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The Second Aries New Moon Comes With A Solar Eclipse in 2023

The time has come: the time of the eclipses, the shadows and thus the greatest transformations begins. Are you ready for the April new moon and eclipse happening in the sign of fiery aries?

No, we are not repeating the past new moon here or wrote a mistake in the headline :-) We have TWO new moons in the sign of aries in 2023. One that was the beginning and start of the astrological new year a month ago and the second is happening on the 19th/20th of April. And this says something if not anything about the vibe of this year.

It's a cosmic invitation to transmute the false stories around our sense of self that have been self-limiting.

As we shed the old conditioning, we restore the natural flow of our life force energy, can allow inspiration to move through us, and can instinctually direct our creative energy towards pathways that light us up. This is our second New Moon of this Aries season, indicating we are in a time of amplified new beginnings in general. We began Aries season with an Equinox New Moon at 0°Aries, and are now closing Aries season with a New Moon (and solar eclipse) at 29°Aries. With this eclipse occurring at the final degree of Aries, a degree of karmic self-mastery, and squaring Pluto within a degree, we are in a portal of accelerated transformation of endings and new beginnings. We are being called to release old patterns of conditioning that have prevented us from showing up in our authentic expression.

To read all about the Aries Energy in general I suggest you to go back to the first aries new moon post here. But a brief version of Aries is, the initiating spark of life. Energetically, Aries instinctually moves with the flow of inspiration. This Aries season has been an invitation to restore and reclaim the flow of our life force energy. We are being called to continue to release the old programming from the dominator paradigm and reclaim more of our spark of aliveness. You are here to live a life lit up with inspiration and purpose. New pathways are ready to open as you allow yourself to be instinctually guided by the flow of your inspiration and disrupt patterns. So speaking of new beginning in terms of this new moon spark a new beginning in where you do pattern disruptions, that’s where the action should take place in your shadow chambers.

How the total solar eclipse affects you personally  aries new moon

The Second Aries New MOON x Solar Eclipse

First let’s clarify What are eclipses aka solar eclipses ?

Eclipses were greatly feared by our ancestors, which is partly justified, but also has a lot of good in it. Finally, during a solar eclipse, the entire sky darkens—and this happens in broad daylight.

However, respect for the eclipses arose not only because of their influence on the light, people suspected that the shadows of darkness also have a spiritual significance. It is the time of great changes and transformations. The path is paved again and our desires manifest in an unforeseen way.

In fact, one should not consciously manifest during the eclipse cycle and especially at the solar eclipse. When we manifest at the new or full moon, we always work with the sun and moon energies. Since these are blocked during the eclipse, they are thrown back into the universe uncharged and devoid of any solar or lunar energy.

These then reveal themselves differently than expected or desired. However, we can gain even more (basic) trust, because after all, it is precisely these new paths that bring us to the next level of our life path.

The eclipse is also considered to be a kind of portal into which a lot of energy flows. During this time, we download the energies from the universe at 5G speed, so to speak. Everything flows in unfiltered.


- reveal hidden information "hiding" in the shadows,

- mark a turning point in your life,

- accelerate your developments,

- bring about quick, sudden and fateful twists and turns

- Unexpected and surprising results

-times to rest and restore and go deeply iward

I refer to eclipses as metaphorical "realignment portals" where what ought to be is charged and what is not falls away.

They are not to be feared, they can be intense at times, yes, but ultimately it is as if the Universe is guiding us to stay on our path, letting go of what we no longer need and following the invitations of what we are doing.

Sometimes leaps toward what we truly desire during an eclipse can land us right in the middle of it before it even registers, like a wormhole for divine desire. Sometimes it is a process of total surrender and letting go again and again. Or both at once.

This cycle is particularly transformative as old karma of the conventional is released and new pathways into the future emerge in the very first

A little dive into astronomy:

Solar eclipses occur on new moons while lunar eclipses occur on full moons. What makes them possible is the proximity of the moon and sun to the lunar nodes.

Solar eclipses thus take place during a new moon and occur when the sun and moon in the same zodiac sign converge at exactly the same degree on the ecliptic - the plane in which the earth revolves around the sun.

As we see it, when the moon moves across the sun, between the earth and the sun, it darkens the sky and changes the appearance of the shadows during a total solar eclipse. It gets dark so bad that you can see the stars during the day.

During a solar eclipse, we have the energy of the moon, the sun, and the vibrations of the lunar node to get us back on track. That means the second Aries new moon on April 20 coincides with the solar eclipse.

So What Does This All Mean?

Every new moon carries the magic of the beginning - well, normally. Since this new moon is connected to the solar eclipse we don’t really work with this energy to „kick something of“ at least not in the exact timeframe the moon is in this sign of aries. If you want to work on something new this luna cycle I would wait until the weekend is over and kick it off with the next week and the new season of taurus.

Since this New Moon is the first Solar Eclipse in Aries and it’s at a pivotal degree, then I suspect this Solar Eclipse will be a culmination and continuation around our ideas that we’ll stay present to until 2025.

The second new moon in Aries brings us powerful energy through the portal of a solar eclipse. This eclipse occurs on the last degrees of Aries and marks a time of completion, ending and new beginnings.

It is the first solar eclipse on the Aries/Libra axis, opening a path for our evolution in the years to come. Eclipses are times of revelations. They shed light on hidden truths buried in our conscious and subconscious minds. They can also reveal truths about the people and events around us.

We can understand that change or closure is necessary for our own growth, but rather that we can manage it. Aries carries the energy of the warrior and teaches us to overcome our fears with courage and confidence.

In conjunction with the eclipse, this energy helps you see and face the truth around you. The perfect time to start incorporating the positive traits of Aries into your life: being fearless, bold, spontaneous and curious. So you can take control of your life again.

This eclipse also has a healing nature that allows us to learn to forgive, move forward, and find a new path. As one door closes, another opens for a new journey into yourself. You already know deep in your intuition, heart and subconscious what is good for you, now you just have to detach from the energy that you already know is NOT good for you.

Horoskope für die solar eclipse Sonnenfinsternis  Neumond  newmoon in Aries hosoroscopes eqionox

Eclipses are known as times that course correct us on our path. And with Pluto's influence on this eclipse, we may have to surrender and let go of an area we've been trying to control in life that is ready to uplevel. If you are experiencing intensity with this eclipse season, know that it is aligning you to your highest path.

The total eclipse of the Sun in the first astrological sign, Aries, is all about the next chapter in our live, that ususaly appears with a fated event coming up. Yes, that could bring new beginnings, fresh starts, new avenues, and introductions to people who would influence the next chapter in your life. Tho as mentioned in the beginning it’s more unfolding as it should rather we taking active action by starting something new this time around the new moon. This could bring career opportunities in the shape of a new job offer, or a new partner, and even a possible birth.

Keep in mind that new beginnings go hand in hand with endings, so if you’ve got some plans in your wardrobe that never quite got off the ground, this is your sign to let go of them.

The solar eclipse in Aries wants to bring us clearly to our own soul path. One new moon in Aries is not enough this year, two are needed and on top of that with a solar eclipse that has it all! The solar eclipse is in the tension square to Pluto, our planet of the underworld, which astrologically also symbolizes the process of the great transformation.

The message is clear: now there is no turning back.

The sun once again illuminates all our shadow issues, which prevent us from growing into our largest and strongest, self-determined self and we are allowed to work on all our limiting shadow issues again in order to finally free ourselves from them.

Questions to ask yourself?
  • * What is revealed to you during this solar eclipse (season)?

  • * What do you have to say goodbye to in order to start something new?

  • * What are you willing to put your energy into during this time of big transformation?

  • * How does it feel when you live in accordance with your soul?

  • * How do you deal with situations that you cannot control by yourself?

  • * Where are you taking action in terms of pattern disruption and old belief systems ?

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Listen to the Moonmedicine Podcast Episode for this Aries Solar Eclipse on the Holi Hub Podcast
(German Version)
all explained very well in German

Welcome to the Age of Aquarius

As we all may have noticed that there is a shift happening since the last two years, right? And this is all about finding new ways of living, being, existing, healing, teaching, earning money and building community. This is what it will look like for the next few decades, simply because we are entering a new way of doing things aka „new earth“.

Most people agree that something needs to change in order to live our lifes fully embraced into grace, joy, freedom, health and wealth. The change is here and we as the collective as a community have the ability to create the freedom, the wealth, the abundance, the health and life that we desire for ourselves, our families, friend and others. Thanks to Pluto being in Aquarius this is what future will bring us and the future is now.

In other words:

"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of Energy, Frequency and Vibration“. -Nikola Tesla

Frequency is the medicine of the future as we as humans exist 99,99999% out of energy if we break our physical body down to the tiniest atom in our cell. There you’ll find nothing but space and energy and that’s what scientist and doctors have studied over the last 20-30 years and are only now starting to share this information or better said humanity is just waking up to this understanding :-). Changing your frequencies in the body and bioresanz field and tuning into the frequencies that YOUR UNIQUE body needs and all its organs and cells to heal and attract the situations and life you want, its impossible to not use the only frequency device that’s on the market that can do this.

- Worldwide unique and phenomenal!

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In real time, Healy analyzes the frequencies you need and transfers them to your body so that any imbalances are corrected. Only this device can do that worldwide. Plus, the Healy is small, easy to take with you anywhere, and you can do whatever you want while benefiting from its supportive effects.

Healy is FDA approved an has helped thousands of people heal from various symptoms and diseases by shifting their frequencies and life.


If you want to dive into the Background of Healy and get an explanation on the science behind Healy explained by Founder Marcus Schmiecke, a German quantum physics who spend also 12 years being a monk and combining science with spirituality in order to help people heal their lives than this video is for you. Watch here.

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If you feel and hear the call to start this new moon and new circle with more aligned astro informations about yourself than I can’t wait to see you in person or via zoom.

My dear, I wish you a nice transformative time during this days of this potent solar eclipse and that things align always in your favor as they only do :-)

many new moon eclipse blessings



*This post provides general information and discussion on health and related topics. The information and other content provided on this post or in linked materials is not intended and should not be construed as medical advice or supplementation, nor is the information a substitute for professional medical expertise or treatment. Please note that crystals and other forms of New Age holistic healing are to be used alongside, not in replacement of, Western medicine. Should you have serious symptoms we recommend you visit a doctor for treatment.

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