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medical astrology & horoscopes for the taurus new moon solar eclipse

here is your medical astrology moon guide and your personal horoscopes for this taurus solar eclipse.

Happy healing my love and welcome to the medical astrology report. Okay let’s get straight into it.

Taurus rules our throat, neck, thyroid, tonsils, shoulders and vocal tract and these parts can be more affected within the next two weeks (or the start of an ailment). During this solar eclipse and new moon we want to free the stagnant energy in these areas of our body so we can heal and attract the energy to grow into our highest self. As you have probably read the general overview about the astrology of this new moon you know that I’ve mentioned how much taurus stands for money, resources and earth force. Taurus is the magnetic of all signs and therefore influences the magnetic field as well.

The new moon is paired with this years solar eclipse in taurus, meaning that the new moon is sitting right next to our collective north node, which is in ...who knows...the sign of taurus.

What is is important about solar eclipses and the north node activation is, that this is the point where the energy is coming in. The energy is coming in from the north node and energy that needs to be released is going to be exceeded through the south node (more on the south node in two weeks).

Just to get the idea of what is happening and why this is so important for our global evolution as well as our own individual. When we are talking about the import of the energy through the north node, we are gifted with everything from taurus.

This means, fertility, food, resources, money, work, beauty, luxury. So now there is this big opportunity to tune into all of the good - for the good.

Because the more YOU have - the more YOU can give. BUT the issue around this trauma around abundance, wealth, health, money, whatever you struggling to attract is, that most of us think they are not worthy enough to deserve it all and not speaking it out loud enough, to themselves, to others, to the world.

Taurus is one of the signs that is very concerned with security. As the bull is symbolized with the wall Wall Street no wonder that money comes into play. Where do we find self worth? though our creativity and again for that we must find stillness. It is our internal peace that creates security. Let us think back to what the bull symbolizes other than money and wall Wall Street traders. The bull stands for time with our families and connection with nature, laughing with friends. The abundance does not always mean money or financial wealth. Its is what abundance means for yourself and how to attract and create it by understanding that you are worth it. There for we must become clear about the following.

  • define abundance for you

  • expect abundance from everywhere

  • expect miracles

  • be grateful for what you already have

  • declutter your mind and old beliefs around abundance

  • release scarcity and jealousy

  • fell it - imagine how it feels if you have what you want

  • realize you are worthy of it and there is enough for everyone

North node bringing in energy and here we have to be also cautious with toxins. During solar eclipses we are more prone to attract toxins as well. The sign of taurus likes to eat, eat, eat and eat. Nourishing food is essential for human life but overeating is not. Be mindful about what you are consuming these days specially how much of it even if it tastes super super tasty and good. Chemical medicine intake should be avoided during solar eclipses other than it be necessary of cause. For instance if you’re struggling with fatigue, headache try an enema or licorice tea first before taking a chemical option.

Taurus is the energy of storage and because this sign doesn’t like change and is the overall energy is therefore prone to overindulging, laziness, collection of fluids, swelling and plumpness. At all it’s important to help the nervous system during a Uranus influenced eclipse as well. The influence of Uranus can cause sudden turns and spasmodic reactions from our nervous system.

sleep well teat, find rude und Stiller’s und einen erholsamen schlaf mit smaints

Sleep Well

IF you were having a hard time to find sleep during the last weeks and months, were having anxiety attacks and your nervous system has undergoing a tough time than you might benefit from smaints new mushroom tea and raishi liquid.

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Connect with this Food:

spinach, cauliflower, cucumber, celery, pumpkin, cranberry, pomegranate

during this eclipse season dairy, sugar and stimulants should be avoided.

Herbs & Vitamins:













Bachflower Remedies:

the overall Bachflower for taurus is Gentian

you can add the followings as well for attached symptoms:

Clematis - constipation issues

Walnut - for times of change

Holly - jealousy and suspicious

Schüssler Tissue Cell Salt:

Natrium Sulphuricum (Sodium sulphate) No. 10


Green Onyx - „I am abundance"

It brings us the energy of new beginnings and helps us focus while we nourish this new energy. It calms and helps us to tap into our creativity and trust that we can shine in full bloom and are worthy of it.

Music is a healer specially for people with strong taurus energy and placements. Tune into your favorite music and even if it is just in the comfort of your won home, dance a bit to it, not excessive or ecstatic more gentle and grounding.

your horoscope for the taurus new moon solar eclipse

As this new moon is so much about self- worth adn abundance knowing where you can ground this energy and welcome the change with this new energy is important in order to work with this new moon’s astrology. Read your rising sign to know where this solar eclipse is happening for you and where the energy of the taurus north node is tuning in for you to work with.


Hey ramy ram, how about your self- worth and self-love, how about you thinking or what’s your working attitude? Sure you work hard and hard work pays off, right? Sure it did work, more in old traditions rather than today but the point for you here is your self-worthiness. how much are you showing yourself love and how truly are you believing that you are worthy of everything. Sure you maybe love the minimalistic, fairy style island vibe or tree house but even for that you need to feel worthy of it. No self love, no money. But here the new beginning and change for you and since you’ve incorporated this you see your assets growing and glowing. And eat with all your 6 senses to value what you have in order to grow more of it.


Happy birthday lil bull, even if this is only your rising sign you’re celebrating a new cycle starting with your first house of self, vitality and how you identify yourself with the world. Coming more and more into your taurian and Venusian energy. Therefore you’re pretty much concentrating on well, your self and your time this new moon and this is your free pass to relax and observe it all from the comfort of your own home. Know that your overall health and vitality is the source of abundance for you. How do you feel the best in your body and skin? Change in your identity.


Hey twinny, you are going into dream land this new moon ? Although Mercury, your planet has entered its home sign, your sign, but is already in pre shadow mercury phase, which means your mind can rest now and you should allow it to do so. Relay your nervous system. You should also learn to set boundaries the next tweoo weeks in your eating habits. Don’t just eat because its mouth watering you think about the reason why your actually eating. are you replay hungry or is it an emotional excuse? Change in your unconsciousness.


Hey little crab, cozy and comfort in your own home and shell protector? I know but this new moon is inviting you, or better said your friends and community is inviting you or is there a change in your groups accuring? You can sense what’s best for you and should have the courage to nourish yourself at least as much as you do care for others. If someone doesn’t like what you’re bringing to the table, then it’s just because they have their own taste and are different. how cool that we are not all of the same sort. change in your groups and community.


A roar in your career and public life. A new grounding seed in your business, maybe the beginning of something exorbitant. The only thing that matters is the intention behind it. Is it serving the earth, the communities as well?! Plant the fruits of your future labour during this fertile taurus new moon. Change is always here for you not against you.


have a good trip virgo rising. This solar eclipse catapults you into a new destination where you’re not only expanding your cultural experience and knowledge but also your spirituality and general beliefsystem. Through travel we get wiser and become more align with our own philosophical creations. Whether it’s a business trip or a self planned long distance journey, those are the type of expenses that makes us richer and abundant in return.


Time to see the change in your partner and collaborative relationships. Persistent pays off and taurus new moon knows that when we plant is not the same time when we pick or pack the fruit or our labour. And you know that too. Although your mental health got really tested lately due to things that didn’t worked out as soon or in general as you wanted but that was just because the universe had better plans for you. Here is a new beginning and change in your shared resources with your Familie and partner based on what values you share with each other. his solar eclipse is also a start for a good cleanse and elimination process and therefore also good when it comes to your body’s health. The more you alter your body and treat it like a temple the more you will attract.


Whatever it is mystical scorpio it happens it your house of relationship and love. Hu-Hu honey. This sudden change that comes with the solar eclipse is creating abundance in your love life. Cause the new moon is happening in taurus, balance your relationship to food and what you eat. Treat your body like a temple and you will see how others will do too.


You know how to treat yourself with the luxury and comfort of good and tasty food. However tasty does seems to be nice for the soul but doesn’t necessarly mean healthy too. Sorrryy. change is here and that means for you in your health habits, approach to food and digestion. You can be off service for others only when you’re function in a good, stable way. You can hold a lot of tension and burden and that makes you an overall very reliable worker and person in general that’s what you get recognized for as well. But shouldn’t#t be limited to that. You too need rest and rejuvenation.


Hey goatsy, this new moon and solar eclipse brings sudden change in your creative projects also involved with kids and overall fun activities. That can involve your cooking skills and food prep. Too lazy to prepare food and you prefer eating over cooking, but connecting with nature includes preparing our food and honoring it. Taurus eclipse more or less invites you to be part of this „project“.


Your home is your sanctuary. A calm and fertile place where luxury comes in from of earth shapes and wooden structures. All of the earth material have their own stores and history. Probably already witnessed, used and inhabitant by your ancestors and the energy is still there. Find healing through your ancestral home, knowing where you come from. What tradition you want to carry on and which ones are not serving you anymore. How do you define abundance really? What is your Soulfood? What food habits are yours, which one are you gifted with by your parents which one are you not aligning with.


Your communication skills are undergoing a new beginning. That can be of physical nature through new techs or literally in how you receive, exchange and process information. How do you communicate your feelings if unwell and what is your attitude to it. Prone to herpes? that’s when we are not speaking our truth in some ways. New information about how to communicate with the earth or vice vera how the earth is communicating with us are coming in and you can sense it very well.

Thats it my loves, I hope you find healing and nourishment in this article, thank you deeply for the energy exchange and we talk soon next time.

If you want to go a step further and deeper in your healing, money and astrology journey I invite you into the eclipse moon circle for the upcoming scorpio Full Moon eclipse. There is a bunch of like minded souls awaiting you in a sacred place to tune into all things modern spirituality. With the scorpio luna eclipse we are finalizing the work around this eclipse portal to attract and receive the full potential of abundance that’s ready for you.

Hope to see your face in the circle, here are all information about it:




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