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The New Moon in Pisces

The last new moon of this astrological year greats us at 2/3 March 2022. It’s very dreamy, emotional, chaotic and kicks off with a very new beginning.

Ok, my love I guess I don’t have to say anything about what’s going on in the World right now. Sometimes things seem to be too crucial to be even real or to have hope left in anything. We are in the midst of a paradigm shift and new era. While I am not a big fan of hope but more of faith I want to remind you of that power we all have together. I wish that this new moons astrology will help you to understand the cycles of the universe a bit better and should remind you even more of how we are all connected, together and all part of the cosmic energy. Because that’s what pisces is all about- universal love for all and every being.

And that’s a pisces new moon.

Pisces is the most spiritual sign of the zodiac wheel and also the last. With the pisces season we end an astrological circle before we enter a new Year with Aries. Pisces embodies the universe itself, it's dreamy, i'ts compassionate, it's unnormal kind, offering service, have understanding to all of life but also very emotional and sensitive. Pisces reflects the universe within all of us due to it's heightened intuition and inner knowing. You are connected to the fastness of the universe. You hold all the knowledge of the cosmos within you. With every pisces season comes a big release of the old. While we have stored soooo much of emotions, feelings, events during the last 1-2 years, we are allowed to let it all raise up to the surface again before we release it completley and enter a new fresh circle. I’s also a energy of profound healing through emotional acceptance, acklowligment and boundaries. Instead of reacting based on our emotions we should learn to observe them and see the bigger picture of the drop in the ocean. We are invited to learn to surrender and literally go with the flow of life as pisces symbolizes the two fish. You and the universe. Remember that you have each and every single sign within you, be it Aries, Taurus, Gemini...every sign has a special place in your birthchart and therefore is part of you. Pisces is the feminine, mutable water within you. Let if flow through you and heal where your heart needs healing on this new moon.

Pisces x New Moon

When we welcome a new moon in pisces we farewell something old at the same time. As I mentioned above with the new moon in pisces we are allowed to, yes, start a new beginning, but more in a way of what we really wish, dream and desire so much and need to ask the question what are we willing to sacrifice and let go of in order. This New Moon is the final call to remember, that no matter what you wish for, what you want your future to look like, what you desire, must come from a deep place within you that resonates and vibrates nothing but the octave of love. Love for yourself but for every single one being around you and who’s sharing the planet with you. We own nothing on this earth, not a land, not a pet, not a house, not a person, we share a sacred place where everyone is allowed to express themselves without harm to the other. The world shows us what’s not working anymore and what we have ignored for too long or it’s the evolutionary circle of the astrological energy.

A Pisces New Moon is a magical time to open yourself up to the whole universe and to feel your intuition. While every new moon serves us with the support for new beginnings, on a pisces new moon we are gifted with an extra push of dreamy imagination and specially to make room for what’s unimaginable for our mind. While we can ask ourselves what our mind, our heart, our emotional body, our energy needs, let the answers and signs come to you through your dreams and look for hints in your daily life. What helps you to feel one with the divine energy and connection of the cosmos ? What makes you feel whole? How can you support your being by expressing this?

While we have the Sun & Moon in the same sign of pisces forming a connection to each other we have some more important aspects happening during this new moon, that makes this one very unique.

Planet Jupiter

The Planet of luck and abundance, also the traditional ruler of pisces, and the planet of the new astrological year is also in the sign of pisces sitting right next to the sun and moon. Its a Homecoming for this planet after a long time and it loves to be there.

Jupiter reminds us to focus on the good in life and know that we call in more positivity, luck and radiance when we focus on that. The law of attraction. Jupiter loves pisces and is at home in this sign and is empowered. While this giant of a planet, where he also got this attribution from, being the biggest planet in our astrological Solar system, empowers our new moon in pisces it is a beneficial time to also feel into your own expansion and growths. Where is it where you really desire growth and want to expand?

Because this is such an important placement right now in the sky, I’ve created the Meaning for each and every sign based on the Ascendant.

That means, wherever pisces in your Natal birth chart is, will be massively amplified and experience a growth boost during this new moon but also throughout the next 12 months, because Jupiter will sit there for a while ;-)

Please read the following based on your Ascendant.

Aries Ascendant:

expand through deep process of transformation that leads you to a world still unknown yet but waiting to be reborn through you. Abundant wave of creative energy that is available through healing.

Taurus Ascendant:

Your community is awaiting you. You expand through the net work of like minded people that share the same dream, hopes and wishes to co-create and help each other.

Gemini Ascendant:

Your career and public life will get a push. There is no way to hide.

Cancer Ascendant:

Your long-term plans will become reality through spiritual growth, travel and eductaion.

Leo Ascendant:

sharing your energy, time, talent and assets with others. Finally after going through events that felt like death you can work with the resources of that process and knowledge with a profitable end for all.

Virgo Ascendant:

Relationship on the horizons :-) Love? Marriage?! and / or Business Partners as well as commited deep relashionships expand. Your growths is in he house of Love and that will benefit us all.

Libra Ascendant:

Rejuvenation and Health expansion as well as Work. More Life-Work Balance is definitely the key to your abundance for both your health and work/service to others.

Scorpio Ascendant:

More Joy please, more smiles, more art & creative projects, more sexuality and romance and maybe even more kids involved.

Light the world up with your abundance in these themes.

Saggitarius Ascendant:

You will be building the foundation of your own home and family. Expect your ancestral showing up in ways you never experienced it. In addition to your parents you might get to know your long ancestral history on a bigger way. Say hi to them from all of us and share your gaining from it.

Capricorn Ascendant:

Communication is a megaphone that you can use for your daily routine, siblings, extended family and close friends. A lot of information is coming in as well and the affinity for all things goddess cultures and spirituality is expanding.

Aquarius Ascendant

Unconditional Love for your self-love, your work, your money, your resources. Growths in areas on how to make a living by serving not your-self in contrary that will serve us all and bring abundance, more, resources to us all. Go for it.

Pisces Ascendant:

Your self identity, your energy, your vitality, your body, your appearance experiences growth and abundance. This is You -urging to find authentic, creative ways to express your nature. A new Lalaland for us all.

*Please note to understand the whole context of your chart and where this year will affect you most positive and where you can grow and renew yourself I highly suggest a reading where we will look in all areas of your life in a deeper way. You can book your whole blueprint reading with me right now.

Mercury & Saturn

The other aspect that forms a huge impact on this new moons energy is the conjunction between the planet Mercury and Saturn in the future oriented sign of aquarius. Saturn not only has influenced the last 2 years with (self) restrictions and boundaries but also was the overall ruler of the last 12 months and is the ruler of the universe. Now finally in the cummunity orientated sign of aquarius sitting next to mercury makes it clear and possible, that we have to take responsibility for our dreams, wishes, emotions, visions, and thoughts. With the ultimate love of the cosmic from the pisces new moon we are given the chance to change the future through self-determined communication. We will also see more voices speaking up for their rights and the collective needs and even more new ways of communication will pop up. The question is, are you in? are you finally taking responsibility for your dreams and visions? Because the universe has your back. Dare yourself.


Plus, as all of the above wouldn’t be enough to know that change is on the horizon, the moon also making a super positive aspect to Uranus, well the Planet of CHANGE. I mean, we don’t call this "the year of revolution and revelation" for nothing. The universe is crying for change and so are we.

As a conclusion.

Let’s use this pisces new moon to dream about the ultimate best, unimaginable change and new normal for our Planet earth, knowing that the change we want to see lays already within us. I also want to add the note that we must not forget that abundance of Jupiter in Pisces means an overflow of emotion in both directions. Higher ups and deeper downs. Change is always connected with the unknown and this can bring up the emotion of fear, anxiety and worry. Knowing that this also is part of the universe, remind yourself to trust. On this new moon welcome the energy of this faith, and inner groundedness with a meditation, as swim in the ocean, light a candle or connect with your loved ones and call in your soul community. You have all the answers all the knowing, the love, already within you. Trust you intuition and your heart.

As there is another very important planetary aspect happening just one day after the new moon, which can cause a huge impact on our overall health in general. I talk about this in the medical astrology section.

Another quote that reflects pisces energy very well and that I really love is

Think globally act locally

We can’t expect to see love and compassion in the world and from authorities if we aren’t able to embody this in our own communities, in our own families, in our own friendships and in ourselves. We’ve come to a point, a very peak of divination and separation globally. While one was thinking what they do is the best and everyone must act the same way. Without letting people breath, yet think for themselves. We got reminded over and over again to stop acting like this and many of us have realized that this is not a place they want to come from anymore. Many of us have found more compassion, more love for each other in separation and divination. We will never be able to tell people what the best is for them but we must give the opportunity for them to find their inner voice, their inner guidance and unlock their intuition and their inner piece of love from where they can make the best decision for themselves rather based on fear. A decision coming from love and not from fear is a decision that contributes to the collective.

As this new moon brings so much sweetness to our dreams but we still have to deal with the overflow of emotions through out this whole week. Carrying for our nervous system is key importance for this time.

Medical Astrology

In medical astrology pisces rules our feet, toes, body fluids, pineal gland and the lymphatic/immune system.

having the Moon, our emotional body and the Sun, our vital source and energy in the sign of pisces opens up our intuition and can make us very emotional, sensitive and most important with the aspect of a Mars/Pluto concuntion we can be even in state of shock, panic and extreme fear and terror. Because Jupiter expands everything that also means more extremes to our emotions and therefore to our emotional body as well. That most of our illnesses and disease come from a psychological aspect, has been proven in many studies several times.

The thing with pisces also is, that the piscean energy doesn’t know boundaries so well. Which means in order to stop the overflow of emotional influence we have to set boundaries for ourselves.

It’s not selfish ist necessary! Because if we don’t allow us to separate from things and events we drain our own energy and the vibration of ourselves, which results in a very low energy of the entire globe. And if there is one thing, that we need to raise now more than ever and for the collective it's to


Therefore one of the treatments for this new moon and days is to set boundaries, physical and mental and focus on things that raise your vibration and makes you happy. Thats when you heal yourself and others.

You don’t have to feel guilty by doing this, you don’t have to dim your light because you are afraid of showing it, we absolutely need your joy now and the focus on doing what you love and enjoy and what helps you to raise your own vibration.

  1. -even if its hard, stop or reduce watching the news atm you know now what’s going on anyways.

  2. - reduce your time on social media, and if you are on there intentionally only watch and follow people you know who make you feel good.

  3. -find an activity, hobby, or musing that gives you joy and wholeness

  4. -only connect with people now, who make you feel good

  5. -go in nature of course if possible.

  6. -be creative

  7. -sit with yourself and let emotions come up to the surface in order to store them in your body, find a creative expression of your emotions.

Foods to connect with during pisces new moon and season:

  • protein foods preferable plant protein but listen to your intuition. No judgements here at all.

  • dates

  • root veggies

  • oats

  • chia seeds

Herbs & Vitamins:

  • Vitamin c

  • Iron

  • antioxidants

  • echinacea

  • sage

  • rosehip

  • dandelion

  • ginger

Bachflower Remedie:

I absolute would suggest the well-known, rescue remedies from bachflower. Available as liquids, drops and cremes in every pharmacy worldwide as far as I know.

  • Rock Rose

  • Rescue Remedies (rescue tropfen)

Schüssler tissue cell salt:

  • ferum Phos. (iron phos.) NR. 3


Hopes Up - Drama

My Universe - Coldplay

Family - The Chainsmokers & Kygo

My dear, I wish you such a positive glimpse of abundant love, creativity and dreams on this pisces new moon that you can possibly have.




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