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Taurus Full Moon shows up as the Luna Eclipse of November 2022

Change is in the air on November 8, 2022, as the Full Moon lunar eclipse culminates at 16 degrees of Taurus. The stars call on us to keep things simple and grounded during this chaotic, truth revealing, eruptive and unforeseen circumstances this taurus luna eclipse brings us up to.

How the Taurus Full Moon Luna Eclipse affects you

The full moon in Taurus, taking place on November 8th at 12:02 p.m. (German time) at 16°00 degrees Taurus, is not only dressing up as the total luna eclipse, it’ll also steel the show and make things appear very disruptive. Full moons are like a monthly collective exhale – truths get revealed and emotions are released as the Sun and Moon stare across each other and begin lighting up the sky. And as the conventional wisdom goes, big feelings get stirred up and people often act out in demonstrably noticeable ways. But as already mentioned this full moon is not just a full moon.

What is a Luna Eclipse

The eclipse on November 8th is a lunar eclipse, which means it happens when the Moon is full. During a lunar eclipse, the Sun, Moon, and Earth line up in such a way that the Moon gets obscured by Earth’s shadow. These lunations are known to stir the deep waters of our emotions. They magnetize dreams and memories to the surface and seek closure. And this one is no exception.

Even tho we are in the energy swing of letting go and shedding old skin with a full moon there is also a deep hunger for the new, expansion and growth with this luna eclipse. Because this full moon pairs with a luna eclipse meaning it’s on the same spot where the north node is. It makes us ready for the next chapter in our lives and getting one step closer to our own individual north node purpose. If you're familiar with eclipses in astrology, you'll be all too aware of their ability to hurry things up - whether we're ready or not. They are portals of big transformation and karmic shifts and twist in our lives. These changes can come in a shocking way to us, but because this is not the first eclipse season of this kind and this signs (Taurus and Scorpio) you’ll probably be more chilled with this one and the news that come up. Let’s hope at least ;-) It really depends on where this luna eclipse unfolds in your own personal chart and which area of your life is affected the most where you will feel and see the changes happening.

But if there is anything that this luna eclipse in taurus is symbolizing it’s the themes of money, finances, security, the earth resources and our values. And as we already seen this being headlined for the past year now it will become even more highlighted with this luna eclipse. Does it happen only and just on the 8th of November tho? clearly not! Remember that we are in the portal of an entire eclipse season - we had the scorpio solar eclipse two weeks ago - expect illumination and revelation around what was previously hidden, submerged from the depths of Scorpio, to come to light and unfolding over the next days but also over the next months, cause we are not done with this eclipses yet- more to come in 2023...

I don’t want to get to political here but is it coincidence that the US elections falls exactly on this potent luna eclipse?! probably not. Neither to mention that the US is undergoing it’s pluto return (yes we can create birth charts even for countries, businesses and all other things). But as the US is still a very big world power there is high chance that what happens there will also have a big impact on the rest of the world and nevertheless what’s going on in stock markets. As I know that some of you are also into crypto I started a free german crypto newsletter a few months ago. But as my values and energy are also shifting I can not release this information for free anymore. But I know that this information is so valuable for you, there will be a monthly subscription of the Holi Hub Podcast, that contains other amazing goodies as well. The monthly subscription will start from January on. For all infos sign up for my newsletter to be informed about all the cosmic news that are about to come your way.


Let’s see what’s the real deal of this luna eclipse aka full moon. I think if everyone could speak the language of astrology the messages couldn’t be clearer on this eclipsed lunation. You always hear me saying that the aspects tell the story and it blows my mind again this time how much guidance we get from the universe, stars and planets. This combination of events doesn’t happen every day, every year, or even every decade. This lunar eclipse packs even more because it also occurs next to Uranus (the planet of disruption), while there is a Mercury cazimi happening and a square to Saturn. When the messenger planet Mercury makes its auspicious conjunction with the Sun, powerful revelations arise and with Uranus involved, these downloads will disrupt expectations. But because Saturn is in the picture too, these unexpected appearance may be hard to digest first. Let’s break this down.


Uranus is helping us to break up stagnant energies, he wants us to think differently and shed old skin to replace it with something very different, he makes us do things in ways we’ve never done it before. He shakes things up - not to miss the entire earth. So earthquakes are possible side effect this time of year with this luna eclipse happening in taurus, the sign that literally represents the earth. And because Uranus is a planet that is more on collective rather than personal level, this changes and unexpected turns will be felt all over the world.


The square to Saturn can cause tension and friction in our - energetic -bodies. Saturn rules our commitments, restrictions and boundaries. He helps us understand why we say yes and why we say no. This brings up reconstructions about how and what we really want to commit to but more importantly how we commit to our new values based on the person we are and have already become and changed to in order to reach our goals and dreams and be fulfilled from the inside out.


Mercury is the megaphone and influences our communication as well. Settled near the sun and Venus right now in the sign of scorpio, it is the ultimate truth seeker and reveals any secrets possible out there. Mercury in scorpio not only digs deep he won’t stop until everything is revealed and truth has been said. While this is a helpful thing, the truth isn’t always nice or easily to swallow. But it can be very helpful to be more honest with ourselves. It’s a very powerful time to connect with yourself as well and to ask yourself really honest questions and receive cosmic answers.


Our beloved planet Venus, is not only the ruler of this taurus full moon, she is „caught“ up in this scorpio cazimi between sun and mercury and it’s not Venus's all time favorite place to be. Not considered bad but just very very intense for the sign of love, relationships and (material) values. This can cause things from the past related to love and relationships and money rise up again. Something you, your unconscious mind haven’t fully digested yet and still hold on to. However this is the reminder again to finally let go of the rest of the past that hasn’t fully healed. Venus also represents our femininity, love, fertility and values. This Luna eclipse will be the culmination about what’s going on in the world about the image of woman, fertility, abortion and our reproductive issues in general.

We also speak of a blood moon eclipse here, because the moon takes on a reddish tint to mark the completion or ending of something. A symbol for the fact that we are allowed to close a door, or doors are closed without us wanting it at first, but other ways are revealed that are even more important and valuable for us at the same time. We will not experience a blood moon eclipse for the next three years either, so we should appreciate these fateful events and the radical realizations that are being brought to our attention at this time for our ultimate growth as a collective and individual being.

Medica Astrology

As plato ones said:

“For this is the great error of our day in the treatment of the human body, that physicians first separate the soul fromthe body.” —Plato

Taurus Full Moon astrology of health medical astrology luna eclipse

This Full Moon represents on one hand the uterus, the reproductive system, the detoxification process, bladder and glands (Scorpio) and on the other hand our vocal tract, throat, thyroid, neck and metabolic system (Taurus). So we dealing with mainly two fixed signs and the elements of water and earth, both together can create a fertile mud but without any movement it could be a danger for bacteria, germs and infections. So it is good to eliminate toxins still out of the body with gentle methods or simply by being more aware of what you really eat and what environment, people, places, energies you expose yourself to. Really getting in touch with all your senses and tuning more into what your body is made of and what it needs based on your values that may or may not have changed over the past 1-2 years is highly recommended during this full moon. And the chances are very high for getting more signs from your body as what resonates and what not- so listen carefully and wisely here.

-menstrual issues

-issues with the uterus

-caution with miscarriage (always during eclipse season)


-unusual cramps

-spasmic effects

-simply unexpected obstacles

all can be side effects of this luna eclipse full moon.

Especially because Venus is so deliberated in this cazimi constellation and sign of Scorpio, the issues and ailments very much related to the female body can be very highlighted this time and be of an extreme intensity. At the same time this can be a breakdown to breakthrough to important healing for the feminine and the earth. With the right food, herbs and remedies aligned with this moon phase and sign we can help the body heal better or be preventative.

The earth's well-being is reflected in our well-being.








eggs (only from free range and natural fed chicken)











Bach Flower Essence


Accept Setbacks. The Gentian Bach® flower remedy encourages the positive potential to put mistakes in context, cope with setbacks, pessimism, and negative outlooks. From small upsets to large difficulties, and when challenges build up, keep Gentian at hand. Approach all challenges with conviction.



Love Unconditionally. The Chicory Bach® flower remedy encourages the positive potential to selflessly take a step back and care for others without expecting anything in return. Care for the ones you love without becoming manipulative or overprotective. Take a step back, and love unconditionally.

Take 2 drops in mouth or in water, sip at intervals. Repeat as needed.

Schueßler Cell Salt

No. 7

Magnesium phosphoricum

The salt of muscles and nerves

function in the body

Magnesium phosphoricum is involved in muscle activity. It is important for the transmission of nerve impulses. It also has a part in natural sleep.

occurrence in the body

Magnesium phosphate is found in nerve and muscle cells, in the brain and spinal cord, and in a large number of internal organs.

Adults and adolescents over 12 years: Take 1 tablet 1 to 3 times a day.


In many situations, using it as a “Hot 7” has proven particularly effective. Simply dissolve 10 tablets in hot water and drink slowly. Keep each sip briefly in your mouth so that the mineral salt is absorbed quickly and effectively through the mucous membrane.

No. 8

sodium chloratum

The salt of the fluid balance

function in the body

Sodium chloratum is important for the regulation of the water balance in the body, for the osmotic balance and for the membrane stability of cells and tissues.

occurrence in the body

Sodium chloratum is found in all body fluids and tissues. It is mainly present outside the cells.

Adults and adolescents over 12 years: Take 1 tablet 1 to 3 times a day.


Some people do and some people don’t do any rituals during solar or luna ecplises. I am one of the persons who believe in the traditions of astrology and therefore am not doing any major rituals for this time including moon water. I simply let the eclipse be there and am aware of how I can work with this energy elsewhere.


What you can do still is to meditate for yourself or simply doing some breathing exercises and to write down what you want more of in your life for this north node portal and be grateful for what you have and had and be open to create room and space for new energy to enter.



the crystal for scorpio and the mantra: I am at peace with change.

Petrified Wood

the crystal for taurus and the mantra: I am the earth.

How the Taurus Full Moon Luna Eclipse affects you by your rising sign aka ascendant.

how the taurus full moon luna eclipse affects you the medical astrology horoscopes

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xx happy full moon bleesings xx

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This post provides general information and discussion on health and related topics. The information and other content provided on this post or in linked materials is not intended and should not be construed as medical advice or supplementation, nor is the information a substitute for professional medical expertise or treatment.


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