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First Full Moon of 2022 in Cancer

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

Not only that the Year of 2022 started off with two major Retrograde Planets (Venus & Mercury) we also got greeted with the most sensitive and emotional full moon of all full moons. The Cancer Full Moon.

cancer is the sensitive sign of the astrological zodiac wheel. 2022 started off with gift of leasing our emotional backpack before starting new adventures.
a cancer full moon invites and provides us a big emotional release

I know by writing this, we are already two weeks after the full moon in cancer and almost diving into the aquarian new moon, but I got so many messages from you sparkling souls, who asking me what the heck is going on in the sky and I never got so many messages regarded a full moon as on this cancer full moon.

The other thing is, that the impact of full and new moons generally last longer as just the actually and exact time the full moon happens. We can feel new and full moons even up to two weeks after, sometimes they activate also an eclipse portal which then makes it last even longer. So when I say or talk about working with the energy of the Moon I don’t mean it like working on a task that requires only one performance, I mean it like the work of a process of interconnected small little task to execute.

Also I love that this cancer moon showed us even more how impactful the energy really is and that we DO feel the cosmic energy all around us and that requires no special skills at all, simply by being human we can connect with the mystery and magic of the Planets and La Luna.

Now truth be told

Okay babe, truth be told. When I was about to prepare for the Moon TV that I usually do every New and Full Moon since last Year, I felt something inside me. I ignored it first and thought I’d probably had eaten something wrong but the pain grow bigger and bigger until I broke out in tears crawling to my van and just laid down. My thoughts and mind went crazy trying to figure out what the hell was going on inside me, more specifically with my intestines, uterus and belly. Side Note: No, I’m not pregnant..yet ;-) haha

So knowing that I’m definitely not pregnant I never had this pain before. Honestly I was thinking if my belly blows up just a little bit more I’m going to either explode or drift off like a hot ballon. Big Fun Fact, just the day before all that happened, I heard „99 Luftballons“ from the german Singer NENA in almost every Store we went here in Australia....not a fu**** * joke.

Ok, anyway as we were still in Capricorn season during this full moon and I have a stellium (means 3+ planets in one sign) in capricorn, I had 30 degree and the ocean in front of me but I was so much in working mood and getting things done completely ignoring whats causing me so much pain. Also with my sun in Virgo I like to be of service for others and often forget myself by doing this. (Virgos can relate) I tried to focus on my Job and Work that I want to put outside and than boooomm....

Wasn’t it that we had the Full Moon in Cancer and I was preparing the Topics and everything for that to get the information out to you... Yep and than I remembered. Or better said, The universe showed me exactly what the TOPIC of that full moon in cancer was all about.


Aha, yep we know them. Can you guess how many emotions a human can experience? It's around 34,000 and the number is raising.

As there is so much to say about Emotions, I will definitely do another Post just concentrating on that topic.

Let’s keep the eye on the astrology part for now.

Cancer is the most sensitive and emotional sign of the whole zodiac, yes Pisces are sensitive too, but different way ;-)

Cancer FULL moon


We already know that our feelings and emotions are super heightened on a full moon in general. Now add the emotional sign cancer on top of that and tears become another meaning.

We also know that the job of a full moon is to RELEASE.
The Full Moon in Cancer brought us this full emotional release.

With such an action-packed and wild year behind us, many of us are struggling to recognize that we need to let go. Truth be told, many of us are holding a lot more than we realize. The accumulation of stress, emotions, and expectations is a weight that we've had to become familiar with carrying with us.

Thankfully, the Full Moon in Cancer presented us with the reminder that strength does not have to be a constant state of being. Strength is necessary to carry us through life, however, it can be to our enemy if the muscle is too strong. This Full Moon showed up as a reminder to let our guards down. And with Mercury Rx in Aquarius and Venus Rx in Capricorn happening at the same time, it's likely that much of what we released during this Full Moon was or still is related to misunderstandings, relationship topics, and being too hard on ourselves and others. The other thing is as the Sun was sitting in the opposite sign, the ambitious, structured, workaholic like kind a goat of Capricorn. So the stretch between work- and private Life was big and the lesson we needed to integrate was, how can we maintain a good WORK-LIFE-Balance, how can we hold on to our plans and working towards our goals our freedom while also have enough space left to nurture and care for ourselves.

And that again was when astrology showed me how accurate and meaningful it really is.

Medical Astrology

From the medical astrology point of view, the Body Parts that are connected to the sign of Cancer are:

  • The Uterus

  • The Stomach

  • The Breast

  • The digestion system

  • Glands

Our middle Body also the second and third chakra area is where we digest our emotions of all kind of forms, whether good, beautiful, joyful or bad ones. Everything is absorbed from our energetic body and thank good that our physical vessel shows us if something is over, if we need a oil change, check into the mechanic before we break down on the side of the road and need to call the expensive road assistance. (Hope you understand my metaphorical way of writing and explaining ;-)).

Ok now we know that, lets look at the ruling planet of the sign Cancer, that is no other than the Moon itself. Every Sign has a Planet that relates and belongs to that and shows us HOW the chracteristics of the specific sign are being performed. If the sign tells us WHAT the topic is, the Planet shows us the HOW.

Cancer’s Planet is the MOON. The moon has a nutritive style of acting and rules (again) the digestion, emotions, cheat area, mucus membranes and specifically the feminine cycle. Very very feminine energy.

So with this emotional smoothie blend of anxiety, worry, excitement and hope we needed to drink it sip by sip and add a little bit of lemon balm that calms our entire nervous system down, CBD can work definitely too. Cancer feels most safe, nurtured and happy in their own home, nurturing themselves and others. The mother.

So the big lesson for me was, to nurture and parenting myself in ways a mother would do for her sick child. leaving everything else behind and just be there for this child.

As I got aware of all this and stopped, did nothing just layed down and cried I felt so much better.

If you have cried on this cancer full moon, damn you were so aligned and spot on with the universe because cancer is a water sign and tears are a way of excess our emotions as well as cleansing our (salivary) - glands. Makes so much sense, right.

If you think, how can I be stressed or even need to rest when I am living the dream in a van in Australia... then I can tell you that even I am human :-D and the past 2 years have been full of emotions every single day and even in paradise we caught up on what is going on in the entire world. So every single one of us is and has experienced the last 2 years in such a unique and different way, no matter where we have been. That shows us even more that we are ALL IN THIS TOGETHER, just everyone with they own backpack of different emotions, circumstances and experiences.

So before we really enter a new year with many many different energies that we have been gone through as a whole society and collective, we got the big gift of this full moon ro release the emotions that have drained our system over the past years. And that’s not done in a day, with one shower or dining into the ocean, smudging the house with sage until the fire alarm goes that release needs to be done in small steps and that’s why the cancer full moon came in with a big after effect and in forms of waves.






And letting go


That are the stages that we go through while processing emotional challenges.

What always helps me so much with working and understanding my emotions is when I review certain situations. Thats why I wanted to write this Blogpost for you, so you can review and integrate the themes for a better understanding of the whole situation and yourself. And there is always so much going on, on earth and in the sky how can we always be on track with the cosmic weather report even if we have 5 different apps, 4 email subscriptions, 3 spiritual accounts to follow on insta and maybe even 2 spiritual gangsta friends who usually always talk about some kind of witchy shit.. we got one body who needs to absorb this all and ist okay if we miss some information sometimes or if we disconnect purposely from all and everything. Because what does the Moon do? exactly the moon doesn’t always shines bright like a diamond, she covers herself in deep shadow to rest and rejuvenate herself.


Mother Nature definitely provides us special gifts that help us to navigate through cancer full moons like that one. With the opposing aspect from a full moon where we have the sun in the opposite sign of the moon, causes some kind of friction and tension that we can feel in our bodies. Generally a full moon also shines the light on things that we need to readjust. Therefore I work with both sign remedies on a full moon.

cancer Full Moon remedies:

Cancer Aspekt:



Bachflower Essence:

  • clematis

Capricorn Aspekts:


  • Hypericum

  • Ginger


Simply click on the green links above and you land exactly where you need to be


  • Nr. 1 Calcium flouride for the cancer aspect of this full moon &

  • Nr. 2 Calcoum phosphate for the capricorn aspect of this full moon


  • Emerald

  • Carnelian

  • Moonstone

  • smokey Quartz


when the moon is in cancer it is possible that the craving for eggs and diary products is highlighted. If you are plant based foods that are high in Calcium and Protein will work the same. If you can’t resist than go for it. YOUR Body knows best.


seriously dancing is healing. Specially when we have some tension around our first 3 chakras, dancing is medicine. It sets the energy free and releases blockades that we have build up in that area. Even if it is painful try to move the hip in circles clockwise and then change direction. If you can though don’t hold yourself back and shake it off.

One of my favorite Songs at the moment where I literal loose my shit and align my chakras are this ones:

Please Note that for more and detailed information on how to support your body health wise, you can book a reading with me where we look exactly what is important for you in order to feel healthy, happy and whole.

I hope you can understand the humble bumble of the beginning of this year now a bit better and that this post helps you as much as it helps me resting and nurturing myself rather than working and doing nothing for no one but myself.

And by doing this, by doing nothing, I actually got so many insights on how I want to go on with things and how the capricorn sun helped me shining light on the cancer full moon to restructure the relationship to my selfcare and my work. As I am working on so much behind the scenes, including my heart project the Holi Hub Podcast, I can guarantee you that the Moon TV will be back soon but in a slight different format. But I'll provide you with the medical astro report via my Blogpost from now on as well.

Many Moon blessings and of course check out the New Moon post for Aquarius.



Julia Georgia

Cause I legally have to say this:

Disclaimer *

Julia is a holistic nutritionist, medical astrologer and yoga teacher. The information provided on and accessible from this Blogpost/Website is for informational purposes only. This information is not intended as a substitute for advice from physician or other healthcare professionals, or any notifications or instructions contained in or on any product label or packaging.

Julyas may earn a small commission for the sale of recommended products.


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