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The Meaning Of The Leo New Moon And The Peak Of 2022

New Moon in Leo of July 2022 calls on you to let your inner light shine besides the most bumpy astrology of 2022. Here's what that means.

Use this time to grow, improve, and move toward positive change.

This New Moon takes place on the 28th of July at 7:55 pm (Berlin Time) in Leo and connects us with an extremely passionate, confident and life-affirming energy with the support of which we enter into a deep dialogue with our heart, listen to the soft voice of our heart and seek out our dearest heart's desires. It is precisely these wishes that we then hand over to the universe as part of a magical new moon manifestation and then realize them.

The big task to do during this new moon for all of us is to:

discover what sparks your inner flame. Leo loves the spotlight, so are you brave to shine your light?!

The new moon in Leo showers us with confidence, creativity and joie, enabling us to create and manifest abundance from our deepest core center our heart. So will you take heed and answer its call? Will you be a brave lion, or hide your light away?

The Moon in Leo is affectionate and kind, and somewhat inclined to the dramatic, but beides all seeks attention not only outgoing but because it’s a new moon the attention goes into yourself. Whenever there is a New Moon the stars are calling on us to believe even while working our way in the dark. It’s our monthly and truest test of faith and trust - in ourselves, in the Universe, and in the infinite possibilities available to us. Leo people and it’s energy is very proud. The challenge is to temper any tendency for arrogant or egotistical behavior and to instead develop humility and compassion, to learn detachment in the gift of affections, so that we can radiate our abundant energy freely and enhance the life experience of others around.

everything you need to know about the Leo new moon of July 2022

New Moons are new beginnings and

this one is about how you express yourself.

Since Leo is a fixed sign, it's a reminder that your truest sense

of self doesn't change too much, so you ultimately know who you are and how to honor that in the best way possible.

Taking place at 5 degrees of the brave and big-hearted sign of Leo, this is a lunation that invites us to embrace our inner child, to remember who we were and who we said we wanted to be - before the world told us differently or experience served us a harsh dose of reality.

read everything about the Leo new moon of July 2022


As always every new or full moon yes even every day gets shaped by the aspects the different planets and celestial bodies make to each other. Sometimes we have more challenging days due to harder aspects that play out and other days seem to be more flowing and enjoyable because of smoother and nicer aspects. This leo new moon definitely provides us with some nice aspects to boost our confidence and prepares us for the peak of the 2022’s astrology coming the weekend right after this new moon in Leo.

Sun and Moon

Every new moon the sun and the moon meet together in the same sign in the same degree performing the event. They both reflecting one energy of one sign, this time the one of leo. The conjunction of the Leo sun and moon brings a lot of strength and courage to our ínner fire and a firm sense of our own identity. Whatever life’s throws at us, this fusions our emotional response with our conscious understanding so we can react with immediacy and commitment from the bottom of our hearts. The double energy of the fixed fire sign ignites the urge in us to wholeheartedly throwing ourselfes into activieties if one doesn’t get stopped from ego wrapped up stubbornness.

Jupiter trine Sund and Moon

As the Sun and Moon join, they do so with a harmonious trine to magnanimous Jupiter and the healing asteroid Chiron, both in the sign of the warrior, Aries. Together, the message of these celestial bodies is clear - when you lead from the heart, you will never go astray. You will never betray yourself. So, follow your own lead. Make your own decisions. Share your creativity. Be your authentic self. And shine your inner light. This is an optimistic moment with good spirits and abundant energy. Manifest your biggest wishes with this moment and new moon as the good fortune is with us right before Jupiter goes retrograde...

Other Aspects:

The July New Moon 2022 occurs during the midst of other turbulent transits of current events around the globe and would certainly confirm that Summer 2022 has been marked by increasing unrest and volatility on many levels.

Our fighter Mars is linking up with interruptive Uranus, while squaring the cosmic megaphone Mercury and Saturn, both of whom oppose each other. Don’t worry if you can’t actually follow this construction in your mind, the importing thing is - this is wild, bold, interruptive energy with a bit of aggressiveness inside. But probably one of the biggest breakthroughs for 2022 and you as well.

The lesson here is to remember that when everything else around you is unpredictable, fraught, and tense, you reign supreme in your own realm.

The only authority you will ultimately have to answer to is yourself.

When you face challenges, act in a way that will make yourself proud. And remember that negative events don’t cancel out the good. It’s simply your job to remember the good and acknowledge that it’s there.

Remain and concentrate of your heart and what this is telling you, because that’s the transition into our medical part of this Leo new moon’s astrology.

Medical Astrology

Medical astrology is a branch of astrology that associates parts of the body (as well as diseases and treatments) with the nature of the sun, planets, and the 12 astrological signs. With ancient roots in India, China, Egypt, Greece and medieval Europe, the art of linking the cosmos with the human body—and the medicines and plants that treat it—is at least 5,000 years old.

As plato ones said:

“For this is the great error of our day in the treatment of the human body, that physicians first separate the soul from the body.” —Plato

Leo symbolizes the lion, big-hearted, gregarious, and brave, rules the heart, spine, and upper back. Leo’s energy may have cardiovascular challenges like poor circulation or back pain due to over-exertion. When the sun, which rules the heart, is in Leo, watch for inflammatory conditions. The Moon represents our emotional desires think of Leo as a lion heart who must follow passion and joy for good health.

If our life is lacking n joy, creativity and self-expression- we get sick, sick from basically not living. The life force energy, represented by the sun and therefore by Leo needs to be expressed.

Whenever I have Blueprint readings with my clients, we often focus on the meaning and purpose of the one’s life, because the sun in every birth chart represents the life force energy and where one is born to shine and be seen.

As the life fore energy (sun) is coherent with our heart chakra, because Leo rules the heart, the focus during these new moon and days around definitely is on this area of our body. Heart palpitations can arise.

Primarly also because our heart needs oxygen to function and with the aspects of the north node, Uranus and mars in taurus (ruling our lungs, breath and throat) the attention goes there.

We are feeling the consequences of the pandemic more and more on all levels from economiy crisis to health side effects and one of the aspects is the shortage of breath people had over the last 2 years. Even if now everything seems to be „back to normal“ , people can get outside, do sports, etc. they are feeling numbed and out of energy. The other thing to focus is the nervous system, parathyroid, and ailments around our head in general. Jupiter the planet of expands ruling over the liver is in the sign that rules our head , Aries, about to go retrograde. This can open our visions and third eye but comes with pressure and people see things double. Big lack of magnesium in the body and blood. The energetic waves that we feel can cause headache, nausea and numb us in a way. One thing to support our overall health during this time, or in general, is to lower or limit your emf exposure and to keep the liver cool with specific food as it can get to hot because of the fire sign of Leo.

To know where this leo new moon's astrology is all happening for you personally, read your horoscope here

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xx happy new moon bleesings xx

and nurture yourself with what brings you joy and expression of your soul.


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