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Your horoscope for cancer new moon

read your detailed horoscope for the cancer new moon and what this means for you personally

Consider reading the following horoscopes for your rising and sun sign as well to have an even better understanding and information.

Your health horoscope for cancer new moon

Aries and Aries Ascendant:

Home is the focus for you, Aries, during this New Moon of home and family. What feels like home? Where and when do you feel at ease? With whom do you feel perfectly comfortable with? These are your questions as you interrogate any old or outdated beliefs that were instilled in you by the people you grew up with, or any societal or cultural norms you were expected to adhere to. As an Aries, you always want to do things your own way, even if that means going your own way, on your own. Be willing to do that now - to take that daredevil, devil-may-care attitude about convention and adjust it to your living style. You don’t have to do things just because social media, all your friends, or 'they' expect you to. The only person’s expectations you need to honor are your own.


Focus around your soul food and what you’ve learn from home. Does this all nurture you still in a good way and support your health and well-being. With this new moon you are able to break either free from what you learned from family that is considered to be healthy, but did not really support you in a healthy way or you finally find your traditional medicine recipes. Either way, go for this and see what feels grounded and really like home for you.

Taurus and Taurus Ascendant:

Your words have power. Your voice matters. Repeat it, like a mantra, until you believe it. That’s the message that the cosmos have for you during this New Moon in communication. Ask yourself all the ways you have held yourself back from expressing yourself - whether it’s out of fear of hurting someone’s feelings, fear that you’ll be rejected or ridiculed for your beliefs, or even your own inner doubts and insecurities about if your contributions carry any weight. This lunation is inviting you to remember who you are. Venus, your chart ruler, is currently in Gemini, only further emphasizing the importance of your words. You are great at keeping the peace. You thrive in stability. And you can still maintain harmony by owning who you are, advocating for yourself, for what matters to you. This New Moon is about taking back your power.


Focus around your attitude towards healing when you’re feeling unwell. Are you giving your body really what it needs or even better are you listening to it. This new moon wants you to nurture yourself in the most carrying possicble way. Be your won mother and care for yourself like you would for your child. Include healing affirmations as well as they have a tremendous power these days for you specifically.

Gemini and Gemini Ascendant:

The New Moon June 2022 is all about your relationship to abundance, Gemini. As it takes place in your second house of income, the focus will be on facing any fears about your financial future. But remember just how abundant you are. You’re quick with a joke. You light up any room you enter with your gift for conversation. You’re knowledgeable on many topics. And you make friends so easily. You are rich with talents. Now the stars are inviting you to take this mindset and apply it to your earnings, despite any literal gains or losses. You can gain a fresh perspective and transform your relationship with money by being clear on what you want to earn, make, and have. You deserve to be fairly compensated for your skills. And now is the time to be intentional about what you’re worth - the total package.


Focus on your appetite, taste and the value around food and drinks in general. You literally need to have a focus around your fluids and hydration anytime and this new moon in the water element of cancer is supporting you to not only find new ways to stay hydrated but also to shift your values more around that. You are so good in nurturing others but now is the time to nurture yourself and care for yourself.

Cancer and Cancer Rising:

This New Moon of the self is all about you, Cancer. If you allow it. As a sign, you’re known for your enormous empathy. The amount of love, support, care, and nurturing you can generate seems like it comes from an endless supply deep inside of you. You give because you want to. Because you love to make others happy. And now you can use this New Moon to keep doing what you’re excellent at - and give all that loving energy back to yourself. Because that’s how it replenishes itself. That’s how you have a constant, steady supply. You don’t have to worry that self-care or self-prioritization is selfish. You can put aside your fears that you’ll be seen as too much or too wanting. That endless encouragement you give - use it to encourage yourself to come out of your shell and allow yourself to shine.


This new moons brings attention to your vitale self, your physical and adrenals and lets you remember how you cope with stress. As one of the most emotional signs in the zodiac you feel a lot and also care a lot about how people perceive and see you, therefore you can be prone to a very active lifestyle. As activity can be a very good way to release stress and emotions it can be also to run away from them tho. Its very important to also learn to sit with this emotions and trying to incorporate more relaxing rituals that help you release stress. This new moon is all about yourself.

Leo and Leo Ascendant:

Leo, this New Moon is encouraging you to dig deep. You are the sign known for being in the spotlight, out entertaining the crowd. But what others may not realize is that you do it out of a deep sense of service. Out of wanting to connect. Because whether they’re laughing or crying, when people watch a performer, read a story, or listen to a song, what’s being activated for them is a feeling of being seen, heard, and understood. And that’s all you want. So as the zodiac's star performer, it’s your time to understand your underlying motivations and emotions even better. Your fears, your worries, your hopes, your dreams. By knowing yourself, by being more real even about your own shortcomings, you can get even more in tune with universal truth. Courageously deepening that authenticity is what makes you beloved. Be real, be bold and be you.


This new moon activates something in your unconsciousness, something that might be hiding from you. Specially when it comes to where you need to set more boundaries. With Cancer as the emotional water sign you tend to eat because of emotional cause and also try to compensate your emotional insecurity with food and drinks. You benefit from having a meal plan and follow some timetable to have a better guidance that helps you to fuel up your body in the best way. Don’t let your emotions take control over your eating habits. If you take control and be more mature about it you will also feel how grounding that is and how security becomes a new meaning for you.

Virgo and Virgo Rising:

Virgo, you have a New Moon of groups and it’s time to think about planting seeds to expand your social circles. You excel in one-to-one relationships and can easily build intimacy with others - coworkers, colleagues, and friends. You’re often on the receiving end of, “I’ve never told anyone that before.” Often that even comes from perfect strangers. Your task during this New Moon is to take that mindset and be discerning about your current alliances - and what you want future ones to feel like. It’s allowing yourself to grow beyond ones that have reached their end and disentangle from groups that are not aligned with who you are now. It’s about nurturing the ones who where you’re not being to be yourself, where you feel safe and supportive. Remember, you deserve support. And you know what that looks like because you so generously give it to others.


If there is someone who absolutely do care about world food imbalance then it’s probably you. Not only that you also often know what future health and food habits would look like or better said, what society needs. This new moon is the perfect one for you to either attend social meals and gatherings or maybe even organize one by yourself, weher everyone gets nurtured and bring something to the table for each other. How does this than comfort you if everyone shares what they have.

Libra and Libra Ascendant:

When people talk about Libras, they always emphasize your indecisiveness. That you care so much about what other people think. So now, with this New Moon of your public image, you have a chance to revise that tired script. It’s about your legacy. What you want to be known and remembered for. It may be something for other people but it’s something about you. Right now, there is a whole new life story available to you now if you are willing to face the fear that comes along with uncertainty or going against what others consider safe. If you put aside other people’s voices that tell you what you can or can’t be, what you should or shouldn’t do. The cosmos are calling you to experience freedom in following your own path, so it becomes something you can’t wait to share with others.


You are the pacemaker and holder and want everyone to be happy. Therefore you care about everyone and everyone kind of notice that but sometimes you must be careful in not loosing yourself in that task. Because first of all we are not the reason for someone else to feel or be happy, that must come from the person and everyone itself. We can definitely help other. Because you care so much sometimes it can happen that you either do something you would not normally do or do not even like to do and that will be recognized by others as well. So its important for you set boundaries in order to stay on track with your own health and well- being. That’s what people will also admire you for. You can only be of service for others if you be of service for yourself.

Scorpio and Scorpio Rising:

As a Scorpio, you’re a deep thinker, but one who tends to keep your thoughts and feelings closer to the chest. You don’t instantly allow others in, especially ones you don’t know intimately. You don’t mind if no one knows exactly what you’re thinking. During this New Moon of travel and higher wisdom for you, you aren’t being asked to change that actually the opposite, you have a love for the occult, spiritual world and just other philosophies because you can learn so much from them that not only expands your horizon of knowledge but everyone around you. You take your gift of analysis and use that energy to help you see that all communication, all knowledge, even non-verbal, goes two ways? Whether you realize it or not, you have a profound effect on other people. Just as the actions of others affect you, your actions and inactions also make an impact on people in ways you may not have considered. Think about what you want your effect to feel like - for them and for you.


with the cancer new moon there’s in no way to play small for you. You like to feel secure that there is always enough for everyone. Nurture yourself with the wisdom from foreign lands and food habits. There is something that waits for you to be included into your love for foreign foods. While there is a lot love about other cousins its also a lot of wisdom in the old traditions that you can benefit from very much. There is definitely a new beginning around some knowledge you learn about your nutritional needs and desires.

Sagittarius and sagittarius Rising:

With the New Moon June 2022 the cosmos are inviting you to caretake your feelings - even the ones you’d rather not feel. As a sign, you’re the first to sign up for the fun and the last one to leave the party. You want to live life to the fullest. This lunation is asking you to take that energy and translate it into fully experiencing the depth of your emotions. It’s about taking stock of your experiences - the good, the bad, and the ones in between. It’s acknowledging your hurts, your disappointments, your regrets, or what you consider your failures. And it’s about courageously looking them head-on, not shying away, and knowing that it’s not the end of the story. It’s about knowing what you want to do and what you never want to experience again. That’s growth. And that’s what this New Moon is giving you.


This new moon it's your job to look after your own waste management. As this is happening in the emotional sign of cancer you need to detox emotions on a regular basis. One of the best ways to do this is with the food we eat or better said not eat. Its time for you to have a detox and eliminate toxins out of your body. That doesn’t mean you need to start a radical detox now. We can help our Bodie in different ways to discharge toxins. Think of herbal teas that support your liver and kidneys for example, enemas, sauna and exercise and by limiting the intake of unhealthy foods for a period of time. That will bring much more lightness into your being and you will feel more at home - in yourself.

Capricorn and Capricorn Rising:

When you consider what you most desire out of your closest relationships, what do you imagine is possible? With the New Moon is the time to lay new foundations for what you expect, and most importantly, deserve in your partnerships. From the time you were just a baby Capricorn, you’ve been trained to believe you work for what you want. It’s become one of your strengths. Turn this dedication and think about what your relationship goals are - and what you want to commit to. Is it more intimacy, companionship and/or authenticity? More time together? Make a plan to change what needs to be changed. It’s OK to think about your relationship like work - because it is. Something you show up to and for every day to grow, learn, expand, and shine - together.


You like to have it conversational around your food and its important for you to exchange your ideas, thoughts on the table. Just bear in mind that not everyone is so talk active and that has nothing to do with you personally. That can irritate your emotional state and shows up in unbalanced ways how your body can cope with the foods you eat for example. Your so crying and emotional in your relationship to others. Its ok to have some structure around your meals as well and how that reflects in your relationship to others and yourself. It’s a very nourishing new moon that brings definitely some love on the table.

Aquarius and Aquarius Rising:

You’re known for your out-of-the-box thinking, Aquarius. Daily routines can seem far too boring for your big picture point of view. But with this New Moon of your health and habits, it’s time to reframe how you look at this. Right now, it’s about planting seeds of intention that help you live more closely in alignment with what makes you happy. Your comfort zone is your mind - so think about how you can devise routines that help excite you and give you time to rest and refuel. Your enthusiasm is contagious—so think about who you can check in to remain accountable to your goals—whether they’re fitness-related, project-related, or any other task you care about. This is a time for you to creatively problem solve - so you can show up with your whole self, for yourself, every day.


If one knows how to disrupt and innovate health than its you. You are very much the mother for all and everyone in terms of your works and how you care for others. You always nurture everyone with comfort food and a warm soup ist definitely one of your favourite meals. Be cautious with salt please, as you tend to salted everything because its your mineral :-) Just be wore that too much simply is not always good. If you feel the urge and graving so much for salt, consider some Schussler cell salt that can regulate your imbalance and mineral deficiency. You tend to hold on the past tho and that can also mean an assimilation of food in your body. Which then often results in migraine and fatigue. This new moon is the time to be the mother to yourself.

Pisces and Pisces Rising:

This is a magical New Moon for you, Pisces, with fun and creativity. This Cancer New Moon is very fertile, in both the literal and figurative sense. If you have been hoping to expand your family, this is auspicious for that. You can just as equally find yourself giving birth to new and exciting creative ideas - ones that allow your natural artistic and imaginative abilities to shine. Remember, this is about working within your comfort zone and what you’re great at. Let someone read the first draft of your novel. Share your art. Indulge a romantic fantasy. Whatever you do, cast away self-doubt or fear of rejection and instead, believe in your innate talents and unique qualities. It’s your call to take a risk and put your whole self out there.


As your Creativity and your fund Projects are so amplified with this nem moon you feel the flowing energy of the same water element. Use this flow to nurture your kitchen skills as well. especially when it comes to your food prep and presentation, your imaginations have no boundaries there and the cake you bake will probably win the contest. Not only that, you can use this time to be creative in long term goals for your health as well. Planing and Preparation is key.

xx happy ne moon and many blessings xx

from Bali


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