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Here’s What The First New Moon of 2023 in Aquarius Means For You

The New Moon falls in 1* of Aquarius Jan 21 at 9:53 p.m (CET) and brings a major reset. Because this lunation happens in a friendly aspect to Jupiter (the planet of abundance), it will pour miracles over all our seeds of intention. And since it’s happening in Aquarius — the sign of the water bearer — it’s especially cleansing and offers renewal.

How the aquarius new moon affects you personally

The first New Moon of 2023 is in Aquarius and has manifestation magic written all over it. Not that this lunation marks a kind of the real new year of January it takes place on the 1st degree of the respective sign of the zodiac. The first degree of a sign of the zodiac marks its beginning, which is why it is a symbol of entering into the new. From the end of November to the end of March we have had a total of five new moons that took place on the 1st degree. We can see these five months as a significant transition into a whole new chapter in life. Month by month we align ourselves more and more with the new, visioning big and seizing the significant opportunities that the cosmos offers us. At the end of March, with the beginning of the new astrological year, we enter a significant new chapter for sure.

The new moon always symbolizes a new beginning, a new journey of our desires and goals. And Aquarius can also be found in these topics. After all, on the one hand it stands for your uniqueness, which you can live out completely in freedom and independence. And on the other hand, Aquarius symbolizes a sharp and optimistic spirit with all its ideas and visions that want to be shared, expanded and implemented in a strong community of like-minded people. It also carries the energy of the new, of the future. With this new moon you can consciously deal with your future and your big visions, in which you no longer let external circumstances hold you down or limit you, but look ahead with confidence to go your own way. Your individual needs want to be explored, manifested and then lived out. And ideally with support within your circle of friends and network and also with the aquarian humanitarian goal in mind.

Aquarius, an air sign that’s associated with higher dreams, inspiration, and ideals, community action and engagement, and our friends, groups, and networks, connecting threads that may be unseen by others. Co-ruled by Saturn and Uranus, they are brilliant, changemakers — breaking rules to create new ones in their place that benefit those around them. They are the ones that defy expectations and live in their radical authenticity, pushing the limits of our existence.

Barriers are meant to be broken, and no one understands this more than Aquarius.

The first New Moon in the Moon calendar 2023 comes as we're settling into the new year, with the trials and tribulations of the first Mercury and Mars retrogrades 2023 luckily officially over and survived. Now, with the planets finally cooperating with us – because yes, even the planet of change and disruption and the ruler of aquarius, Uranus, will finally be turning direct within 24 hours of this New Moon on Sunday – we can finally begin planning our goals for this bold new year. It’s time to start manifesting some 2023 divine magic and with all the energy coming at you in Aquarius season 2023 - your dreams may well come true. Because of this Uranian influence and impact on this New Moon expect the unexpected. expect change in your opinion and mindset and even expect a shaking up of the earth and our resources. Change is no longer to be held back.

In fact, there are 5 planetary bodies in air signs during this New Moon, most notably Venus and Saturn harmonizing with each other right as the Sun and Moon do. What does all this mean for us down here on earth? It tells us that the cosmos is currently helping us to make our manifestations real but only if we are willing to commit our thoughts, beliefs, and actions in alignment with what we are verbalizing that we want. As Venus meets Saturn with the Aquarius New Moon, being wildly authentically you will crystallize into something brilliantly new!

Go outside on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday and receive the light of the second visible Venus-Moon conjunction.

There is real longevity potential to anything you set your mind to at this time – so show up and stay committed despite any obstacles, challenges, doubts, and self-limiting beliefs.

a huge cosmic shift and one of the largest annual celebrations on the planet

This New Moon is also the date of Chinese New Year 2023. Get ready to downshift into calmer energy, as the Year of the Water Rabbit brings a very new vibe compared to the last ones we’ve been through.

With the New Moon trine Mars, sextile Jupiter, and forming an out of sign conjunction to Pluto, it gives us a powerful reception for visionary, life-sustaining ideas that repair. History could be very instructive because it’s inspiring to remember that we are not the only and first generation(s) asked to implement (political) miracles on a global scale. Across the world, we’ve already had them. So now we must understand how to invoke the miracles required that create a more loving, peaceful, and just humanitarian civilization. This is how we do our part to make the Age of Aquarius a little less abstract and little more actionable.

While the Sun and Moon travel through humanitarian and eccentric Aquarius, we turn our attention to the themes of Vision, Hope and Progress. Co-creation and collaboration are the backbones of these ideas, prompting us to expand our futures through and with community. As we approach the New Moon in Aquarius, the retrogrades of Mercury and Mars will be over. A new day is dawning and we can start to move forward again. If you started envisioning or planning your year during Mercury retrograde (I hope you didn’t and read all my previous moon posts :-)), this new moon is a ripe time to revisit those and plant some real seeds. But it doesn’t have to be ultra specific, leave room for shared visions to come to life and new information to seep in and shape what you have already imagined.

A very beautiful sextile to Jupiter supporting us to take instinctual action on what lights us up with vision, purpose, and inspiration. But because this New Moon is also conjunct Pluto at 28°Capricorn. We may continue to have things come up from our unconscious for transformation. What we alchemize is opening up pure potential. The recipe for Pluto is always letting go, for the things that no longer serve you, you may very well need to let go, and to let go again, and to keep on letting go. It can be painful to see things change, of course, but it is also liberating. And it helps to remember that life itself is change and transformation.

This New Moon squares the lunar nodes opening up choice points to break free from our old patterns and to take a quantum leap towards our future.

With all this outer planet energy means that we are being tested as a culture, and as individuals, and being asked by the universe to take a stand for fairness, for truth-telling, and for the simplicity of the golden rule that we attempt to treat others the way we would like to be treated in turn...

And on top of all of this, this New Moon is the closest New Moon to Earth in almost a 1,000 years and won't be this close to Earth for another 345 years again supercharging the potential to break through to new realities - hello Age of Aquarius.

This New Moon may feel destabilizing though if we are resisting the change (Uranus) that wants to occur. Our nervous systems may feel out of range, even electric and we might feel ungrounded. Slowing down, regulating your nervous system, and grounding may be supportive.

Gather all the New Age objects that your grandmother would never have recognized or on the other hand has taught you - witchcraft: crystals, sound bowls, divination cards, pendulums, toning sounds from of binaural beats, not to mention incense, candles and endless bottles of remedies and mixtures. Get weird, get your avatar going, wear pink classes to houndstooth pattern jackets and silver trousers and be you in the most freeing version of yourself and maybe book your ticket for the next burning man this year.

Medica Astrology

As plato ones said:

“For this is the great error of our day in the treatment of the human body, that physicians first separate the soul from the body.” —Plato

aquarius new moon medical astrology health horoscope

Medical astrology is a branch of astrology that associates parts of the body (as well as diseases and treatments) with the nature of the sun, planets, and the 12 astrological signs. With ancient roots in India, China, Egypt, Greece and medieval Europe, the art of linking the cosmos with the human body—and the medicines and plants that treat it—is at least 5,000 years old.

The dark phase of the moon, of the year and of any part of any cycle was seen for thousands of years to be a part of the healing process. When we have a new moon, we go more inward and have better access to our intuition and subconsciousness. New moons are here for us to reset, breath out and get ready for a new luna cycle with new opportunities each and every day.

Aquarius ruled by Uranus and the air element covers our lower legs, ankles, calves, veins as well as our circulatory and electrical systems of the body. Electrical forces are beginning to amp up on the earth. New healing technologies are in the making if not ready for take off. The energy of Aquarius is cold but stimulating which can result in relaxing too much tension in he veins. But an internal cold alert is set for this new moon. The urge for fresh air and oxygen is felt and salt and electrolytes are probably more needed. We should take a deeper and more serious look and the quality of the blood in general, the circulation of our veins and the electrical systems of the body.

Aquarius is the sign of freedom, authenticity, and radical individuality.

When we don't show up in our authentic truth, we create resistance in our energy field which also shows up as resistance in our physical reality.


This is a ggod Moon to gather for comunal meals, cook and eat with friends and circles in your community and share it with others. Foods that are helpful and if consumed unfold their strengths perfect right now are:







oily fish (vegan option of EPA/DHA here)

Herbs & Supps

Omega 3


Salt, specially cluster salt from celery




rose hip


Bach Flower Essence

Water Violet

Connect With Others. The Water Violet Bach® flower remedy encourages the positive potential to find warmer relationships with others in a calm, relatable way. Allow yourself to reach out and connect with others. Cultivate and connect with the people that surround you.

Take 2 drops in mouth or in water, sip at intervals. Repeat as needed.

Schueßler Cell Salt

Nr. 8 Natrium Chloratum

The mineral salt of the fluid balance

Occurrence in the body: Sodium chloratum is important for the regulation of the water balance in the body, for the osmotic balance and for the membrane stability of cells and tissues. The mineral salt is found in all body fluids and tissues. It is mainly present outside the cells. Aquarius rules the transport of watering oxygen in the body, and also circulatory system, lower legs, ankles, and wrists. A symptom of defiency could be a runny nose, dry eyes, headaches, water retention in women.

Application & dosage

Adults and adolescents over 12 years: Take 1 tablet 1 to 3 times a day. Once you get better, you should reduce the frequency of use.


Amethyst: "I know"


It’s Mani-Fest-ing time.

Write down your intentions that you have at least for the next luna circle or even next six month. Create affirmations our of it like: I am loved, or I am abundant, I am confident.

Crate a vision board with all your visions that you have for yourself and this new lunar year.

how the aquarius new moon affects you astrology horoscopes

Listen to the Moonmedicine Podcast Episode for this Aquarian New Moon on the Holi Hub Podcast
(German Version)
all explained very well in German


My love with all this new and fresh and changing energy in the air of the universe I will also implement some new seeds. This will probably be the last time you have the chance to read my super detailed Moon Post in such an execution. But no worries it won’t be gone completely :-) You will still be able to read all about the main astrology of every new and full moon, but not the medical astrology report and all about rituals and moon magic happening behind the scenes. As we are approaching the age of aquarius and the time of community manners I am creating a sacred comMOONity where we can connect more deeply and I can share and speak to you in a more personal way, with more detailed personalized horoscopes and where YOU can interact and ask questions directly.

With this Membership you will not only up-level your wisdom and knowledge about all things astrology on each full and new moon but also shift, transform and upgrade your energy and life throughout the whole year constantly accompanied and supported from my astrology guidance.

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Be part of The comMOONity and be the first to know when the doors are open for this exclusive moon membership

If you want to work more with Astrology or you would like to deal more with the philosophy and science of the planets in order to get to know yourself and your life purpose better, then I cordially invite you to my Astro Readings. You can choose between different Readings according your needs and desires. I offer in-depth detailed version like „Your whole Blueprint Birthchart“ and your Astro Health Reading.

If you feel and hear the call to start this new moon and new circle with more aligned astro informations about yourself than I can’t wait to see you in person or via zoom.

xx happy new moon xx

This post provides general information and discussion on health and related topics. The information and other content provided on this post or in linked materials is not intended and should not be construed as medical advice or supplementation, nor is the information a substitute for professional medical expertise or treatment.


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