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Here’s The Virgo Full Moon of 2023

The alchemy of structure and flow. The power to create what you dream lays in your routines. This Full moon promises an invitation to more self-love and less self-criticism in the healing sign of virgo.

This week’s Full Moon in Virgo, taking place on Tuesday, March 7th, at 1:40 pm CET, reflects a culmination of the astrological aspects that preceded it, namely those that were brought forward in the recent Pisces New Moon from two weeks back, in the very beginning degrees of that sign. There is the generally mystical tenor of the Pisces season as backdrop, with the culmination of feelings and ideas that have been floating around in our consciousness ever since the New Moon timing. And these have included a good dose of peeking under the covers of our normative waking conscious toward the hidden and largely unknown shadow-side of our psyches. Pluto, still in the last degree of Capricorn, at 29 +, and preparing to enter Aquarius on March 23rd, remains semi-sextile to Saturn, himself in the final minutes of the last degree of Aquarius. It must be noted as well that Saturn enters Pisces a mere one hour after the moment of the Full Moon, and that this ingress is another significant event of this current Pisces lunation cycle.

The divine is in the details. You know it. Virgo knows it.

Whether we realize it or not, we rely on the morning coffee enjoyed on our kitchen table, the afternoon lunch that we may or may not scarf down at our office desk, and even the traffic throughout the commute home to signal that something is happening.

Let’s remember the value of choosing routines and rituals that help us notice the divine in the details. Especially since Saturn enters Pisces on the same day until May 2025 and initiates the end of a big transition which started when Saturn entered Aquarius, wait for it, on March 22nd, 2020....

Astrology can be so accurate. Astrology is all about timing. Thanks to the cyclical nature of the solar system, we know exactly when planets will form aspects of each other - even centuries or millennia into the future. With this information, we can anticipate which periods will be more turbulent and which will be rich in opportunity.

With this in mind, here are all the important dates and days of astrology that you should know about in 2023. German Version only.

With this Virgo Full Moon, the Sun and Moon oppose at 16° on the Pisces-Virgo axis calling us to balance polarity between structure and flow…between perfecting and letting go.

Archetypal, Virgo is the sign of the Priestess and is the sign of sacred service and devotion. Virgo reminds us that our body is the sacred vessel that Spirit moves through. Our body is the sacred bridge between Earth and Sky, and the Virgo Mysteries teach us how to create magic through our sacred body wisdom. Virgo reminds us to view our body, mind, home, and life as a sacred temple and to live life as a sacred ceremony. Virgo, with the gift of discerning patterns, attunes us with the sacred patterning and rhythms of Earth and Sky.

We want to be mindful of what we take in mentally, physically, and energetically around this Full Moon. Honor your Sacred Temple. Virgo supports us with discernment and healthy boundaries while there is such a strong emphasis in Pisces. Virgo is a sign of purification that supports us to clear the energy channels within our body so we can more purely discern the voice of our higher self, our higher guidance, etc. We are being invited to trust that “we'll know what we need to know when we know it” meaning we don't have to have it all figured out. We are being invited to trust in the divine plan, timing, and our path even when we don't have the full picture.

Virgo, where the Moon is at, can motivate us to want to plan, prep, organize, get 10 steps ahead of any perceived problem. This can be useful, but how much of the time is fear driving this that's not in the present moment? We can get lost in the details and mind looping and get in the way of ourselves and our flow. Pisces, where the Sun is at, teaches us the art of letting go and letting flow. It teaches us how to trust in the divine unfolding and the magic of just being.

The Virgo Full Moon greets us, reminding us that we are always worthy and perfect as is. This Full Moon is the perfect time to see yourself in a new light—one that recognizes your innate talents and knows they are enough. Since Virgo is focused on the details, it teaches us that our offerings don’t have to be big and fancy to make an impact. You do not need to compare your life to anyone else’s. Your life is unfolding perfectly for you, and even if you don't know everything, remember you have powerful knowledge within to help you evolve in this lifetime.

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