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The Aries New Moon 2023 Health Astrology

How the medical astrology of this aries new moon affects us in 2023

Medica Astrology

As plato ones said:

“For this is the great error of our day in the treatment of the human body, that physicians first separate the soul from the body.” —Plato

Medical astrology is a branch of astrology that associates parts of the body (as well as diseases and treatments) with the nature of the sun, planets, and the 12 astrological signs. With ancient roots in India, China, Egypt, Greece and medieval Europe, the art of linking the cosmos with the human body—and the medicines and plants that treat it—is at least 5,000 years old.

The dark phase of the moon, of the year and of any part of any cycle was seen for thousands of years to be a part of the healing process. When we have a new moon, we go more inward and have better access to our intuition and subconsciousness. New moons are here for us to reset, breath out and get ready for a new luna cycle with new opportunities each and every day.

First and foremost Aries is associated with the planet Mars. It rules the head, eyes, face, brain, adrenal and suprarenal glands, and the pineal gland, or “third eye.”

When there is a new moon in Aries, ruling our head, with a conjunction ....we get brain fucked ^^

But more in a way of planting new ways and patterns of thinking in our mind so we can live a life that we desire and that completes us.

Our thoughts become things and it’s the source where our life is created and manifest in real form. Thats where we start our actions.

With this new moon taking place in the sign of aries, starting a new astrological year and falling on the equinox, we got to work with it. In ancient lore, Aries was known as the “Lamb of God,” and associated with the cerebrum. The brain controls and directs the body and mind of man. The optic thalmus is the third eye connecting the pineal gland and the pituitary body. It means "light of the chamber!" Aries ne moon is susceptible to head injuries, headaches such as migraine, sinus pressure, and eye problems. Exertion and anger can contribute to ill health, so we should seek balance and calm. Helpful tip: Give a stress-reducing pleasure of a head massage! Overall it’s good time for treatments and healing around the head and brain area.

The head is the the ruler of man, besides our heart.

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