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wanna know what’s written in the stars for you


Are we a match? Am I the right Astrologer and Space Holder for you ? Lets find out!

The wonderful and fantastic thing that astrology teaches us is, that we are all different. And that is absolutely gorgeous and necessary. My priority is to help you discover your unique gifts and challenges. I am here to support and guide you along your journey. I want you to have the best results and outcome of and with astro medicine. Therefore I offer a free 15 minute call and quick analyses prio to my readings. In this call we look at your and my birtchchart together and specifically if the Planet Saturn in my chart doesn't sit over the  6 th House of your chart. Why? because Saturn plays a big role when it comes to one-on-one readings and coaching. He can challenge a medical consulting, so neither you nor I would be 200% satisfied with the outcome. If that's the Case, it doesn't mean that you can't have someone helping you it just means that I would be not the perfect advisor for you. You might coming from a marathon running from doctor to doctor and still haven't found answers, that doesnt neccesarrly mean that the physician was bad it simply means that he wasn't the perfect one for you. 

The YOUnivers, your blueprint astrology reading with Julia
the whole

This is your natal horoscope, or astrological birthchart. Here we will have look at your whole chart, incl. all Plantes with their Aspects to each other, Houses, Signs, Nodes, and how the current constellations of planets in the sky are affecting you now. Discover your Souls Mission and Purpose. Maybe what challenges or blockages you have that stop you to fully step into your best self and how to support your superpowers.

whole blueprint

a one hour personal reading via face call with video and audio recording for yours to keep. 

€ 333

whole health 

That personalized owner's manual is your natal horoscope, or astrological birthchart. Here we will have a look at your whole chart, incl. Plantes, Houses, Signs, Nodes, to discover your weaker points of your health and how to support your superpowers.


this is a medical astrology reading.


What if your body came with its own owner's manual - a personalized guide for optimum health maintenance and disease prevention?  It does! 


100 %  satisfaction guarantee
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