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What is an Eclipse ?

Everything you need to know about eclipses whether it be a solar or luna eclipse.

Eclipses occur when three objects move into alignment. For lunar eclipses, the Earth is between the Moon and the Sun, resulting in the Moon being shadowed. For solar eclipses, it’s Luna that finds itself between the Earth and the Sun, while the Sun performs its vanishing act.

Eclipses occur when a New or Full Moon occurs close to a lunar node. The lunar nodes represent two points where the Moon’s orbital path crosses the ecliptic (the plane of the earth’s orbit around the Sun). As theoretical points in space, the North and South Nodes are always exactly opposite each other. Therefore, lunar nodes connect opposite houses in your chart, and their topics will feed into your soul’s development across your lifetime.

While the nodes are points in space and not planets, they are given astrological significance. In fact some astrologies focus on them almost completely.

I work with the Nodes quit a lot in my astrology readings as I found they are significant to understand your life purpose, why you’re here, what’s your mission this lifetime and how to embrace it.

You can book your personal 30 minute Node Reading with me, where we will focus on your north and south node and get into your personal node’s meaning. Healthwise but also for your entire life topics.

The North Node is known as a place of insatiable hunger and questing into the unknown, your destony where you’re going this lifetime to fully incorporate your purpose, karma and lifes mission in this life. The South Node is known as a place of release and letting go. It’s your astrological comfort zone and can describe both your gifts and points of inertia.

Eclipses bring disruption

Symbolically, the smudging out of the luminaries evokes an instinctual awe, fear, and wonder. As the clockwork dance of the Sun and the Moon measures out our days, a disruption of their steady light is a breach in the natural order of things. Eclipses are best spent in quiet contemplation, accompanied by gentle self-care. Eclipse energy can be disruptive and even a bit volatile, so these are events to observe rather than channel.

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