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Testimonials from julyas


"When a loved one suddenly left my life, I booked Julia's retreat, needed a break from my (emotional) life in Hamburg, some sunshine on my skin (for the happiness hormones) and emotional support and" guidance "- the motto of the retreat for me "Rise & Shine" fit perfectly for me. Julia took care of the retreat participants very fittingly and I was very grateful to have met so many great people on this (spiritual) journey, starting with dinner together, a hike through the mountains of Mallorca to one delicious, healthy lunch and a visit to the market in one of the beautiful neighboring towns of Port de Sollér. The days passed by so quickly and, as is so often the case, this short vacation was over too fast. Thanks again also to the team at the Bikini Hotel, who helped to make our stay so unforgettable.“


“The yoga retreat Rise & Shine with Julia was a lot of fun! The atmosphere was very pleasant and she was very responsive to each individual. She made a lot of effort to explain everything to us and you could tell that she put her heart into her work. It was nice that we got to know each other as a group and organized excursions together. I would definitely like to take part again because I've now learned that yoga can help the soul and the body a lot! Keep it up, Julia: -) “

Testimonials from julyas




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Since I was in Julia's retreat, yoga has finally become an integral part of my everyday life again. The units with her were wonderful and varied and motivated me to do more for myself and take care of my body. I can experience this and the lasting one I wholeheartedly recommend the impression that the retreat made on me! "

Testimonials from julyas
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