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The Health Aspects of this Cancer New Moon

Learn the medical Astrology about and around this cancer new moon

the medical astrology for the this cancer new moon in June

Medical Astrology

On June 29, 2022 at 04:52 the new moon will take place in Cancer, the sign of the crab, at 7°22' degrees. Cancer energy embodies the caring, nurturing and feminine principle in the zodiac and is connected to our the parts of our body like our breasts, uterus, (who would have thought ;-)) stomach, salivary glands and digestion. With the new moon here - sun and moon - represent our yin and yang energy and how we feel this in the mentioned areas of our body. Therefore we have the moon in the most feminine sign of itself- cancer and Jupiter in the most masculine sign of aries craeting a cardinal square to each other. And cardinal squares also bringsome fun, great generosity and active energy.

Jupiter influence diabetes therefore take note of your sweets and the amount of it. Not talking about fruits but more of the sugary candy and chocolate. Although 95% of us like to eat chocolate specially around a cozy cancer moon - see if you can first assist this graving with some herbal teas and proteins. Then go either after dark, raw chocolate or carob, which is a nice alternative and regulates your blood sugar level better to minimizes the stroke risk.

Nausea of the stomach can be highlited this new moon. With this reaction, your body shows you also what you can digest and what actually doesn’t really feelgood for you, this can be the food itself or the situation you were caught in. Everyting involved that could then open up some insights. As this isn’t the nicest way to get clearance on some situations you can support here with peach leaves herbs in form of teas, liquids.

Migraine alert because jupiter is in aries squaring the new moon - but you can take advantage of your herbal knowledge - there are fantastic remedies for migraine

3 good rituals to support migraine on this cancer new moon.

1. put a bael leave under the tongue

Bael Leaf is used in the worship of Shiva as its three-pronged leaf is believed to symbolize Shiva's trident. The three-pronged leaf is also associated with the three functions of creation, preservation, and destruction.

Bay leaves are a rich source of vitamin A, vitamin C, iron, potassium, calcium, and magnesium. Also regular inclusion of bay leaves in meals promotes general health, they contain enzymes that help to breakdown proteins and digest food faster, helping to calm indigestion, which is another point to have focus around this new moon in cancer.

2. enemas

bowl/constipation support in form of an enema or colon hydro therapy has been proved to be very effective with fatigue and migraine.

3. Cayenne

cayenne - like in a turmeric, cayenne jamu or tea and soup


Eat lightly today, no big amounts of stimulants and stock up your proteins, as cancer stands for dairy, we tend to have a graving for these food specially when the moon is in the sign of cancer. Since dairy can make the body and symptoms more worse when taken in big amounts and every day you can go with tempe or tofu , both organically produced. If you're not a strict vegan, than try to limit the intake of dairy products and follow the cycle of the moon. When the moon is in cancer, you can go with them, but because of the jupiter influence today, be cautios and not overindulge and bath in milk :-) Avocado is the fruit that is most similar to human breast milk because of it’s similar ratio between protein and fat. Balancing the kidneys is also often very helpful and balances the migraine as well- use herbs like com silk, ginseng, cranberry and liquorice.

Herbs & Sups




lemon balm




Honeysuckle (Lonicera caprifolium):

With a reverence for history and tradition, Cancer is infused with a nostalgic bent. While Cancerians can derive emotional comfort from the past, they sometimes have the tendency to get stuck in it, which can distract them from living in the present. Honeysuckle flower essence releases the pincer grip of what has come before, opening up a greater ability to be more fully in the here and now. (Bach)

Mariposa Lily (Calochortus leichtlinii):

Ruled by the Moon, Cancer is connected to the mother and the expression of maternal consciousness. Sometimes this connection can be stifled and in need of support so that one can feel more cared for, especially by oneself. Mariposa Lily flower essence helps a person to embrace the past, inspires forgiveness of one's personal mother, and promotes a deeper connection to the Divine Mother

Schüessler Tissue Cell Salt

Method of treatment using mineral salts, invented by a German physician Heinrich Schuessler and named “regulatory treatment” by him – is an absolutely new for domestic medicine natural and gentle way to prevent and treat diseases. 12 mineral salts of Doctor Schuessler regulate metabolism in every cell of our body and restore its most important functions, strengthen the body’s defenses and speed up recovery. Even children from birth can use this salts. Each salt has its properties and indications.

No. 1 Calcium Floride

As the main ingredient in the connective tissues of the organism, Calc Fluor is the most important salt for treating skin and blood vessel disorders. Calc Fluor is abundant in bones and teeth, the walls of blood vessels, muscles and the connective tissue. It is a component of the bone surfaces and teeth enamel. It is one of the main ingredients of the elastic fibres of the organism. It is a chemical union between lime and fluoric acid. The main role of Calcarea Fluorica is to form a hard coating over the bones made up by Calcarea Phosphorica and acts as a binder of the muscles at the level of bones. It is a natural producer of flexibility and elasticity.



Mantra „My intuition is all knowing"


Yin Yoga with lots of props to support your body opening up to your emotions, to release and cleanse the connective tissue.


A meditation awaits you specially designed for this new moon in cancer to help you center and ground yourself to the maybe leave or indulge into your comfort zone more easily and come home to yourself.

To know where this cancer new moon's astrology is all happening for you personally, read your horoscope here

how the cancer new moon will affect your health

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If you feel and hear the call to start this new moon and new circle with more aligned astro informations about yourself than I can’t wait to see you in person via zoom.

xx happy new moon blessings xx


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