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The First Cancer Full Moon of 2023 Is A Slowdowner

There is an inherent push-and-pull dynamic to any Full Moon, and this one, taking place on January 6, 2023, at 6:07 PM EST, which is January 7th at 00:08 am CET, is a primetime example of receiving cosmic mixed messages while re-parenting ourselves. We are in the midst of a Mercury and Mars Retrograde while this watery cancer full moon dips us into an emotional wave.

What the cancer Full Moon of 2023 means for you

Healing your inner child.

Cancer is intuitive, sentimental and family-oriented, nostalgic. This is a time to tune into our intuition, focus on our emotional needs and explore how some of our closest and oldest attachments — especially to loved ones — are either helping or hindering our growth and balance.The sensitive, vulnerable Cancer energy invites us on this Full Moon to look inward and explore whether we feel at home within ourselves or not or if we’re seeking this feeling from outer influences or let outer events influence that feeling of home and wholeness inside of us.

The Cancer Full Moon encourages our inner exploration of the past, allowing us to boldly explore how the issues we encounter around January 6/7 relate to our childhood. What did we miss in our childhood or as a child? What did we learned for when we were younger? what can we give ourself now, to feel like our nurtured younger self?

It’s time to re-parent ourself and provide care, appreciation and love for ourself first and then others.

The first Full Moon of 2023 falls in the watery, intuitive sign of Cancer on January 6th.

Cancer is represented by the Crab, the nurturing Mother of the Zodiac. The myth shares that the small Cancer Crab defended his sea creature friends in a valiant battle. Although he lost his life in the process, his memory was embedded into the stars as a reminder of his bravery, loyalty, and willingness to protect those he loved. And this is a theme this full moon.

Whenever Cancer energy is strong, like under this January Full Moon, we are reminded of our own bravery, loyalty, and willingness to protect those that we love. We may find ourselves needing to exercise these skills in some way or to remember that we do indeed possess them.

Cancer energy is often portrayed as being soft and sensitive, but there is also a fierceness to it. A fierceness that allows us to stand up and protect all that we love and care about. The other thing about the energy of this sign is that it understands, feels and nurtures others like no other, therefore often related to a carrying mother- so intuitive.

And if you have the feeling to stay home during this cancer full moon this is very aligning, cause cancer is a homie.

Remember that Full Moons are always times where the stars are calling on you to balance and harmonize opposing energies that are often competing for your attention. There is an inherent push-and-pull dynamic to any Full Moon, and this one, on January 6/7, 2023 is a primetime example of receiving cosmic mixed messages. Just as the Sun and Moon perfect their opposition to each other, the Sun will be very close to the planetary megaphone, Mercury, currently retrograde in the sign of Capricorn. Which means that our inner thoughts will be pulling us into the past while our outer drive is trying to propel us into the future. What to do? Temporary – setbacks are a daily habit during this mars - mercury retrograde - cancer full moon assemble, but as we have 3-4 mercury retrogrades per year - we should be used to it and well, if you know it you can handle it way better. And even a mercury retrograde goes over and this time too shall pass ;-)

It’s basically you lived, you learned, and instead of getting stuck in the past - unfortunately this is also what cancer is very good at- , now you’re growing and glowing up from it. Full Moons tend to bring up intense feelings and dramatic revelations, and it’s up to you to decide how you’ll respond to what comes up for you during this time. Compassion for yourself and others is always key as are strong boundaries.

On this Full Moon, challenge yourself to say goodbye to any energies no longer serving your heart, and say yes to those that make you feel like home, cared for and nurtured.

But the message of this Full Moon - of the first full moon of 2023- and the start into this new year is very clear with two retrogrades, that we're currently in.


All of this retrograde energy is encouraging us to move slowly and inward, to readjust the way we have been thinking about things, and to spend time uncovering hidden truths that may be buried within us. While it does come with fogginess and confusion, it is actually a wonderful time to go within, to reflect, and to reconnect to all the parts of yourself that have been forgotten.

So if you have a slow start into the new year - you are absolutely intune with the current energy above and below. Take your time, new year don’t mean new rush and getting things right done and ready. You can start at any day, moment a new life. And if it helps,

The astrological New Year doesn’t start until the 21. of march anyway ;-)

Our intuition is likely to be heightened at the time of this 2023 Cancer Full Moon, so trust your instincts and pay extra attention to any intuitive feelings that come into your heart, mind, or belly.

Even though it is the first Full Moon of the year, this Full Moon is still connected to the energies of last year. So, don’t put pressure on yourself to come up with resolutions and goals if it doesn’t feel aligned. Know you have time and better cosmic energy for goal setting on the way!

Instead, use this Full Moon to reflect on the year gone by, to honor ways to bring more alignment into your life, and to channel any sensitivities into wisdom, awareness, and greater compassion.

Both Mars and Mercury in retrograde can be a challenging combination where we feel stuck, foggy, and confused. Our minds may be playing on repeat, or it may be hard for us to move forward. We may even feel that for every step forward we take, we have to take several steps back. This foggy, backward energy may feel particularly stifling or uncomfortable during this Full Moon, but having some awareness of it can help. Don’t pressure yourself to make decisions or commit to things, and release the expectation of knowing all the answers. And the fact that the sun makes an aspect to Uranus can result in unexpected changes around this full moon as well.

That’s why it’s more important than ever to concentrate on your long-term goals- hello we’re in capricorn season- and strategies - represented by Capricorn, where the mercury retrograde takes place and the sun is currently in – think about those 2023 resolutions – as staying grounded will be essential to helping you sort through the confusion. Even if you don’t start off the year perfectly – and you shouldn’t expect to during a Mercury and Mars retrograde – use this to reframe your past as motivation to power through and not get thrown off course by any setbacks. The forward moving energy will come by January 18th when the retrogrades are finally over.

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Medica Astrology

As plato ones said:

“For this is the great error of our day in the treatment of the human body, that physicians first separate the soul fromthe body.” —Plato

cancer Full Moon astrology of health medical astrology January 2023

As always on full moons we are dealing with at least two main planetary influences and zodiac characteristics, they are emotionally charged up and therefore can be quite intense in our feelings, especially when it’s in the sign of hyper sensitive cancer. Cancer rules the chest, breasts, and stomach, which can make you feel emotionally needy and insecure when out of balance and is responsible for our salivary glands. While Capricorn on the other side of the spectrum rules the skeleton, skin, joints, teeth. Well, and if there is a mars and mercury retrograde in effect this also has influence on us and our well-being. Overall said, this 2023 full moon in the water sign of cancer brings swelling to our body and specially for woman to the uterus and breasts and stimulates the pituitary which can result in an overproduction of cholesterol. And due to this, the skin can be more effected during this time and people show symptoms either through capricorn or cancer body parts. Please also note that whole January has a high respiratory aller means lungs are under attack which includes upper breast region one of Cancer's is the lower lobes of the lungs. But also a chance to exit old grief and unspoken words that have been tucked inside..meaning the chi of our lungs is unbalanced.

sometimes all we need is a good cry and release of tears and excess fluids


eggs (yes cancer is the sign to do so)





Herbs & Supps





Bach Flower Essence


Have Focus. The Clematis Bach® flower remedy encourages the positive potential to find concentration, and stay focused on the task at hand. Combat dreaminess and find interest in daily tasks. Leave daydreaming for times when life is not full of things you need to get done.


Face Your Fears. The Mimulus Bach® flower remedy encourages the positive potential to face your fears and difficulties with courage. Stand up to what fears or difficulties you have. Enjoy your life without living in fear.*


Take 2 drops in mouth or in water, sip at intervals. Repeat as needed.*

Schueßler Cell Salt

No. 4

potassium chlorate

The mineral salt of the mucous membranes

Occurrence in the body: Potassium chloratum has a regulating effect in the mucous membranes in the respiratory and urinary tract, gastrointestinal tract and joints. The mineral salt can be found in all body cells

Application & dosage

Adults and adolescents over 12 years: Take 1 tablet 1 to 3 times a day. Once you get better, you should reduce the frequency of use.*

No. 2

Calcium phosphoricum

The mineral salt of bones and teeth

Occurrence in the body: Calcium phosphoricum is also known as the bone salt under the Dr. referred to as Schuessler salts. Of all mineral salts, mineral salt occurs most frequently and in the greatest amount in the human body. Its proportion is highest in teeth and bones.

Adults and adolescents over 12 years: Take 1 tablet 1 to 3 times a day.*


Your first Moon Water of 2023.

Fill a jar or glass with still water and let it soak up the moonlight over night, place it so the moon can shin e i'ts light on it. On the next day use it to drink and infuse your body with it, wash your face or add it to your shower. You can add some flowers like chamomile or roses to the water if you like.


Cook, Cry and listen to music.

That's what's best to do on this full moon to include all of the cancerian vibes and harness the energy.

And of course use this time to turn inward and the slowing down moment of connecting, pampering and coming back home to yourself. Have a moment only fo yourself, meditate or just do something that is only for yourself.

You can also sit in front of a candle with the symbol of cancer and capricorn and the moon carved into the wax and meditate on it.


It’s time to charge your crystals baby.

collect your crystals and wash them if wanted and place them under the moonlight and let them be charged by the energy.

Rhodonite for emotional healing.

How the Cancer Full Moon affects you by your rising sign aka ascendant.

how the cancer full moon affects you the medical astrology January full moon 2023 horoscopes

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xx happy full moon blessings xx

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*This post provides general information and discussion on health and related topics. The information and other content provided on this post or in linked materials is not intended and should not be construed as medical advice or supplementation, nor is the information a substitute for professional medical expertise or treatment.


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