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How The Sagittarius Full Moon Will Affect You

Horoscopes for the sagittarius full moon and each sign

For German horoscopes please listen to the Moonmedicine Episode for the sagittarius full moon at the holi hub podcast

Read on for your rising, sun, and moon signs for a more comprehensive look at how the energy of this full moon may activate in your birth chart, and get a bespoke self-care tip for how to best harness the energy for yourself.

your full moon horoscopes for the sagittarius full moon and super moon

Aries Rising

This full moon brings the adventurous change literally to your travel plans whether it be going on a long planned long distance travel, changing directions, or deepening your knowledge in education related to other cultures and philosopies. Even if the horizon seems to be unclear commit to your goals and don’t let fear interfere with your plans this time. imagine the best case scenario. Try some foreign food and connect with this culture that way and try to implement some cooling herbs for you inner fire.

Taurus Rising

This full moon affects your shared resources and karmic debts and relationships is a time when you can release your sense of burden and obligations to other people, especially if you’ve felt weighed down. You’ll definitely see some light and optimism here especially regarded your mental health, which hasn’t been the best lately but its all part of the journey and you will soon know what this was good for. Its super important for you now to eliminate toxins with this full moon now. There can be even inherited ailments but your body is still different and you can always heal the long lineage. You just need to do it.

Gemini Rising

This full moon affects you in your relationships. Love is in the air for you gemini you just have to acknowledge that it is there and not doubt it even after heartbreaks. If you’re single let go of the idea that there is some status you must achieve, some perfect job, career or position you need to attain before you’re ready for a relationship. If you’re in a committed partnership, let go of the idea that relationships are self-sustaining. You find yourself definitely in the midst of being and doing your self and what other peoples needs are, to only in romantic relationships but in all your connections. Regulate you nervoussystem and your digestion will improve. Your brain affects your gut. How well does your body actually regulates and balances what you eat?

Cancer Rising

Anyone who has ever spent time with a Cancer knows that there are times when you must step away from others to get back to center. This Full Moon is the time for you to do just that. You’re being called to evaluate your patterns and routines and ask how they contribute to your sense of health and healing or if your habits detract you from your sense of wellbeing. It’s not about shaming or blaming yourself if they do. It’s not about comparing your journey to anyone else’s. You are so sensitive and with all the intense astrology lately your health has been affected quite often the last weeks and months. This full moon you can see some optimism here if you can let go of your daily habits that are obviously not good for your overall well being and start paying closer attention to your digestion and your overall approach to food. Yes you love nurturing yourself and others with soul food. But are they always really health?

Leo Rising

You have a big heart, Leo and you’re beloved for it. But the June Full Moon 2022 is in your fifth house of fun and pleasure, and is asking you to consider where your inclination to give another person the clothes off your back has left you feeling out in the cold, proverbially speaking. The stars are bringing awareness to where you may be sacrificing your personal authenticity, wants, and desires for the sake of going along with the group. It’s almost like you’ve been dimming your own light because you fear being considered 'too much. But this Sagittarius energy is showing you that there is enough sunlight to go around for everyone. And as a sign ruled by the Sun, you have so many gifts to offer those around you. Take this time to let go of the expectations of others and do one thing you love. It’s not selfish. It’s star-prescribed soul-care towards your dreams. See what passion this sagittarius full moon sparks in your creative projects. Then its a sign. There might be even something creative with food and cooking that you will find joy and fun with. just be a little mindful with your hips these days, they need some extra gentle care. An excess of eggs, dairy and processed meat can cause hip and joint pain, so you might want to reduce this now and then. At least try.

Virgo Rising

You’re litrally being drawn inwards during this powerful full moon in Sagittarius in your home and family. Whether you celebrating a new home or you can finally see some light in your home and family surroundings, this full moon asks you to be adventurous with it. Yes take the risk and go abroad. Home is where your heart is. You have a sharp mind coupled with perfectionist tendencies, Virgo, that often leaves you in a constant state of trying to create order out of chaos, and being perfect in itself- the beauty lies also in the mess, specially for you so you can clean up the chaos ^^which is some kind of meditation for you. Anyway You are invited to let go of what other people think is a perfect home and start living the idea of your perfect home even if this doesn’t fit with what runs in your family lineage. You will discover even a new meaning for what family and home means to you through new wisdom, knowledge from other philosophies and cultures. What about soul foods and habits learned from family or traditions?

Libra Rising

If there is something or someone you’ve been avoiding or putting off, make deliberate time to have that conversation - and in the process, reclaim your story and your power. It’s about speaking your truth - and living it. If there is any sign that embodies the concept of letting go with gratitude and graciousness, it’s you, Libra. And that’s exactly what this powerful Full Moon in your third house of communication is calling on you to do. It’s a time to realign not only how you communicate, but who you communicate with. Now is the time to be an optimist for yourself, you know you can please everyone wonderfully but now go after your goal and speak it clearly to yourself and others. You want to try something new, include new philosophies, healing methods maybe learned from other cultures? It's obvious because this moon also asks you how you coping with being unwell? you are generally very optimistic in your outline- stick to it. There is a tremendous healing when we know our body is capable of self healing.

Scorpio Rising

You are always up for the adventure and that is being reflected in your wallet as well. You are definitely not hesitant with your assets and money. Look at where your time and money have gone over the last six months - and decide which pursuits are worth more of your investment. You owe it to yourself, after all, to be dedicated to your future and reward yourself for all you’ve done so far. The stars are merely asking you to weigh any conflicting priorities - but you do have the cosmic green light to reward yourself and celebrate your successes. You definitely got your mind on your money this full moon. Don’t be too naive tho and trust your instincts, something risky here? hear your intuition How? value all your 5 senses. There might be some unclear answers but it will soon clear up and if there is anything this full moon brings than it is optimism. You value your food and drinks and love to indulge in it with all your 5 senses. What does taste, feel, look, smell and even is music to your ears when it comes to your food? Are you eating in hectic places or is the sound and environment also calming your mind and make you feel good from the inside out?

Sagittarius Rising

Your personality shines through in all that you do, Sagittarius, and if you’ve been feeling like you’re hiding out in the shadows, now is your time to step out. Defining ourselves by our relationship status can happen without us even being consciously aware that we’re doing it. This Full Moon is shaping your identity and vitality. It’s all about yourself. In order to fully indulge in the experience and journey of life, let go of your self limitation and start expand your horizons. You got something that we can all learn from, share it without being possessive or know-it-all attitude. You are likely the most positive and optimistic sign of all zodiacs, not because you are lucky but because you know that everything is part of the journey called life. Its important for you on this full moon that you also take not of how you cope with stress and doe something supportive for your adrenals.

Capricorn Rising

Rest Rest Rest for you. The stars want to remind you that it’s not only more than OK to take a break, but for you, it’s essentially required right now. As one of the hardest-working signs of the zodiac - if not 'the' hardest working one - you have an uncanny knack to crush your goals, knock out deadlines, and surpass anyone’s reasonable expectations except the overly exacting standards that you put on yourself. This Full Moon is asking you to be mindful of the mantras you repeat and the stories you tell yourself about yourself. You’re not on this earth to produce. You’re on this earth to experience life to its fullest. The moon also shines a light on your unconscious eating and drinking habits and where you need to put more boundaries. You definitely benefit from more calm daily routines that help your mind and gut to soften.

Aquarius Rising

This full Moon is illuminating the vital role that your networks play in ensuring that you can achieve your goals. It takes a village to raise a child - but it also takes a community to support the grown-up children we all are fundamentally at heart. If there is one who absolutely thrive for the community, than it is you. Remember that nothing is as good as when the whole collective benefits from it. Food is always better and more, if shared. Maybe this is a time to celebrate with your groups and create a culinary dinner or fest, where everyone brings their favorite or traditional food to the table.

Pisces Rising

You deserve recognition and rewards for the work that you do. Having goals you want to achieve is important. It’s what sustains us on an emotional, mental, and even spiritual level. If you have been feeling guilty about prioritizing your own wants, needs, and desires, this Full Moon in your tenth house of your public image is asking you let that go. You will never hurt someone when you setting boundaries for yourself and what actually feels best for you. You definitely change /d your jobs maybe quite often and often have more than one projects at once, which once are really aligning with your authentic self and which ones are just draining your energy lately? let go of the second ones. Go with the flow is your motto and this full moon is bringing some extra positive vibes for your career and public reputations. Specially the fruits of your labour.

Don’t forget the meditation for the sagittarius full moon

happy and many moon blessings to you all




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