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Here's What The Pisces New Moon of 2023 Means For You

The New Moon February 2023 in Pisces wants you to face your fears, dream even bigger and reconnect to your soul's desires.

The sun and moon join at 08:05 CET Berlin Time on February 20th for the new moon in Pisces. This new moon also takes place on the 1st degree again, as the last three new moons in Sagittarius, Capricorn and Aquarius did and the upcoming new moon in Aries will be. We are currently in a significant transition process that is leading us into a new phase of life and which represents an all-changing journey for each and every one of us. On top of that this new moon is the last new moon before we are starting the new astrological year so with this new moon in pisces we are beginning the last luna cycle of this year and at the same time ending a cycle from a bigger perspective.

It is exciting that the new moon in Pisces takes place in the immediate proximity of Saturn, which means that we are allowed to complete a kind of maturity test that ultimately opens up completely new possibilities for each of us.

How the pisces new moon affects you personally

Every new moon carries the magic of the beginning. It is a time of contemplation and reflection, in which we can look into our soul and recognize our deepest desires. In the sign of pisces it is the invitation to connect even more with our biggest dreams, visions and emotions and thus also represents a certain otherworldly energy. This new moon only takes place two days after we are entering a new zodiac season, the Pisces season which begins on the night of February 18th. Because here the sun moves into the last of our signs of the zodiac, the water element Pisces. And a new season of effervescent emotions, high sensitivity and compassion begins. How beautiful is this. The Sun in Watery Pisces for the next nearly thirty days, implying deep emotions coming to greater awareness, and with this potent New Moon configuration – right at the very beginning of the sign – as well as stirring us up, grants us a terrific opportunity to get to know ourselves from the inside out.

Horoskope für den Fische Neumond der Neumond im Zeichen Fische

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