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Horoscopes for Capricorn Full Moon

read your detailed horoscope for the Capricorn full moon and what this means for you personally

For the most accurate reading, consider reading the following horoscopes for your rising and sun sign according to your astrological birth chart to have a better understanding and information and see what resonates most with you. Please note that I write these horoscopes for „regular“ astrology and you will also find the health/nutrition aspects in it.

If you don’t know your rising aka ascendant you can download and look up your birth chart here.

your horoscope for the full moon in capricorn

Aries & Aries Rising

Your true calling is in the spotlight, Aries, as this Full Moon in Capricorn activates your career and public fame. You may be confronting authority figures or dealing with power plays from people in your work environment that could make you question your commitment to your company, organization, or line of work. Is any of this drama worth it? Is your effort enriching you - or someone else? As the Moon and Pluto invite you to consider where your personal power lies and what really makes you happy, the Sun and Mercury on the opposite site in cancer remind you to trust your instincts and to remember who you are when no one else is looking. You can find the balance between professional aspiration and personal responsibilities - and maintain your integrity.


EAs the leader and starter you are known for your ambition goals. Normally you are doing everything to accomplish your goals fast. But sometimes the fruits of your labour take time and most importantly need time. Mostly because you are allowed to pause in-between as well. Do one gets admired for being burned out, if you care as much about your personal health as you do for your work, that’s what inspires others. During this full moon you might get attention for something that has come to fruition and is ready to harvest. And what you do for your health now will be planted in a super fertile soil with this earthy Capricorn full moon.

Taurus & Taurus Rising

You are being called to stand up for what you believe in, Taurus. With the July Full Moon 2022 activating your deeply held beliefs, you could find yourself at an internal tug of war as external forces are calling on you to take a side. You have a trademark sensibility of being reasonable and balanced, but you may now be questioning if staying on the sidelines is helping or harming you, people you care about, and causes you advocate for. This Full Moon is calling on you to be clear about what’s been revealed - what you see now cannot be unseen. So what will you do? Remember that your silence does not stop someone else from asserting their truth. There is space for your voice too - and this is not a time to dim your shine, but to spread your light - and enlightenment. You might notice a shift and transformation in your communication (technical devices included) only to help you stay on track with your own authority and beliefs.


This full moon lets you stay minimalistic when it comes to your food habits and living in excess of it all, maybe also how you could or did in the last months. With the capricorn full moon here you are being asked to focus on foreign foods and how much is actually needed. In a Society where most of us have an excess of food and can live large but times are shifting and the fuel for our body as well. What can you let go or cut out of your diet, that you can’t digest properly anyways. Notice which cuisin you feel most attracted to in a healthy way.

Gemini & Gemini Rising

You’re being called to remember that no one is an island - and you don’t have to go it alone, Gemini. As the Full Moon puts a light on shared resources and karmic debts, your attention is being called to observe where you have taken too much on for yourself. Wouldn’t having a partner to share the load be better? In fact, wouldn’t having a supportive community be even better than that? Are your fears of opening yourself up authentically and being vulnerable, of saying that you can’t do this on your own or by yourself preventing you from seeing that you have a special ability to attract like-minded people to you? The Full Moon is inviting you to see that you can't continue this way - and that’s a good thing. Collaboration is the key to your continued success.


With this capricorn Full moon You are being asked to focus on your mental health, self worth and on eliminating toxins and waste. It's time for you to have a detox and eliminate toxins out of your body. That doesn’t mean you need to start a radical detox now. We can help our Bodie in different ways to discharge toxins. Think of herbal teas that support your liver and kidneys for example, enemas, sauna and exercise and by limiting the intake of unhealthy foods for a period of time. That will bring much more lightness into your being and you bring the satisfying feeling of achievement - in yourself.

Cancer & Cancer Rising

There is a call for you to be honest about your most intimate relationships, Cancer. With this Full Moon of partnership, you are reaching a climactic turning point in your relationship. You may see how working together allows you both to reach common goals - or determine where there may be unequal power balances. You will be called to find your voice and speak your truth about how you want to move forward - and what you want to leave behind. If a partner reveals a truth to you, know that it’s ok to share yours. This is a time to stay grounded in what you know to be true and not be manipulated by what someone else tells you is true - or even by what you wish were true. You don’t have to prioritize unity over your sense of integrity.


This full moon shows the relationship between what you eat and hoch good or bad your body regulates what you eat. That can also show up in your physical body. Use your sensivity to feel what your body is capable of balancing your food and nutrition intakes.

Leo & Leo Rising

The stars are letting you in on a little secret, Leo. It’s that the work is every day - but every day is not about work. With this Full Moon health and habits, personal revelations about what fulfills you - and what depletes you - may have come into sharp focus. You may have had, or are currently experiencing, monumental shifts in your priorities. You have now reached the climax in your clue gathering: that the real work you do is not in the daily grind. It’s in being fully present for what sparks the most joy for you. It’s about showing up as your authentic self. It’s about the boss and commander of your own day and your own routines. As a Leo, you’re born to lead and you can now show others that your productivity is not a commodity. It’s about your own mental bliss. You have much to share and teach.


It’s so important for us to have some routines that we can stick to throughout our days, weeks, months, years. The Capricorn full Moon knows how to have this in mind for the longterm.

You tend to have struggles with your digestive system and tend to hold on weight from time to time mostly because your also a very emotional eater and person. Try to let go of the emotions attached to your food and count on your daily routines that help you get back on track, most importantly, learn to prioritize them.

Virgo & Virgo Rising

You’ve been on a journey of self-expression and self-discovery, Virgo. And now the stars have brought you to this moment where you can celebrate who and what you love without hesitation. With this Full Moon activating fun and pleasure, brings attention to where your heart has been calling you - what you want to do, where you want to go, and who you want to be there with you. And be mindful that it’s OK if it doesn’t match up with anyone else’s idea of what that should look like or what’s best for you. You know the truth. And now it’s your job to contribute your unique talents and sensibilities, your ability to appreciate the small things and details and to bring out the best in yourself and those around you. To live we must be creative.


This creativity flash that stream that comes down to you during this capricorn full moon, use this also in your creativity for food and cooking. See where this takes you when you put an extrapolation of joy into it.

Libra & Libra Rising

Changes to your very foundations are being activated during this Full Moon in your home and family, Libra - and trust the stars that this is a good thing. You’re being activated to recognize this as a growth moment, one that offers much in the way of healing and mending, on a physical or spiritual level. Your sense of security may be linked to cleaning out both literal or proverbial closets. Family secrets may have been unearthed, and now you’re being afforded a more authoritative role in healing any wounds that have arisen. Remember that to heal a wound, it helps to recognize it as such and during this time you may be empowered by your ability to voice your truths. As you assume a more authoritative role as a caretaker, the stars call you to recognize that nurturing yourself is the first step. Tidy and clean out your home as we are invited to let go with the full moon. You will be surprised how nourishing this feels afterwards.


There might be a feeling of restriction to your soul foods but only to seek out the creative chief inside you. The capricorn full moon graves attention after your most wanted soul foods maybe even learned from traditions or that you can learn from your future generation. Soul food is not always the big ice creme box but more what makes and gives you a feeling of home inside you.

Scorpio & Scorpio Rising

As one of the more mysterious signs of the zodiac, you’re known for staying quiet, Scorpio. But with this Full Moon activating your communication, specially with siblings and extended family, the stars are calling on you to find your inner voice and broadcast it loud. Your perspective matters, so use the cardinal energy of this Full Moon to feel empowered to take the initiative, to make the first overture, or to tell someone what you think or how you feel. Your bravery and fortitude will be a source of inspiration for others - and a source of pride for you. Take the lessons you’ve learned about owning your truth, even if it feels heavy, and know that you’re supported by those closest to you in this endeavor. You don’t have to convince everyone of anything - you just have to be open, authentic, and honest with yourself. That’s when the magic happens.


The full moon illuminates how you cope with feeling unwell and your attitude towards it. In a society where most of us always feel the pressure of achieving, creating, doing something, we forget that our body shows us always what we need. If we feel unwell, it’s a time to stop. It’s that simple. You this full moon to speak up to others and yourself if you feeling not good and allow your body to rest and/or to give it what it need.

Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising

You’re starting to realize what it’s all worth, Sagittarius. The cost of living has certainly increased for everyone over the last several years. But you may be in a position now where you see, or will see soon, that you will not allow your finances to come at the price of your self-worth, self-respect, or happiness. Seeing that 'it’s just a job' or 'it’s just money,' isn’t the defeatist attitude some people may have you believe it is. It’s the revelation that you’ve cultivated a life that a job and money help support, not the other way around. The July Full Moon 2022 is in your second house of personal income and will inspire you to not only ask for what you’re worth - but demand it. Take this time to be proud of how far you’ve come between securing yourself. Like the archer of your sign, you’re hitting every target in your sights. But remember that everything starts with how much we value ourselves.


Focus on your appetite, taste and the value around food and drinks in general. You literally need to have a focus around your fluids and hydration anytime and this new moon in the earth element of capricorn but in the midst of cancer season is supporting you to not only find new ways to stay hydrated but also to shift your values more around that. As a fire element you can balance your inner fire with water and everything that cols you down, specially because you like it spicy.

Capricorn & Capricorn Rising

You will be noticeably impacted and aware of this Full Moon, Capricorn, as it takes place in your sign and is about yourself. This lunation will bring awareness to all the strides, and possibly even the struggles, you’ve experienced over the last year. You could’ve undergone changes to your body, diet, lifestyle, appearance, style, or had a huge change in your relationship or career status. But whatever setbacks or challenges you’ve encountered, now you can see how far you’ve come in asserting yourself and recognizing the power you do hold. As a Capricorn, you are born to lead, but you’re not always as comfortable being in the spotlight. With the light of the Full Moon shining directly on you, this is your reminder to celebrate yourself, your body and your vitality.


Althous you celebrating kind of a comeback the full moon shines its light on your physical body, your overall vitality and how you cope with stress.

Stress is still so underestimated in our society and most people have chronic symptoms from stress situations and our hustler society. Time to be aware of this and to start new ways to cope with stress in your daily life.

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising

As the July Full Moon 2022 moves through your subconscious, Aquarius, you’re bringing awareness to the ways any escapist tendencies may initially seem to help you but might set you back from your long-term goals. You’re a planner and a big-picture thinker. You idealize the possibilities and fantasize about how much better things could be if only this one could change or be different. But when that one thing doesn’t change, or when that one thing isn’t different, or when you try something and it doesn’t go exactly according to script, do you give up or get disillusioned? Is your sense of perfection coming at the cost of personal progress? This Full Moon is inviting you to notice where you could be kinder and gentler with yourself and others. All good things come with time and sustained effort.


This new moon activates something in your unconsciousness, something that might be hiding from you. Specially when it comes to where you need to set more boundaries. You tend to eat because of emotional cause and also try to compensate your emotional insecurity with food and drinks. You benefit from having a meal plan and follow some timetable to have a better guidance that helps you to fuel up your body in the best way. Don’t let your emotions take control over your eating habits. If you take control and be more mature about it you will also feel how grounding that is for you.

Pisces & Pisces Rising

Friendships are one of the most important relationships we can nurture, something you know well as you have a sensitive disposition, Pisces. You’re so keenly clued into the vibes in the room that you can tell when something, or someone, is off. This Full Moon is bringing awareness to who uplifts and supports you, and who doesn’t. You shouldn’t have to compromise your sense of fun, your creativity, or your light to fit in with people who don’t accept you as you are. But as you may have had power struggles in your groups, you can be appreciative of the fact that it helped you further define who you are and what you value. And now you can continue moving forward toward those that are more aligned with the person you are now. Your life is shifting and the people within it are too - and that’s exciting!


If there is someone who absolutely do care about world food imbalance then it’s probably you. Not only that you also often know what future health and food habits would look like or better said, what society needs. This new moon is the perfect one for you to either attend social meals and gatherings or maybe even organize one by yourself, weher everyone gets nurtured and bring something to the table for each other. Annnnnd to speak up and use your voice for topics like that.

xx happy full moon blessings xx


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