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wanna know what’s written in the stars for you


Are we a match? Am I the right Astrologer and Space Holder for you ? Lets find out!

The wonderful and fantastic thing that astrology teaches us is, that we are all different. And that is absolutely gorgeous and necessary. My priority is to help you discover your unique gifts and challenges. I am here to support and guide you along your journey. I want you to have the best results and outcome of and with astro medicine. Therefore I offer a free 15 minute call and quick analyses prio to my readings. In this call we look at your and my birtchchart together and specifically if the Planet Saturn in my chart doesn't sit over the  6 th House of your chart. Why? because Saturn plays a big role when it comes to one-on-one readings and coaching. He can challenge a medical consulting, so neither you nor I would be 200% satisfied with the outcome. If that's the Case, it doesn't mean that you can't have someone helping you it just means that I would be not the perfect advisor for you. You might coming from a marathon running from doctor to doctor and still haven't found answers, that doesnt neccesarrly mean that the physician was bad it simply means that he wasn't the perfect one for you. 

The YOUnivers, your blueprint astrology reading with Julia
the whole

This is your natal horoscope, or astrological birthchart. Here we will have look at your whole chart, incl. all Plantes with their Aspects to each other, Houses, Signs, Nodes, and how the current constellations of planets in the sky are affecting you now. Discover your Souls Mission and Purpose. Maybe what challenges or blockages you have that stop you to fully step into your best self and how to support your superpowers.

whole blueprint

a one hour personal reading via face call with video and audio recording for yours to keep. 

€ 333

whole health 

That personalized owner's manual is your natal horoscope, or astrological birthchart. Here we will have a look at your whole chart, incl. Plantes, Houses, Signs, Nodes, to discover your weaker points of your health and how to support your superpowers.


this is a medical astrology reading.


What if your body came with its own owner's manual - a personalized guide for optimum health maintenance and disease prevention?  It does! 


  • Key principles of medical Astrology ?
    Medical Astrology follows a holistic and energetic model, instead of treating symptoms, medical astrology seeks to balance a persons physical and mental energies. Medical astrology recognizes that one’s personality influences ones health. It recognizes that we are biologically attuned to our environment and the movements of the planets as we constantly receive magnetic energy from the planets through our aura and skin. Hence, one can only achieve health by living in harmony with universal life forces.
  • What is a natal aka birtch chart ?
    The natal chart accurately describes one’s personality and one’s potential internal conflicts, which can lead to imbalances. Understand your soul’s destiny as indicated by the astrological influences under which you were born, your limitations and your potential, your challenging character traits and your unique talents.Astrology is like a map that lets you see where you are and where you are going, what lies ahead, and how to go around obstacles. It also clarifies not only the path to your goals, but gives you greater clarity about yourself and what that goal really is. In medical Astrology it is a deep look at the areas of your birth chart which indicate health related strengths and vulnerabilities and tips on maintaining a strong personal wellbeing. It allows for a very effective clearing of many health issues. It will allow dramatic shifts forward in minimal time as a result. Many have made immediate and lasting breakthroughs that evaded them during previous months or years of conventional counseling.
  • How hold is medical Astrology
    It dates back at least to 400 BC. First developed by Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, it was the way medicine was practiced well into the 17th Century. Carl Jung and Edgar Cayce are two of the most prominent healers who revived the use of astrology as a healing art in the early part of the 20th Century.
  • What is medical Astrology ?
    Medical Astrology is a science and a healing art, which uses the information, derived from one’s astrology birth chart (the natal chart) to ascertain that individual’s state of dis-ease and wellness. Medical Astrology (historically known as iatromathematics) is an ancient medical system that associates various parts of the body, diseases, foods, and herbal medicines as being under the influence of the Planets and the 12 Astrological signs and Houses. It is referenced in ancient texts from Babylon and Egypt to India, Europe and early American folklore medicine. It is not a diagnosis but a suggestion of how or why certain individuals may experience different levels of health or illness and gives ideas of living that may enhance one’s well-being. “Prevention is better than cure”. Medical astrology provides you a chance to understand this quote. Through Medical astrology you can be aware about of what kind of disease can be affect you more and what you can do to support your body. It is different for everyone, like someone will get affected more from the flu, heart diseases, skin issues, as someone from diabetes, leaky gut, chronic fatigue etc. Every factor works on every body differently.
  • What is a astro medical reading?
    A medical astrology reading with julia is the look at one's sun and moon sign as well as the sign of the ascendant (rising star), other planets, aspects, the nodes and houses of a natal chart. Astrology studies the interactions between planets, stars, houses and personality. Astrology readings are used to help interpret a person's nature and give insights on their constitution and what helps their body if it fights ailments or how to prevent and to understand one's life challenges and gifts and whats someone is here to offer the world. Take help of medical reading and know about which particular body part & health issue you should be more concerned. Keep yourself healthy by using the right nurtition, herbs, natural remedies for your body type with this method of astrology.
  • Is astro medicine a substitution for a medical diagnosis ?
    No, astro medicine does not work as a replacement for a diagnosis by a modern western medicine physician, but serves as a complementary therapy for this. Julia is dependent on the exact diagnosis of a doctor, alternative practitioner or homeopath to help in the form of nutrition and other healing methods. Julia's clients usually want to try natural and alternative healing methods first, before they have to undergo surgery or pharmaceutical therapy. On the other hand some Clients haven't been succesfull with surgery or pharmaceutical therapies and therefore want to try a natural alternative healing method. Astro medicine was used as a tool for both treatment and diagnosis of any number of aches and pains and one of the first forms to diagnose and heal ailments in the history of medicine. Hippocrates the father of all medicine and ancient greek doctor said: “a physician without knowledge of astrology has no right to call himself a physician.”
  • Do i need to prepare anything before a Reading with Julia ?
    Come as you are in your purest form of being. Please bring your *Birth-Date, *Birth-Time and *Birth-Location, as we need this informations to calculate your natal chart. Most people know there Birthday obviously :-) You can find your Time and Location of Birth eaither in -your birth certificate, your mother's birth certificate, -ask your parents or relatives -If you don't have a copy of your birth certificate, you can usually request a copy from the health department or vital records office associated with the county, province, or state where you were born. -you can ask the Hospital in which you were born they should be able to give you the infirmation.
  • Does medical Astrology has similarities to other medical systems ?
    Yes, other traditional medical systems such as Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine and Native American Shamanism use similar principles. Several healing therapies and practices such as Polarity, Yoga and Chakra healing use astrology as a guide.
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