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Julyas Mallorca Yoga Retreat at bikini hotel soller

julyas retreats invite you on a journey where you can leave the stressful everyday life behind through exercise, mindfulness, relaxation, astrology, detoxing and fun. In addition to the beneficial elements of yoga, the goal is to create awareness, connect like-minded people, stimulate change and to promote your health. Flow into the day through a luna flow and sol meditation in the, followed by moon sessions accompanied by the sunset. A journey of shared farming rituals and slow-food workshops, barefoot walks on velvety sandy beaches where you can kayak, dive, snorkel or just relax in the sunshine to unwind and recharge your batteries. A careful walk through the mountains to a sacred church or a Temple, the silence between the dunes let you feel the magic of the oldest healing elements of mama earth. Celebrate your uniqueness and appreciate life in the Now & Here with a cacao ceremony or ecstatic dance moon party and campfire on the beach.
Each Retreat is specifically designed to promote your health and well-being from an holistic approach. We cater the freshest, local ingredients for you and create mouth-watering meals, that detox your body in a warm and nourishing way. Most of the time we have life taking over and we miss the part of detoxing our body, mind and souls. Thats why we created julyas retreats to do this for you and give you the healthy kitchen you missed back home.  This all promotes the spirit of a healing community on Julya's retreats.

 for those who love movement                 value inner peace and healing     
                                         and seek adventures

Wellbeing retreats with a holistic
life approach.
A multi-sensory journey interweaving
slowness, nature, movement, healing
and community. 
— for the modern 5 D human (and those

identify as such)
who embrace all things about modern
spirituality, astrology, healing food, therapeutic
movement & a bliss of luxury.

It is going back home, walking along forest-scented trails, swimming in the infinite sea, feeling the mountain breeze, enjoying a sunset without rush, realizing that happiness is in the simplicity of the natural. We are earth, we are beings of nature. 

a holistic glamping retreat with julyas
disconnect to reconnect

Live a reconnecting experience in nature.

A sustainable experience connecting with nature and ourselves.

back into nature

A 3 course plant-based menu prepared by one of the Chefs that using always ecological, local and seasonal products of small farmers of the island. Participate on a night activity, a star gazing with the telescope of our astronomer, a  dance and chanting. All this follow by a confortable accommodation on our deluxe tents surrounded by the mountains and the sea.

The date will be announced soon and those who signed up for the newsletter will be the first to know and get an extra early bird price.

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Yoga- and Astrologyretreats by AYA certified Yoga- and Astrologycoach 
Julia Georgia

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