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Neptune & Jupiter - only happens once in a lifetime

This is a once in life time opportunity - Neptune & Jupiter conjunction on April 12th. Time to elevate.

Hello my Angel, this time I am writing the post not about a new or full moon but about one of the most significant & meaningful astrological events happening this year 2022 and will not happen again for the next 165 years. So this is very special that YOU are alive at this very time and be able to witness. As we are going through one of the toughest times humanity has experienced so far for us to live now, we should not forget that we were born exactly to be here at this time.

Jupiter and Neptune conjunction and how it will impact you
Jupiter (yellow) & Neptune (blue) conjunction

So what is it that so many astro aware peeps are talking about?! well, one thing for sure, you wanna know

:-) so let's dive into this astrological event to understand the context, power, magic and yes also the downside.

The last time Jupiter and Neptune came together was 2009, but this was in the sign of aquarius. This time Jupiter and Neptune will meet in Pisces for the first time since March 17, 1856. Means these distant celestial bodies will appear at the same exact point in the sky — in this case, at 23º and 59 minutes of Pisces. Remember, Jupiter rules pisces in traditional astrology and Neptune rules pisces in the modern system, they both are in their home sign.

In fact, many astrologers believe that the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction may result in a cultural reset — a vibe shift, so to say. What we know about the 1850’s is that spiritualism was on the raise and people were connecting to all things like occult, divine source, spirits knocking on doors, people who where becoming channels, communicating with dead and other realms. Basically the new age of spiritualism and occult movement.

I also want to mention and acknowledge at this point that this was and is not something new. It’s just that people, society, humanity became more aware of the energy and the interconnectedness that we are living in and co-creating with universal love. That indigenous cultures and folks all over the world had and have their ways of communing with energy, gods, elements, earth, spirits, guides you name it. So it's just an old idea and way of living coming back into the mainstream of humanity - which is a mainstream that we definitely like to see, its a portal into a new world (think of the mini playbacks show and the magic ball) a community zoom call. And that’s what we are, what society is yearning for- the union, the transcendence, the spiritual, the need to understand the world, things, our lives that normal science cannot give us an answer to.

Let's jump into the characteristics of Jupiters and Neptune first.


The fifth planet from the sun, Jupiter is named after the Roman god of the sky (Zeus in Greek mythology) and referred to as the “Great Benefic” by traditional astrologers for the luck, fortune, and blessings it brings.


While a cool 2.865 billion miles from planet Earth. Neptune is named after the god of the sea (Poseidon in Greek mythology) and, accordingly, is associated with the magical, mysterious vastness of the spiritual unknown. From an astrological perspective, Neptune governs the subconscious, dreams, art, entertainment, and psychic powers.

So what should you expect from this conjunction? First of all, yes we are speaking about a specific date , April 12th, but the effect ist with us for a while, years, decades. Well, since no one can offer an eyewitness of the last Jupiter-Neptune in Pisces conjunction in 1856, (If you know one, please connect me with that person ;-)) we don’t totally know. Add it to the list of unpredictible events we’re living through right now. However, understanding the symbolism of these planets moving through Pisces, it’s highly likely that the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction will launch a mystical/creative renaissance on both micro (personal) and macro (societal) levels. Matters relating to beliefs, perception, spirituality, and artistic exploration of the psyche will be amplified. Likewise, this is an excellent time to explore your own relationship with spirituality. Jupiter offers abundance, while Neptune encourages us to think beyond the physical constraints, inviting us to let down our guard and become one with the universe through spirituality, creativity, and magic.

Questions that you can ask yourself as the piscean energy is very amplified with this conjunction:

  • How does your soul express itself on a daily basis?

  • Is it through art? Music? Journaling? Or simply sitting with your thoughts in a quiet and peaceful environment ?

  • How do you process the extraordinary amount of data these days that overwhelm your subconscious every waking moment?

  • What does it mean to connect with your intuition?

  • How does your imagination inform your creative practices and process?

  • Where and How can you merge the veil between the dream vs. reality world.

This is an excellent Date and opportunity to fully show up in your way of being, the way of your spiritual being. This Conjunction comes with an advertisement for the best day to launch something. Yes it is defintily a nice date to birth anything, whatever you wanted to bring to the forefront for a ling time, but there are many many more Dates regarding your own personal birth chart that can be beneficial for your projects. It might be maybe even better to have a look at your personal transits and chart to see when the stars and planets stay in your favour. Anyways if you currently don’t have something to launch, like a project you have been working on lately, then simply

embrace in the energy of that day AND imagen what is possible.

Dream into the world that is already here but maybe not visible yet. I highly recommend doing a vision board of all the things you now want to welcome into your life and by that I mean how do you want to FEEL in the future?

Said that we need to speak about the downside and also have a natural caution here. With everything that Jupiter and Neptune brings expansion and abundance we all know that there can be too much of the good as well. And I want to stay and be realistic here, as I see this conjunction being super hyped by many astrologers, but there is also the fact, that Jupiter expand everything and by that we mean EVERYTHING.

The delusions get more delusional and the reality checks get harsher.

From a medical health perspective we could see more babies mostly twins greeting the earth as Jupiter stands for cell division. With the too good of everything and Jupiter involvement also means more laziness more sluggishness which can result in a big adipose and fat issue, which results in liver and diabetes issues if not taken care of your eating habits and stress management. Neptune on the other hand brings us much intuition, dreams and sleep. Where people can tend to get lost and want to escape, also with poison and hard chemical drugs and addiction. The last two years were a harm to our nervous system and so so many people are suffering from mental illness more than ever and ailments which are hard to diagnose from western science and medicine. The good thing is that this will birth also a new era of treatments, cures, alternative practitioners in all kind of forms, that are more holistic and natural in order to help people on their healing journey even better that we could also see a fusion of western and traditional medicine coming more together- building union in order to be of service for the people.

So its super important to dive into this day with a big load of groundedness. Means we also have to take more responsibility for the great tasks we are called to and be more mature. The other thing is that we can get super sensitive and absorb too much of everything - we need a filter, a sieve where we collect things through. If you have to make a big decision today, around April 12th, be extra sharp and activate your critical mind.

So to fully embark on this piscean - neptunian and jupitarian energy, ground yourself, sharpen your mind and don’t get caught up in the drama you can do nothing about and set healthy boundaries and focus on what your dreams are telling you, how to ride the wave between reality and dreamy world.

If you wanna know exactly where this transit will impact you the most and where you will feel it more intense, then look up where pisces is in your chart. If you don’t know your personal birth chart, then download it here.

I’m also welcoming you to dive into your whole Youniverse in one of my astro readings 1:1 with me. So we can see and explore all the aspects that are playing out for you. Have a look which reading you feel most called to.


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May the planets be in your favour today and forever


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