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The Libra Full Moon And How It Impacts You

The first full moon of the new astrological year is in the sign of libra is bringing us Venusian vibes to balance what is out of alignment in order to g(r)ow forward in your purest, most authentically self.

On April 6th, the Aries Sun and Libra Moon will face each other at 6:34 am, creating the powerful climax of the spring lunar cycle. And as if that were not enough, on the same day the sun is in conjunction with Chiron, our healer in the universe. Learn what his is all about at means for you in this article.

No doubt a few things have felt a bit spicy or firery, especially as the moon grew from new to full these days. That's Aries season just bringing in the goods and actions. No creeping in quietly, but yes showing up bluntly. The energy is wild and great for actioning all the things you've had on your mind. And more: notice increased road rage or any other frustrations within your self pr other people? yep it's a thing for Aries season. Now the Libra full moon is here to remind us of balance. Lines crossed, buttons pushed and candles burned at both ends can be taken note of now, with new pathways revealed to heal, amend or nourish more as we head still headstrong and forward into this year.

how the libra full moon 2023 affects you what the libra full moon means for you wie der Waage Vollmond dich betrifft

Two weeks ago we celebrated to new astrological year, with the aries new moon and starting of the year very headstrong, powerful and wild. We are still in this cycle and energy so in highly suggest you to use this time wisely and focused on your future projects.

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The Libra Full MOON

The difference between a New Moon and Full Moon is that Full Moons are always times of big reveals and stunning conclusions, where what was once hidden comes to light. So that we can immerse ourselves like the moon in our perfect glow.

We have the fiery, fierceful, wild and courageous sign of aries on one side of the spectrum at this full moon and the harmonies, peaceful yet indecisive charming sign of libra.

However, this full moon reminds us once again to come into forgiveness in all of our relationships. Starting with the external relationships, to the relationship with yourself. Libra brings the sweetness that is needed to soften some of the harsher edges that may have been tucked in our sides. Reminds us of what is beautiful, what we love, how we love, and how to make it all work as we swing from one polarity to the other.

Spice is good, but so is sweet. We need both. We need to be 100% ourselves, standing up for what we want and need while honoring the relations with other people and remember that we are living in a world with other beings around us.

The moon in Libra puts our emotional focus strongly on our interpersonal relationships and we can empathize with who is good for us and who is not. With the Sun in Aries we no longer want to keep ourself small and need people at our side who really see us and not only accompany us on our individual journey, but support us. Life is far too short to be guided by the wishes of others. It is your life. You are the creator. You have it in your hand to take the control of your soul path and direct it. Aries represents our relationship with self, and Libra represents our relationship with others. Of course, these are mirror reflections of one another. This Full Moon offers a powerful opportunity to open up new timelines through shifting how we relate with self and others. Because as we feel safer within ourselves to show up to life in our authenticity, we reclaim more of our life force energy that was suppressed and open up to creative flow of our life force.

Important Aspects and Side Notes

The Sun is conjunct Chiron in Aries with this Full Moon giving us an opportunity to heal and release distorted narratives we've developed about ourselves that have prevented us from fully showing up in our authentic expression in our relationships. There is an invitation to embrace authentic aspects of ourselves that we haven't felt safe to express because we received a message earlier in life, maybe childhood, months, or years ago, that we needed to hide that aspect of self in order to belong.

Chiron in Aries offers us an invitation to heal our relationship with self-identity, self-concept, self-image, and self-agency. The Chiron healing does not come from fixing a perceived flaw or making a wound go away. The Chiron healing comes from extending self-love to the parts of ourselves that we believe are flawed or wounded. The Chiron medicine comes from leaning into our vulnerability.

But maybe you also have an unhealthy relationship with yourself and thus created blocking patterns that keep you small and from which you can now free yourself.

As you can see, this full moon gives us some topics and areas that can now find balance again, be lovingly considered and worked through with love, authenticity and beauty. Because your inner fire wants to be totally activated again for this new astrological year.

To be more specific here, we’re also looking to the guiding planet of this full moon, which is Venus.

Venus, planet of the goddess of love, beauty, and relationships and money rules over the sign of Libra. This can indicate also to heal some wounding around the topics of love, beauty and money and how we were conditioned in that way. But also to the feminine part in yourself and with the divine feminine around you. If you’ve been wanting to welcome more love in your life, fix an estranged relationship or friendship, or just enjoy more of life’s simple pleasures, embodying the principles and personality of harmony-seeking Venus is just what the stars are calling on you to do.

Because Mars is aspecting Saturn and because Mars is in Cancer, we have a tendency now, in this Full Moon timing, to look more closely into our feelings rather than our unending quest for doing.

Questions to Ask yourself?

-What's coming up for you in relationships

-Are you finding yourself triggered?

-Are old stories coming up?

-How can you manage conflicts in a calm and fair way?

-What helps you to find Peace within yourself again ?

-How do you show love and how are you receiving love?

-Who and which relationships are supporting you on your journey and who’s not?

Old ways of relating to self and other is ready to be released as new beautiful ways of relating are ready to emerge.

For Insights Into the Health and Healing Aspects of This Full Moon, What Supps, Herbs, Nutrients and Rituals support you now best, go and read the Medical Astrology report for this libra full moon.

medical astrology for libra full moon 2023 health astrology Waage Vollmond und dein wellbeing

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mann full moon blessings



*This post provides general information and discussion on health and related topics. The information and other content provided on this post or in linked materials is not intended and should not be construed as medical advice or supplementation, nor is the information a substitute for professional medical expertise or treatment. Please note that crystals and other forms of New Age holistic healing are to be used alongside, not in replacement of, Western medicine. Should you have serious symptoms we recommend you visit a doctor for treatment.


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