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The planetary week and why we should start the week with Tuesday instead of Monday

Planet days: How the days of the week are related to the planets & how you can use their energy

Did you know that each day of the week is ruled by a specific “planet” ?!

“Planets” in quotation marks because the sun and moon are not actually planets. The three "modern" outer planets (Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) are not included here as they were only discovered later in history.

It shows you how to use astrologically every day. Here is a brief cosmic overview written to get the most out of your day.

Planetary days: How the days of the week are related to the planets - Monday (Moon), Tuesday (Mars), Wednesday (Mercury), Thursday (Jupiter), Friday (Venus), Saturday (Saturn), Sunday (Sun)


  • Monday = lunar day - day of the moon 🌚

  • Tuesday = day of Mars 🔥

  • Wednesday = day of Mercury 📱

  • Thursday = day of Jupiter ♃

  • Friday = day of Venus 💞

  • Saturday = day of Saturn ♄

  • Sunday = sunny day - day of the sun 🌞


Moon: emotions, changes, subconscious, secrets, time with women *, peace, truth, protection, trust, media work, water element.

Monday = Moon Tuesday = Mars Wednesday = Mercury Thursday = Jupiter

Be present, get inside yourself. Prioritize the coming week. Take a good rest in the evening to gain strength for the rest of the week. Mood swings are not excluded here.

Take a bath to relax in the evening - after all, the moon is also connected to our emotions, our inner waters, so to speak. In the modern western World we got taught and raised to start the Week with the Monday, but everyone hates Monday, unfortunately, as it always farewells the good times of the weekends where our soul could rest from the entire Week. Thats not what the Moonday should be associated with though, instead we should celebrate it and the ruling Planet La Luna. She deserves that we associate her with something beautiful and good and not just with starting a new week of work and hustle. Its so common though that we neither feel very motivated on a Monday because the energy still wants us to rest and recharge. So take your time, save your energy, relax so you can be full-on from Tuesday on.


Mars: enthusiasm, energy, passion, competition, motivation, courage, personal strength, determination, assertiveness, fire energy

Tuesday is the day you tackle things. Things done. This day has the energy of the start. Start passion projects. Start ticking things off your to-do list. Get your body moving.


Mercury: communication, thinking, learning, law, education, fortune telling, conveying messages, clarity & focus

Mercury is known to rule communication. Take care of your mail. Write texts. No matter how, this day is about expression & exchange.


Jupiter: expansion, increase your chances of happiness, speculation, investments, money, joy, success (be careful what you wish for - what you wish comes back to you in large measure)

Jupiter is the planet of happiness & wisdom. Thursday is therefore ideal for any activity where you are looking for success and growth. In German, Thursday is named after the god of thunder.


Venus: love, luxury, beauty, money, decorating, romantic or creative things, pleasure, fertility, friendship, connections, lust

THE day to cultivate self-love and self-care in your life. Get in touch with all of your senses. Connect with your needs. Take a long bath. Wrap yourself in silk and linen. Give yourself a full body oil massage. Drizzle rose oil along your neck area.

Investments in and for yourself can all be made here. Venus is also strongly related to our money and what we value. What do you value

The word for Friday is derived from the Latin phrase "dies Veneris", which means "day of Venus". Therefore also vendredi in French. The German Friday is said to be named after the goddess Frigg / Freya.


Saturn: Discipline, long-term planning, institutions, breaking bad habits, setting limits, limitations, contraction

Saturn day is the day you organize yourself. Spend the day cleaning your house thoroughly and getting everything in order. Take care of the things you didn't have time to do during the week. Earth yourself, go outside. Maybe even jogging or hiking.


Sun: ego, fame, joy, independence, individuality, personal growth, health, vitality, clarity and optimism

Ruled by the sun, Sunday is the day when you can nourish your soul. Do the things that bring you joy. Put your own wellbeing & fun first. Do what is good for you personally.



Jules, Julia or Georgi


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