseases and illnesses but most importantly to prevent from them. Prevention is the best Investment you can do for your Health. Nowadays 90% of people getting sick and are dealing with symptoms like fatigue, insomnia, candida, acne, endometriosis, bloating, back pain, just to name a few has to do with the quality of their diet, besides our mental health status. 

Our Body in physical and emotional form stores everything we absorb from the outside and therefore our job is to take care and look after our souls home.  


According to my own personal universe of planets in my Body, my Soul needs a vegan diet (except from honey and ghee) yet I keep it intuitive and listen to my body what it needs and I have learned to be aware of the when's and how's in my diet. When we start living more aligned with our intuition we can hear what our body is trying to tell us vs. what our ego thinks it needs.

But I wouldn't say what works best for me also works best for you, THAT'S why it is called holistic nutritionist :-)

Because I follow a holistic, natural approach other than modern western medicine, I look at people from a whole perspective and that's when astrology comes in... Astro Nutrition.

For years Julia has been on a journey through different diet styles trying to find the one that fits. None has worked, either did she lost the weight, but became very bad skin or vice versa or Food disorders has taken over her. Until she included Astro nutrition in her Lifestyle, she found all the answers to a fulfilling, nurturing and palatable diet.

The 6th House of one's birth chart shows us what someone needs to eat and how that can benefit the whole well-being.

Likewise tells us our moon sign what food habits we use to have and if we need to adjust it. There is no need to forego delicious, tasty and yummy food if you're living on a healthy holistic lifestyle. Back then when I worked at my old job, every time I put out one of my meals, people were impressed by how good and yummy my food looked like and tasted. 90 % why people not changing their diet to a more healthy one is, because they think its time consuming, complicated not tasteful or nourishing. Let's put aside the myths and clean up in the jungle of food facts. Keep it easy and stress-less. Heal with your meal.

In the end nutrition is the story of how close you life with nature. 


Certified holistic nutritionist and well-being coach, educated with the AKN (Academy of Naturopathy) ZFU approved, in Switzerland. 

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” 


Father of all medicine

food is our medicine
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