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Virgo Full Moon 2022

The power to heal - health is the new wealth. The Virgo Full Moon happening on the 18th of march is helping us to heal, cleanse and brings structure back to our routines and life but also wants us to surrender and remember that life isn’t perfect but has perfect moments.

the healing virgo full moon

Virgo is the sign of goddess perfection and has the ultimate power to heal. This energy doesn’t scratch on the surface but finds every detail until the suffer is gone, yet it can be painful as virgo confronts you with your deepest wounds, doesn’t give up in her job to heal thyself and all around her.

This Full moon is not only the last of this astrological year, but also comes after a loooong journey that spanned the past year even two. My dear friend, this is the final and last call to cleanse, heal, release all the feels and emotions that caused you pain during the last years. You don’t want to have this burden in your backpack traveling into the new astro year.

Does it mean this full moon is nice and sweet and ease? Hell, no! But it feels so good afterwards.

As Full moons bring up some light they bring emotions to the forefront. Many emotions that were not processed and well digested at the time they were first felt. And this is normal. We don’t always confront ourselves with emotions yet see, accept, acknowledge and release them at the very first time a situation caused them. Often we even burry and hide these emotions and sweep them under the carpet. But we get full from time to tome and not everything can be stored in our bodies forever. Now is the opportunity to once again sit with these feelings and know that you are still okay and fine. Nothing is wrong with you if you have certain feelings and emotions (The type of emotions is very unique to the individual and especially their moon sign, e.g. Aries Moon Sign people often deal with anger which needs to be exalted in a creative active rather than an aggressive way.) neither do you have to be perfect. The Virgo energy also tries to be perfect unto herself, but life and you doesn’t need to be perfect. You also don’t need to regret past decisions thinking life would have been better if you have or haven’t done this or that. You are exactly there where you meant to be on your souls journey. Can you change the road now? of course!

see below where this virgo full moon will impact you and wants you to focus around healing: (read this based on your ascendant)

read your Ascendant:

Aries: find healing in your work - life - balance and your health habits & your approach to food and digestion.

Taurus: find healing in your creative projects (with your children) and in your cooking & food prep.

Gemini: find healing in your ancestral home, know what you heal in yourself you heal in your ancestral line. What food is your soul food learned from home have you outgrown food habits learned from family or are they still supporting your overall well being.

Cancer: in your communication and how you process information as well as your siblings or extended family and in your general attitude to healing when unwell.

Leo: find healing in your self-worth and self-love, your beliefs about money and resources. Are you valuing your food and drinks with all your 5 senses?

Virgo: find healing in your overall vitality. Your physical self and adrenals and how you cope with stress.

Libra: find healing in your dreams and sorrows. In your unconscious and hidden eating habits. Set boundaries.

Scorpio: find healing in your community and groups of friends. Are you eating just because of peer pressure. find healing in your food environment, if you do you, it's better for everyone. Food tastes better if shared but everyone still has their own taste.

Saggitarius: find healing in your public role and your career, the fruits of your labour.

Capricorn: find healing in your foreign preferences, your belief systems and higher education/philosophies.

Aquarius: find healing in your mind and mental health through elimination of toxins and waste.

Pisces: find healing in your committed partnerships and how well your body regulates and balances what you eat. Your relationship to Food.

In my Astrology Health Readings, we can look in which area of your body and life you have stored emotion that may cause you some health issues or blockages and how to support your body best to solve them and heal.

While we have been confronted with pretty much everything and every emotional extreme since the last two years, we also got hurt from people simply because of different opinions about health issues and themes that have created the biggest gap between the human species in history and brought traumas of differences once again to the forefront of our life.

No matter what, who or when someone did hurt you for just being you and your beliefes in any theme or situation, now is the time to forgive.

Now is the time to forgive them and yourself. This is definitely easier for some zodiac signs, where they are not resentful at all compared to other signs.

Anyways, forgiveness is the hardest form of release and mostly when war starts, it is the hardest form of detoxification. Yet it is the most healing one and if we are not able to forgive we block our own energy and. Forgiveness is essential on our path to manifest our highest visions.

Does it mean you are weak or have to forget? No! and from the looking through my medical astro third eye the body, specially your liver, never forgets. But it forgives, releases and renews itself.

So by forgiving you don’t have to let a person or situation back into your life.

We forgive other people for ourselves, not for them.

Under the influence of this full moon in virgo we are also reminded that we can’t control everything to have a perfect end result. Thats simply not how life works and we got taught this lesson several times over the last two years :-) Life simply just happens and that’s when the counterpart of this virgo’s full moon comes into play. Pisces.

As we know, Full Moons accuracies when the Sun is opposing the Moon, so the Moon reflects the light of the sun and shines in her golden light.

That means, we are not only working with one energy on a full moon, but with both of the opposing signs.

You are invited to also trust your path and know you are always co creating your life/reality with the universe.

astrology of health. virgo and pisces the great healers of the zodiac

Virgo and Pisces are the ultimate healers of the zodiac. Whenever there is a Full Moon in Virgo or Pisces we have the opportunity for deep healing. While they are both concerned with teaching us to trust in our intuition, knowing and to direct our life, they teach it in different ways.

Virgo shows us how to give structure to our life, including healthy routines and boundaries for ourselves and others and keeping up with our discipline for rituals we need for our growths and evolution. Whereas Pisces reminds us of our freedom and that we also need days with no agenda in our lives to be free and follow up with some dreams and wanderings of our minds to mine new creative energy. Both of these energies are needed for a successful, sustainable life, but knowing how to balance them is the key here.

Thankfully this Full Moon is at 27 degree in Virgo, which means very close to Libra, the signs that gives us all the balance here.

how the virgo full moon will affect you

Find yourself in balance with taking action when needed and trusting the flow of life - your life.


While the Moon sits in Virgo almost every other planet is in the opposite sign of pisces or aquarius.

While the main aspect tho of a full moon is the opposition between sun and moon, having all other planets on the other side does make a difference. The universe is really showing us, what structures we need to let go of with this full moon and we are invited to step into our more flowing energy. The Sun sits right next to Neptune in pisces, which gives this virgo full moon also a lot of dreamy imagination. We get clear on our future and our intuition is on fleeeeek around this time. So really tune into your inner guidance as the answers lie within you.

Yet, with Jupiter the planet of overflow and abundance enhances this too, but caution here that it doesn’t turn out as escapism from your emotions, feelings and reality. Notice when it's an illusion and when it's your higher life calling.

Then we have a earthy grand trine between the Moon, the North Node and Pluto. Each of them is sitting in an earth sign, which means we got pretty well grounded and stabilizing energy around as well. Why is this necessary? Because this Triangle is affecting Pluto (our past pain) and the North Node (our future) illuminated by the healing earth sign of the virgo moon. The universe wants us to leave our pain now and release it once again for good, so we do NOT take it with us into our future and our next astro year.

Let go of your pain, suffering and ask the moon to take it all this time by calling in her energy and creating a cleansing ritual for you. Let the light heal you and renew you during the time of the next two weeks until we have the first new beginning of the new year with the Aries new moon.

Let’s Talk Medical Astrology

medical astrology virgo body parts

On each and every Full Moon the sunlight is reflected by the moon in it's brightest form. Putting some Spotlight on the area of our life where we are allowed to look deeper and release blockages while and with the wanning moon phase after it’s peak.

One step of being able to release blockages and pain or trauma is by knowing where this full moon is affecting you personally.

Ok guys, so the Planet that is most interesting in our overall health atm is Mercury. Because mercury is the Ruling Planet of Virgo, where the Moon is in.

Mercury is currently in the opposite Sign, in Pisces at he doesn’t really likes to be there. Its one of those placements for a Planet where it does not act very well.

Thats why health issues related to the nervous system, lungs & respiratory, mental healths can rise up and are illuminated. As Virgo rules our intestines and detoxification, notice that stress can cause malabsorption, constipation, bloating or diarrhea. T0 support your immune system and your detoxification process its very recommended to detox through the end part of your body, your toes and feet. Pisces (the sun season where we still in) rules the feet and toes and therefore a herbal detox foot bath would work very well.

Food & Herbs:

bitter greens








*please look what’s seasonal in your local area and organic if possible.


Elderberry-Syup find one here

nettle liquid find one here

zinc find liquid zinc here


magnesium best magnesium here

omega 3 - vegan omega 3 here

*if we take our supplements in synchronicity with the moon it’s more effective. specially, supplements, that are supporting your detoxification process show a better efficiency if taken with the waning moon.

Schuessler Tissue Cell Salt:

Kalium (potassium) Sulphate NR. 6

Iron (ferrum) Phosphate NR. 3

Moon Water:

This virgo moon is also a very good moon to create your own moon water.

You can use an empty Jar fill it with (filtered) drinking water, you can add rose quartz, amethyst or Jade crystal as well as edible flowers, close the lid and put it outside over night and let it be charged by the energy of this healing full moon.

Remove the flowers and Chrystals and you can drink it in the next morning, or use it with your shower.

This energy is with us for the next two weeks so tune in until the aries new moon meets us and opens the new fresh astro year, when we finally can celebrate a real fresh new beginning. So don’t rush yourself or think you must have accomplished something by now already in 2022, we are about to close a very big energy and year so give yourself time to heal, before you meet your future self.

what to do on the virgo full moon 2022

That’s it my love from my side of the universe :-)

Next time, I will write you also from a very new fresh place and from there I will have so many beautiful signs to share with you that support you on your journey for the next year and beyond.

I wish you a very special healing full moon, may the stars be in your favor.

p.s please feel free to write me your experience with this full moon cause I love moon stories


Julia Georgia


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