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SOLSTICE - honoring the light within

Hey beautiful, I want to catch up with you and tell you a little bit about one of the big events that we had this week on the 21/22nd of December. Maybe you heard of the Solstice before as it is a very old tradition and ritual that's been celebrated for centuries in many cultures and gains more and more popularity nowadays with the raising of the modern mystic spiritualism aka the modern witch shit ;-)

haha, no seriously it has something magical and there is a reason behind it why so many people celebrating, honoring even building Stonehenges for this astronomical world wonder called solstice.

For those of you, who are living in the northern hemisphere, you have the time now of the longest night and shortest day and celebrating the winter solstice the return of the light.

Whereas those of you (me currently included, who are living in the Southern Hemisphere honoring the nourishing Sun Cycle and our seeds (intentions, manifestations, or real seeds ;-) that we planted 6 months ago.

Around the 21st of June it's the other way around depending on the Hemisphere you live in.

The cycle of the Sun represents the cycle of our lives and reflects the natural flow of energy moving inward and outward. There are times to grow, times to pause, times to shed and times to learn. Just as we align with the Moon’s journey every month, we can align with the Sun’s journey throughout the year. In current day, we understand that what we are really aligning with is the movement of the Earth, not the Sun, but it is still a powerful cycle to honor.

But no matter what hemisphere you in right now the Sun plays a vital role in your astrological Body.

The Sun is your vital source and without Solar there would be no life, no love, no light and no hope on earth.

In medical astrology the Sun is connected to the first House of the Birthchart, which is ruled by the sign Leo and reflected in the manipura our third chakra.

Plants and Herbs that we use to treat our planetary sun with are Chamomille, Rosemary, Euphrasia.

Further and more specific recommendation and treatments are made with regard to and analysis of the whole birth chart of the individual.


Powerdays for your personal sun sign are aspects that your sun makes to other planets in your natal aka birth chart. They create energy that supports your sun's energy and give you the extra power and vital force. Concuntions and Trines are the ones that we are looking for when talking about the power days :-)

Whereas Aspects like Oppositions and Squares could weaken your Sol. that's not necessarily something bad but something that we should be aware of so we know how to act, teat or prevent a sunburn (metaphorically) and this point of depletion.

Are you curious how it is about your natal Sun? and would you like to know more about your vital source, where your power is and where you shine? and how you can make 2022 be your solar year?

Then we can dive into your youniverse together in one of my astro readings. Have a look at my reading options that include your Sun sign and I am looking forward to see you soon :-)




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