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Libra New Moon brings healing and new beginning to our relationships in all kind of forms

The Libra New Moon on September 25/26th is all about love, justice and balance and our hearts filled in different ways.

How the libra new moon affects you personally

This New Moon is so gorgeous, so big picture and fills us with confidence and abundance. The new moon in Libra brings us into contact with the themes of balance, projection and avoidance of conflict. In doing so, she helps us to find compromises and to stand by our needs.

On September 25, 2022 at 11:54 p.m. for some of us that will be September 26th depending on where you live in this world. This new moon will take place in the air sign Libra at 02°48' degrees. This New Moon challenges us to shed light on our relationship with ourselves, our environment and those around us. With her support, we are able to be more loving with ourselves and more honest with others. In particular, it is about making ourselves aware of our own needs, acknowledging them and expressing them to our fellow human beings. At this new moon, all forms of relationships are in focus. Those of your friends, colleagues, families, to your partner and of course the one to yourself.

Summer is officially over for us in the northern hemisphere and the equinox has marked this event almost in time with this new moon. The nights are getting longer and days are getting shorter - just in time for pumpkin spice lattes, warmer clothes, and cozy nights in. Time to get clearer about the dynamics we want to actively participate in – and with who. The Libra New Moon September 2022 offers us a gorgeous opportunity to call in love. We can feel confident about our efforts too because as this New Moon perfects, the Sun and Moon will oppose big-hearted Jupiter. Usually, astrologers look at oppositions as moments of tension, but not when Jupiter is involved. Instead, this opposition reinforces the theme Libra is known for – balance. Instead of prioritizing the other person, the opposition to Jupiter in Aries will remind us of the importance of prioritizing our own needs and desires, too. That’s the point of partnership, after all, that both people get something out of it. So, as we manifest our dream relationship, marriage, business partnership, or any other one-on-one match-up, this aspect ensures that the person at the other end can keep their agreement.

have you noticed any cosmic correlations in your own preexisting or new romantic relationships? Or maybe you're still on the hunt and if that's the case - the New Moon September 2022 is the time to manifest. It’s like the stars are saying, 'dream big.' In fact, dream bigger than you think possible. You can make them real, and never forget that you deserve the love you desire. Don’t play small. Don’t ask for less than you want, and don’t accept anything less, either. Own your self-love.

New Moons are always times for optimism because even though we can’t see the light of the Moon, we’re called to believe in ourselves and in the infinite possibilities of the Universe. The New Moon September 2022 is just that extra dose of love and luck we want and need to move enthusiastically towards those new partnerships and new relationships that will bring us one step closer to fulfilling our dreams. But you have to believe in it first.

Libra is a cardinal sign, so not only is a new moon always a great time for new beginnings and for implementing a change, it is a sign that knows just by itself how to initiate new things.

The vibe is to have a permission to do something different or something existing in a different way.

Not that you should begin the biggest thing of your life this week, because....well, Mercury is still in his Retrograde, which means that there are still some reviews to do.

It’s also important to know that the energy of this new moon is unfolding over the next two weeks and building up until we celebrate the full moon of this new luna cycle. So for this period prepare yourself to be jugdy in your reviews but and also decisiveness in order to get to the point what brings the balance back into your life and for yourself and start planting the seed for long-term goals in terms of your relationships.


As always there is no one new moon or full moon or even everyday moon that is ever the same. Even if we had a ne moon in libra last year and will have one again next year and every year, they will always be completely different from each other because our universe is a living and forward spinning cosmos.

The Relationships the planets have to each other make and tell the story of every day and so for each new moon.

This New moon in libra of 2022 Venus and Jupiter are quite involved in this. They are the good doers of the zodiac and bring us the beauty, the abundance, relationships, conations, and all good things in life.

So on one hand Jupiter is making an opposition to this new moon and and Venus and Mercury are cuddling up while trining our deep transformative plante Pluto.

This is really focusing on reviewing the dynamic rod our relationships and now we are picky and what needs to get into the details of what makes these particular relationships possible and being super confidence now about pur wants and needs backed up by Jupiter and willing to dig deep into a subject for getting to the bottom of things.

We are in the time of the year now where we are invited to re-balance our systems and ourselves in order to be of service for others as well.

Medica Astrology

As plato ones said:

“For this is the great error of our day in the treatment of the human body, that physicians first separate the soul fromthe body.” —Plato

libra new moon medical astrology health

Medical astrology is a branch of astrology that associates parts of the body (as well as diseases and treatments) with the nature of the sun, planets, and the 12 astrological signs. With ancient roots in India, China, Egypt, Greece and medieval Europe, the art of linking the cosmos with the human body—and the medicines and plants that treat it—is at least 5,000 years old.

Libra is the scale and represents the balance in side of our body. Balance in the energetic Body is a reflection of balance in the physical and mental body. If we want to maintain equanimity in our entire system, it’s important to practice a discipline and routines, which cultivate harmony in our bodigte body parts that are ruled by libra in medical astrology are the kidneys, ureters, the bladder, ovaries and thyroid. Ruled by Planet Venus it reprints also the lymphatics, carbohydrates and sugar.

First things for this new moon with the planet of abundance, Jupiter, being strongly involved, be cautious with your sugar, sweet and starch intake these days specially and how you balance your blood sugar - level or better said how you can keep it in balance an level, so it does not explode in one or the other direction too much.

Since this New Moon is happening at 2 degrees this has an impact also on our adrenal glands. Hormonal imbalances, swellings & migraines because Jupiter is in the sign of aries ruling over head and inflamation.

Bear that in mind and return back to the rhythm of nature. Using the Moon to get back into the rhythm of nature and therefore with yourself, can help you transform and change your life inly for the better.

During this new moon it ist the absolut perfect time to start something new that brings more health to your life, something that you can integrate in your daily routines that make your body a little bit more wholesome. There typically two times that always work well for enhancing your health and starting something that is enhancing you health healthwise. It’s either on a new moon or your personal monthly luna return, your biorhythm.


Foods that are related to this libra new moon and have a great impact on the body every day but specially on this one are.

poppy seeds





Sweet potatoe


barley grass (juice powder)


If possible avoid industrial sugar and products that contain sugar on this new moon. We are implementing something new here and libra is ruled by Venus, the planet for sweets, sugar and glucose. You don’t want to plant a hyper sugar overdose here and fruits are still the best source for your sugar cravings.

Herbs & Supps








any herbs that grow in shady, Coll or dark places.

Bach Flower Essence


Be decisive. The Bach® remedy Scleranthus promotes the positive potential of certainty and determination. For those considered unreliable and moody, often changing their minds when making choices between two options. Make more spontaneous decisions.

Schueßler Cell Salt

Nr. 5

According to Schüßler, Schuessler salt no. 5 potassium phosphoricum (potassium phosphate) is a general remedy for energy and performance. It is intended to support the nerves and muscles. It is therefore used in the recommended potency as potassium phosphoricum D6 in cases of mental and physical exhaustion.


Ruby Tourmaline vibrates with the mantra: I am balanced.

How the Libra New Moon affects you by your rising sign aka ascendant.

how the libra new moon affects you astrology horoscopes

Listen to the Moonmedicine Podcast Episode for this Libra New Moon on the Holi Hub Podcast

If you want to work more with Astrology or you would like to deal more with the philosophy and science of the planets in order to get to know yourself and your life purpose better, then I cordially invite you to my Astro Readings. You can choose between different Readings according your needs and desires. I offer in-depth detailed version like „Your whole Blueprint Birthchart“ and your Astro Health Reading.

If you feel and hear the call to start this new moon and new circle with more aligned astro informations about yourself than I can’t wait to see you in person or via zoom.

xx happy new moon bleesings xx

and nurture yourself with what brings you health in your partnerships and creates a feeling of inner happiness for you

This post provides general information and discussion on health and related topics. The information and other content provided on this post or in linked materials is not intended and should not be construed as medical advice or supplementation, nor is the information a substitute for professional medical expertise or treatment.


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