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The Leo Love Full Moon february'22

The Full Moon in Leo happening on the 16 th of February brings us the confidence bost that we all need to embody love by being the leader of our heart coming from the higher self in order to contribute to the collective.

it’s not a full moon baby, it’s a Leo full moon...also called snow moon

Ho much are we really aligned with our heart? How are we representing ourselves with an open and honest heart? are we misrepresenting our heart and what it stands for? Are we really going through the world with an open heart or just an open mind? Is what we do aligned with what our heart wants?

Under the influence of this Full Moon, we are gifted with both energy from leo where the moon is in and aquarius where the sun is still positioned in. While Leo represents the self and the ego, aquarius represents the collective. Combining these energies we are alowed to look how we show up as our selfs in the collective and how and where do we fit in? Knowing that each and everyone of us has something to give in form of showing our truest self.

It’s showtime baby

We are guided to remember that our highest destiny is not some faraway place that we have to struggle to reach, but rather a small quiet space that lives within us.

Very often we are tricked into believing that living our highest destiny, and leading our lives from a place of purpose has to be directly tied to our career and how we are choosing to spend our time. While these can be relevant on the journey, being aligned with our purpose is more of a state of mind and state of being.

It doesn’t really matter what we do, being aligned with our purpose comes from a deeper, simpler place. Remove the complications, let go of this idea that you have to work hard to find your purpose- reprogram these beliefs so you can recognize that your purpose is found from within, not without and it will also satisfy the desire to give something to the world because whatever <our purpose will look like just by simply being and embodying this is your offer to the world. I also love Leo full moon always for being a reminder that comparing ourselves to others is soooo much of a waste of time. because forget about when people saying you have to find your niche or this is a trend right now. It is unnecessary if your friends are more successful than you, because living your highest destiny and purpose can not be embodied by someone else in the way you can do it. Listening to your heart and the painful realisations it has gone through released through deep heling work and what brings you really joy is the way to your destiny.

Of course we can cheat a bit here with astrology ^^ your birthchart can tell you also what your purpose and destiny is in this lifetime and if this has to do with writing and kids and maybe a spiritual touch than your greatest joy could be being an author for kids dream stories. There are already books like this out there?! This DOESN’T matter because it’s your way and you will do it in the way you are not like someone else.

Curious if you are the next BESTSELLER Author, Comedian, Singer or NFT Artist or simply being a MOM/DAD is your embodied destiny?

Book a Reading with me and let me help you find out. With my Blueprint Reading I have seen the most beautiful realizations and transformations people have made and now living their higher destiny and true purpose.

Don’T waste your time Darling, specially in the fast paced world that we are living in right now. Own your superpower and shine your energy out there like the lion’s king.

One of the other gifts that this Full Moon offers us is also the energy of lightness. It reminds us to soften our being and to focus on creating joy. Being in a state of joy is one of the fastest ways to connect us with the Divine, and the path of our highest destiny.

The path of joy and the path of purpose are very often intertwined. By following one, we eventually find our way to the other.

If you are feeling heavy about something in your life, or frustrated by the events that are currently unfolding around you, reach out to the Full Moon. Allow its vibrations to bring some lightness into your being and into the situation and mostly into your heart.


Venus and Mars are also together in a sacred union under this Full Moon, sending supercharged rays of passionate, creative, and balancing energies our way- maybe even the one and only ;-).

Venus and Mars represent the feminine and the masculine, the Goddess and the God. Both of these energies live within us, and can rebirth themselves under this Full Moon.

The rebirth of these principles can see us open our hearts wider, boost our feelings of passion, rethink our connection with both masculine and feminine energies, and help us connect to the Divine Goddess or God within.

Venus and Mars is also a highly creative force, which we can use not just for creative projects and inspiration, but also for manifestation work. By working with these energies, we can boost our magnetic powers and the air of attraction around us. While Mars is in his territory and does good in Capricorn Venus seems to be a lilt weaker there. No matter what gender you identify with look if you may benefit from putting more weight on the Yin or Yang energy in your body and surroundings to balance both.

Use the fiery energy of the Leo Moon to embrace and own all of who you are. Feel beautiful and confident in your skin, make empowering decisions, and allow the vibrations of passion to rise up through your chakras.

Enjoy the vibrations of this Full Moon, and use its energy to create a balance between your masculine and feminine sides, and to support creating more passion and joy in your life.

The other Aspect that adds some flavor to this Full Moon is a square aspect that activates and triggeres our collective luna nodes. We have the norh node in taurus and the south node in scorpio. The nodes stand for our karmic paths and what we need to let go of and where we need to grow into. While the north node represents where we headed as a collective and what society needs to learn and integrate during this time. The south node in scorpio signifies therefore a time when the collective is releasing pain or where we are stucked in ongoing cycles of trauma and which methods help us to find healing.

On this Full moon we can ask ourselves what are we meant to leave behind in order to follow and embrace the cosmic rhythm. Are you somehow not standing in your truth and misrepresenting your heart?! Ask your heart to guide you and let it give the answer. Only with an open heart we are capable of real healing.

Let’s talk Medical Astrology

On each and every Full Moon the sunlight is reflected by the moon in it's brightest form. Putting some Spotlight on the area of our life where we are allowed to look deeper and release blockages while and with the winning moon phase after it’s peak.

One step of being able to release blockages and pain or trauma is by knowing where a full moon is affecting you personally. Therefore I created small definitions of each house being affected by the Leo energy.

If you don’t have your Birthchart, than you can easy download it here: (Please make sure that you put the settings to „whole house“ before pressing the download button)

After that you just need to look which House is covered by the sign of Leo and based on my guide what it can mean for you.

Leo's planetary Ruler is the SUN itself our Vitality also representing our Heart (Chakra)

With the opposing energy of Aquarius and the planets of Saturn and Uranus giving more attentions to the Blood, Plasma, Pressure and Cleansing.

Its is a good time starting a cleansing, fasting period with the release of the full moon to take of our heart while cleansing and purifying our blood so it transports only the good things and is not filled with too much toxins. Cleansing your blood is a good way to naturally clear out toxins from the body and maintain optimum health. Blood carries oxygen and nutrition to your body's cell and removes waste and other pollutants. Purifying your blood is crucial to keep your body work properly and keep diseases at bay.

To detoxify your body, the blood — which carries the toxins — needs to be purified.

Kidneys and liver are majorly responsible for the purification of the blood, therefore it is crucial to support the kidney and liver in this process.

While some people are good at fasting and already familiar with that, other might not.

In order to start a radical detox (which by the way can cause more harm instead of health and will probably have no effect or more of a jo-jo effect) you can simply lay the focus on these suggested foods, herbs and supplements to support your body and help keeping your blood in a good condition.

Food & Herbs:

Turmeric: It is known to be an excellent blood purifier. Turmeric has antioxidant properties. You can add turmeric to your regular foods or have it in the raw form.

Beetroot: The nitrates in beetroot help in blood vessel dilation, and purify the blood.

Berries: All kinds of berries including amla (Indian gooseberry) have a purifying effect on blood. According to Healthline, berries are high in antioxidants and also protect the liver from damage.

Cruciferous vegetables: These vegetables are of the family Brassicaceae and include cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, kale and raddish.

Green leafy vegetables: Make sure you have one portion of green leafy vegetables at least once a day as they are rich in enzymes and minerals that purify blood, said the coach.

Raw ginger: You can add ginger to your tea or use it in cooking your regular food.

Neem: The anti-viral and anti-fungal properties of neem help clean the blood.

Basil: This also has anti-inflammatory properties.

lime blossom:



Omega 3: Apart from supplements, fatty fish, flax seeds and walnuts are good sources of Omega 3. Get a vegan omega 3 here

Crystal for the full moon in Leo

Schuessler tissue cell salt:

Magnesium Phosphate Nr. 7

Bachflower Remedie:


You can also work with both Aquarius (Water Violet) and Leo Bachflower Essence.

Moon Water:

This Leo moon is also a very good moon to create your own moon water.

You can use an empty Jar fill it with (filtered) drinking water, you can add rose quartz, tiger eye or sunstone crystal as well as edible flowers, close the lid and put it outside over night and let it be charged by the energy of this potent Leo full moon.

Remove the flowers and Chrystals and you can drink it in the next morning, or use it with your shower.

Dance, Music to tune in

Confidence - ocean alley

Breathwork Pranayama as well as Yoga is also a good way to support your health during this full moon and in general. Filling our lungs and hearts with deep breaths and fresh oxygen. Support your Meditation with and facial mist and gentle eye-pillow from hejhej to fully relax- gamechanger.

This energy is with us for the next two weeks so tune in Until the pisces new moon meets us. March‘s astrology is gonna be next lever for sure with some extra sweetness.

That’s it my love from my side of the universe :-)

I wish you a very special enlightening full moon, may the stars be in your favor, have fun and joy.


Julia Georgia


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