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The Fierce and Feisty Leo Full Moon of 2023 Is An Entertainer

Lights, camera, action - the Full Moon February 2023 is in Leo and it’s got all the ingredients for a shiny bright, festive and hot tempered full moon so whether you’re ready or not - here it comes.

At the full moon on February 5th, 2023 at 7:28 p.m (Berlin Time CET) at 16°40' degrees Leo we can rediscover our inner fire and let it shine with self-confidence on the outside. Around the Leo full moon, we come into contact with an extraordinary bravery that encourages us to make big decisions and make meaningful changes.

It is important to recognize what in your life costs you joy, fun and freedom, because this full moon, with the influence of uranus, will show us where we lose quality of life and lightness. She (the moon) shifts out what is no longer useful and no longer belongs to you. So on this full moon you can let go of what you just can't hold on to anymore. This comes through claiming our divine light and shining our divine light in our unique, individual way from our heart. Leo is a fixed fire sign. We are being called to activate the flame within our heart and to creatively express our fire through our heart.

Leo is the sign where we are called to hold ourselves with radiant self-love. It is the sign where we claim our Divine light and creatively express it from our Heart. We are all fractals of the same Divine light and we are each here to express our light in our own exquisitely unique way. As we each expand into our full Leo expression of sharing our gifts and shining our radiant light, this benefits the collective and raises the collective frequency in Aquarius.

This Full Moon is an opportunity to break free of self-limiting beliefs and mental programming of feeling unworthy to shine and share your gifts.

It's time to claim your radiance!

This Full Moon is an invitation to embody the frequency of your Divine light.

It is your birth right to shine and live a life of joy, magic, and creativity!

Our love planets Venus and Mars are in a tension square to each other - that could bring up one or the other heated discussion within love or this is a rather poetic square, highlighting a dreamy romantic quality in relating with others. The two lovers in the sky, Venus and Mars in a tense and passionate square aspect – the second major energy we’re contending with. This aspect invites conflict and tension, with someone either giving you the cold shoulder or you feeling left out or rejected. Unexpected events and surprising revelations will not be uncommon. Uranus is also highlighted in an interesting juncture a week later when the Moon’s Last Quarter hits, taking place on February 13th, in Scorpio. This is the day before Valentine’s Day, and Venus forming a conjunction with Neptune in this configuration gives a sweet and fantasy background glow to some otherwise potentially stormy relationship energy.

Located midway between the Sun and Moon, Uranus is urging important letting go to usher in further progress and the next shift. Uranus is very active during this full moon and gives us a helping hand so that we can clearly see what has had its day in life and is not helping us. He stirs things up and maybe also messes them up. But through this we see what is no longer of use to us. And as if that wasn't enough, the full moon has an extra portion of drama in its luggage, why? Well, because its the sign of Leo!

That’s why this Full Moon is supercharged. The Moon is in the already over-the-top sign of Leo. Whenever a planet is in Leo, expect the entertainment quotient to get amped to the nth degree. It’s a „ see me shine and hear me roar“ vibe as we may notice that the people around us – if not ourselves – are acting extra feisty or even ferocious. Take note as you may find people indulging in a more performative style of expressing themselves - but can we believe everything that we’re being told this time or is it all just for show?

We will certainly be questioning motives, as during this Full Moon.

What the Leo Full Moon of 2023 means for you
What is the meaning of the full moon in Leo?

On the one hand, every full moon symbolizes the high point of the lunar cycle and thus also the fullness of our energy. However, each full moon is also a perfect time to let go of anything where we are "too full," where we carry too much excess - often negative, or blocking - energies within us.

The Sun in Aquarius wants us to look ahead with optimism so that we can create positive change for a brighter future. The full moon in Leo wants us to come into the great fullness of our ego. Make decisions with self-confidence and courage in order to be able to take the next big steps. We can show ourselves loud, wild and honest in our full strength. Because our visions are big and we are here to be heard and seen with them!

To do this, however, it is important to free yourself from limitations and beliefs that dim you in your full strength and in your brightest light.

So let’s put away our rose-colored glasses, to listen carefully to what words are being said – and also being left unsaid. As the adage goes, believe people when they are showing us (not telling us) who they are and what they want. The good news: diplomacy and harmony have the edge over chaos and destruction, thanks to an extra powerful Venus in her favorite sign of Pisces, so stay above board in your words and actions, even if others can’t or won’t.

Sunday’s Full Moon in Leo is loud and proud. This lunation marks a pivotal shift in how we choose to show up in the world. Leo is all about self-expression, so this particular Full Moon illuminates our boldest, brightest selves. Are you ready for the spotlight? Learn how and where this Full Moon will show up for you in the mini horoscopes further down.

We will have a full on leo weekend, so make sure to have some free time for wild dances, fiery rituals and a lot of release in order to make you shine brigth again as we would say it with Rihannas words: "Shine bright like a diamond“.

PLAY to melt away any moon blues is a must.

The Leo Full Moon is the time to find what makes you shine your brightest and embrace that part of yourself despite any fear of rejection. Instead, this Moon teaches you to love yourself fiercely and let love change the world and not only to have joy once in a while but celebrate life and live a joyful life.

At the end what I also want to mention is that this full moon triggeres the November 8th eclipse that we had in scorpio last year and therefore is probably one of the most important full moons ever since. This can cause seismic events. It may be helpful to take a look back at that timeframe in order to examine what was happening in your life around then! You might see the echoes of that moment in this current Full Moon timing.

It is also important to work on your own ego, because the Sun in Aquarius wants us not only to think about ourselves and live and manifest in our own bubble. No. It's time to look at the bigger picture and leave the ego behind to make a positive contribution to the collective.

If we all take this step - what wonderful change could we create on earth by doing this?

Medica Astrology

As plato ones said:

“For this is the great error of our day in the treatment of the human body, that physicians first separate the soul fromthe body.” —Plato

Leo Full Moon astrology of health medical astrology January 2023

As always on full moons we are dealing with at least two main planetary influences and zodiac characteristics, they are emotionally charged up and therefore can be quite intense in our feelings.

With the Sun in electric air element aquarius ruling over the entire nervous-system in the body and the moon in hot and spicy Leo ruling over the heart, we have a Cardiac alert on this full moon.

This full moon also triggers the November 8th eclipse and squares Uranus with the sun which is very electrical to the body as the sun is in Aquarius and the ruler of aquarius is Uranus and the moon is in Leo.

Heart palpitation, Spasm, Neurological effects, Strange electrical problems in the body all can cure and are very common for this kind of full moon.

When Uranus is activated, our nervous systems can feel highly activated and our sleep can get disrupted. Be mindful to tend to your nervous system and to ground your energy. Blue vervain given for all kinds of neurological triggers, Harthorn and Sculcalp have proven to be good remedies in that kind of scenario.

Also for the electric alert magnetizing the water by passing the water through specially manufactured permanent magnets that ionize and activate the water molecules to change the structure to that of hexagonal water has been very effective and health supportive.

Side note: avoid therapeutics to the body that affect the nerve system too much like acupuncture, Ems, etc.









oily fish (vegan DHA here)

Herbs & Supps


Blue vervain





Bach Flower Essence


Relax & Calm. The Vervain Bach® flower remedy encourages the positive potential of serenity, wisdom and tolerance. Remain enthusiastic towards the world around you while not imposing your views on others.*

Water Violet

Connect With Others. The Water Violet Bach® flower remedy encourages the positive potential to find warmer relationships with others in a calm, relatable way. Allow yourself to reach out and connect with others. Cultivate and connect with the people that surround you.


Take 2 drops in mouth or in water, sip at intervals. Repeat as needed.*

Schueßler Cell Salt

No. 9

sodium phos.

The Sun overflows with divine energy. All the blood in the body passes through the heart. The impulsive traits of Leo are symbolized in the pulse, which is a reflex of "heart throbs!“ Sodium phosphoricum is used to maintain the acid-base balance in the body and stimulates the metabolism. The mineral salt is found almost throughout the body, e.g. in the brain, nerve and muscle cells, in the blood cells, in the blood and tissue fluids and in the connective tissue.

Application & dosage

Adults and adolescents over 12 years: Take 1 tablet 1 to 3 times a day. Once you get better, you should reduce the frequency of use.*

No. 8

Occurrence in the body: Sodium chloratum is important for the regulation of the water balance in the body, for the osmotic balance and for the membrane stability of cells and tissues. The mineral salt is found in all body fluids and tissues. It is mainly present outside the cells. Aquarius rules the transport of watering oxygen in the body, and also circulatory system, lower legs, ankles, and wrists. A symptom of defiency could be a runny nose, dry eyes, headaches, water retention in women.

Application & dosage

Adults and adolescents over 12 years: Take 1 tablet 1 to 3 times a day.* Once you get better, you should reduce the frequency of use.*


Fill a jar or glass with still water and let it soak up the moonlight over night, place it so the moon can shine i'ts light on it. On the next day use it to drink and infuse your body with it, wash your face or add it to your shower. You can add some flowers like chamomile or roses to the water if you like.

Magnetize your water with an ionizer. Invest in yourself and health and start drinking filtere, ionized water you’ll be amazed how your overall well-being will change by just changing the quality of the water you daily consume.


It’s time to charge your crystals baby.

collect your crystals and wash them if wanted and place them under the moonlight and let them be charged by the energy.

Amethyst: "I know“ & citrine: „No one can dim my shine"


PLAY to melt away any moon blues is a must. Do heart opening yoga asanas and practice grounding meditations throughout the next two weeks. Do want brings you joy and sparks your inner flame.

How the Leo Full Moon affects you by your rising sign aka ascendant.

how the leo full moon affects you the medical astrology January full moon 2023 horoscopes

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xx happy full moon blessings xx

Listen to the German Version of this Full Moon Post at The Holi Hub Podcast

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Medical Astrology Online Kurs

Melde dich JETZT für den einzigen Vor Vorverkauf des ersten deutschen Medical Astrology Kurses an.

Lerne wie du die Astrologie als Gesundheits- und Welnnesscoach, Homöopath, Osteopath am besten für dich und deine Patienten/Kunden nutzen kannst. Oder eigne dir dieses wissen an um dein Leben, das deiner Familie, Kindern, Eltern und Freunde zu bereichern, in dem du im Einklang mit Mond und Planeten lebst und heilst.

Wir verlassen das Zeitalter der Fische, wo es primär um den einen „Guru“ ging und gehen in das Zeitalter des Wassermanns, wo es darum geht, dein eigener „Guru“ zu werden.

Mit der ältesten medizinischen Herangehensweise an Symptome, Krankheiten und Heilungsmethoden wirst du dein eigener Guru und kannst auf ein Wissen zurück greifen, was eines der natürlichsten und altbewährtesten Heilungsmethoden ist.

Der erste Medical Astrology Kurs auf deutsch wird im Januar die Türen öffnen für alle ,die sich der Welt, Sprache und Wissenschaft der Astrology widmen möchten.

Hol dir jetzt dein GUARDIAM ODEM.

ODEM LIFE FREQUENCY nutzt die reinen Frequenzen der Natur. Vitale Energie des Lebens in Form von natürlichen Wellenlängen. Unser Leben ist in ständiger Wechselwirkung mit diesen grundlegenden Frequenzen. Die unzähligen technischen Frequenzen von Smartphones, Satelliten, Strom und der dauerhafte Stress trennen uns jedoch von den natürlichen Frequenzen.

Die ODEM TECHNOLOGIE wandelt künstliche in natürliche Wellen um, verbindet dich wieder mit den lebensspendenden natürlichen Energien und hilft dir so bei der Selbstfindung. In der Herzfrequenzvariabilität und anderen Messungen unseres vegetativen Nervensystems ist die Wirkung jederzeit messbar.

Gehe gestärkt und ausgeglichen in die Welt hinaus – mit deinem ODEM.

*This post provides general information and discussion on health and related topics. The information and other content provided on this post or in linked materials is not intended and should not be construed as medical advice or supplementation, nor is the information a substitute for professional medical expertise or treatment.


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