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Fiery New Moon in Aries

The Aries new moon happening on the 31st March/1st April at 11 degrees, brings us a cosmic clean start perfect for realigning our goals, resetting our intentions, and manifesting new opportunities.

Hey my astrolover, we are planting the seeds and getting reday for 2022 & you. This lunation is a fresh start for a number of reasons, it marks the first new moon of the astrological new year, so happy happy fresh new year to all of you. I personally can resonate much more with this new beginning rather than the January one. It’s an ideal occasion to refresh our goals. The April 2022 new moon — also called a “black” moon, since it’s the second new moon in a single month for those in the Pacific time zone, and the first of two new moons in April for ET— is bringing in all the new vibes, making it a great time to rest, revisit your vision boards, and take charge plus action for yourself.

New moon in the sign of aries
Aries new moon April’ 22

There’s plenty of potential to step into your power during this lunation,

so knowing the spiritual meaning of the April 2022 new moon in Aries is a must if you want to dominate your most ambitious goals.

As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries is the most excitable, vigorous, impulsive, fresh and active one. The pioneer, the starter who lights up the fire within all of us and our spirit. As we move into the heart of the Ram's annual moment, we get a lunar event tailored perfectly to this tone: an initiative-spurring new moon in the cardinal fire sign. New moons - which happen when the confident sun pairs up with the intuitive moon - always present a monthly opportunity to get clear on which new chapter you want to write over the course of the next two weeks (up until the next full moon) and next six months (when the corresponding full moon occurs). Spiritually, this energy is concentrated on restoring the mind, body, and soul. Astrologically speaking, this is the best time for beginning new projects, forming new relationships, as well as leaving behind things that might hold us back. You could be feeling more fired up, self-reliant, playful, impulsive, and driven to get after your most ambitious dreams. With all this fiery energy in the sky, we have the desire and the drive coupled with the faith that if we stay true to ourselves, no matter what is happening around us that is out of our control, anything is possible.

Aries x New Moon

Trailblazing Aries is all about taking risks and eliminating self-doubt, this fire sign isn't too concerned about limitations and certainly don’t let doubt fill their minds, and their bright outlook on life is a great way to release your inhibitions and take that necessary leap of faith. This energy is nestled in the new moon vibe, inspiring the collective to not only explore their wants and needs, but to selfishly (and necessarily) put yourself first. Aries isn’t afraid of going after what they want, and seldom do they let anyone stand in their way — not even imposter syndrome. Their tenacious attitude makes it a perfect time to take those bold risks in your life.

This Aries new moon is a chance to act boldly, courageously, and dive into a new chapter with pioneering spiritedness.

Although Aries’ vibe is non-stop action, the energy of the new moon is about resetting your batteries. Aries season can get hectic fast, specially the whole April has the tendency to be of fast speed with all planets currently in forward mood, the best way to ensure you’re ready to build your empire is to take care of your mind and body. In the end, even the most confident fire signs need to practice self-compassion sometimes, too.


While we have the Sun & Moon sitting in the same sign of this fires Aries energy forming a connection to each other we have some more important aspects happening during this new moon. We could think that every year we have a new moon in Aries, taurus, gemini, and so on but the aspects around each and every new moon makes it so unique and special.

aries new moon horoscope. How the new moon in aries is affecting each zodiac sign
soul on fire, baby

Jupiter & Neptune meeting up in Pisces:

While we are now officially out of our beloved and favorite dreamy pisces season, the universe has a present for us this year. On the day of the new moon in Aries, Jupiter, the planet of fortune and traditional ruler of pisces, and Neptune, the planet of spirituality and modern ruler of pisces, are closing a conjunction in the dreamy, ethereal Pisces, which will be exact on April 12. This aspect, which hasn't occurred since 1856 and won't again until 2188, marks the beginning of an emotional, empathic, and mystically-charged cycle. Its effect will heighten intuition, spirituality, and a longing to move through life wearing rose-colored glasses and hippie pants..

While other aspects around this new moon are so action-oriented, this pairing can infuse the moment with more creativity and a desire to swim in your emotions a bit before diving into your next adventure.

Grab your Pen now and mark the 12. April in your Calendar babe and watch out for a new article that I am writing for you about this event.

Moon Conjunction with Chiron:

Chiron is known as the wounded healer-teaching us what we have to learn & heal in ourselves in order to teach others. VULNERABILITY is switched on during this new moon and we are invited to accept this part of ourselves.

We are just coming out of a two week virgo full moon vibe period and oh boy, this one hit hard :-D a Virgo full moon is no joke and as I mentioned in the last full moon post, we needed to heal that shit out of us and many of you did that, me are just vibing wit the universal circle.

Ok but NOW Chiron wants to be sure that we are really ready to start a new cosmic cycle with a healed heart, mind, body and soul. While Chiron is the inner gift we have to offer that helps heal ourselves and others. This concentration of authenticity-seeking Aries energy suggests that this lunation is offering all of us a powerful opportunity to communicate our innermost, honest selves. Because over the past two years, many people have not acted like their true authentic selves, they have not acted from a place of love but more from a place of influenced fear. For god’s sake , we will leave that now behind. You don’t have to fit in societies thinking of being, you have to fit into your own way of thinking, or in other words, your soul needs to fit into your body only.

Moon Conjunction with Mercury:

One of the main planetary aspects of this new moon is a close conjunction between the moon and Mercury. The planet of communication moved into Aries on Sunday, March 27, bringing a more straightforward, unfussy, and heated - possibly even physical aggressive - tone to the way we deliver our thoughts. (#willsmith) And on the day of the new moon, Mercury will pair up with la luna, combining emotion and self-expression in a fearless, direct Aries way.

It'll be easier to own your voice or to speak right from the heart with a loved one. At the same time, there may be a tendency to steer a bit too far into argumentative territory, so bear that in mind ;-)

Moon sextile to Mars & Saturn conjunction in aquarius:

On the day of the new moon, the planet that's the ruler of Aries and showrunner — Mars — will be coming up on a conjunction to taskmaster and hard working, karma planet Saturn in future-minded, fixed Aquarius. (It's exact on April 4.) Together, these power players send the message to not only initiate courageous action (Mars) but commit to it (Saturn). What the universe wants to tell us is, that abundance and karma of our hard work and thrive will pay off as long as we keep focusing on the price and not by impatient Aries like reactions. Also making the aspect to the Moon, who sits in the sign of ultimate self - aries- while mars and Saturn pointing towards the community being in the sign of aquarius.


aries new moon horoscopes for each sign
where does a new beginning happening for you?

Because this is such an important placement right now in the sky, I’ve created the Meaning for each and every sign based on the Ascendant.

That means, wherever aries is in your Natal birth chart, will be massively activated and experience a vibe of a fresh new beginning during this new moon but also throughout the next 2 weeks up to 6 months, thats when we see some fruits of the plants we've seeded ;-)

read your ascendant


Babe, this is your new solar cycle. your new identity based on your vital source. A new way of showing up and getting closer to what motivates you this life. Do it and show us all how to kickstart and couragiously go for that dream life.


A new beginning for your dreams, your unconsciousness. This is more of a very inward going placement for you and your desire to relax could be more present. A new World is awaiting for you, the one that you dreamed about ?!Your spirituality can be enhanced and the message you’ll receive from the universe very clear.


This is a fresh start with your friends, communities and groups. Your social network got unplugged and restarted again. The highest from of aries is the balance self and others. Esteem for the community.


This is a fresh new beginning for your career and public life. Use your talents and gifts to nurture the world. Let the energy of aries give you the needed courage to apply for that job, start your own business step up the ladder or be on that stage. The moon is your ruler.


Time to travel again. Your long-term plans will become reality through spiritual growth, travel and eductaion. Your believe system is reset and you are more in alignment with your own code of rights. The moon helps you to stand up with courage for the spirituality that lies inside of you. Go for it, because the world needs more spiritual gangstArs like you are.


ok virgo rising, time to see the pay offs of your hard work and what you did for others. You might have suffered from mental illness lately cause plans didn’t worked out at all the last weeks. But that was just because the universe had better plans for you. A new beginning in resources you share with others. A marriage, new home, investment.


Love is in the air and it’s going to be hot and lovely. Whether it’s a new relationship, Friendship or business partner there is something that will be enlighten and speaks fly around.


Rejuvenating and a more healthier you. Does that sounds good?! Of Course. A new beginning in your life-work balance and how you be off service to others. Yes the world is a better place when we help each other but, C’mon if you don’t look after your own health, there is no benefit for anyone. Go and buy that new cook book, the juicer, a massage or feeling after a yoga-retreat?! Remember, aries new moon is here and that means, act now.


What brings you Joy centaurs? A new start in your creativity and your fun projects. Also what about your kids? new school, kindergarten or is there even someone in the mothers pipeline waiting?! Aries goes after what they want, that also means, say what you want in your sexlife. Sex bomb, sex bomb, you’re my sex bomb.


What better moon than the pioneering aries new moon to welcome a new beginning in your home foundations. A new cycle connecting with your home idea and ancestrals. Wherever you have your new home, whether it's built from scratch or a historical old building, remember that spirits are everywhere. Ready to help.


Congratulations to your new phone, laptop or other technical device or communication system. A newborn nephew or other souls that extend the family. A new way of communication, receiving and exchanging informations. A new daily ritual how to use social media? Less is more. With a new moon in aries there should be caution with the way we express our emotions. Sometimes that can result in a very impulsive aggressive reaction - simply because aries is full on fire. If we know it, we can control it.


A new self-love routine and how you treat yourself, your money aka crypto wallet and resources. Everything is energy isn’t new for you, extend that throughout your resources. Now that you have a new start in how precious and worthy you are, see the abundance coming in. Burn down your low self esteem and see new flowers bloom.

Medical Astrology

First and foremost the sign of Aries rules our head, that’s where we start observing our physical body from head to toe, Aries to Pisces.

When there is a new moon in Aries, ruling our head, with a conjunction to chiron and mercury (the planet of communication, thinking and virgo) ....we get brain fucked ^^

But more in a way of planting new ways and patterns of thinking in our mind so we can live a life that we desire and that completes us.

Our thoughts become things and it’s the source where our life is created and manifest in real form. Thats where we start our actions.

We are in the peak of dramatic world events if we look at the media point of view. But we are in the peak of a great reset, a great awakening and a beautiful new world with lots of aquarian community like vibes. If there is one thing that this Aries new moon in 2022 wants us to heal-it’s the way we see and attempt to this world. Are you resonating in light, love and compassion and are you already living in a high vibrational state of mind or are you living in fear, war, aggression, discrimination, divination and tyranny ?!

Because It’s not to blame the outer things and events - that we can’t control, but wants to control us- holding you back from living your truest and best life. If there is one to blame that is just the way you are thinking and (re)acting to it. Are you in control of your own emotions, behavior and life or are your emotions being controlled and created? are you living in freedom of your own choices or are you living by someone else’s rules?

That’s very important to clarify on this new moon cause Chiron will be illuminated in the deepest places of your body that we are most likely to hide and sweep under the carpet. It’s a gift to heal your woundedness but it’s a poison if you ignore it for too long.

During this new moon there is a hyper sensitivity around the brain nerves which can highten depression, ringing in the ear, headache and brain frog. Teeth sensitivity and ailments with the eyes. While this should not scare you but should be used as a reminder, if health issues arise, that nothing is wrong with you :-) your body is just feeling the astro energetics.

aries new moon ritual for spirituality
candle new moon ritual

What better way to work with the fiery energy of Aries than (safely) playing with fire? Candle gazing is a great way to honor the Aries new moon and observing a candle or fire can stimulate and activate your inner fire as well as boost your confidence by adding affirmations while you meditate around the flames.

We can feel very impulsive and active on this new moon whereas new moons in general are more inward going. If you feel the urge and need to be active and to let this energy out, then be active and create a ritual for you that serves you as an energy outlet.

ohh my moon new moon candle ritual for aries new moon

Food to connect with during this aries new moon:

tomatoes, leek, lemon, beetroot, cauliflower, spinach, apples, avoid stimulants.

pflanzen für power und Vitalität

Herbs & Vitamins:

Green Tea


*click the links above to get order your supplements*

Bachflower Remedie:


Schüssler tissue cell salt:

No. 5 Potassium (Kalium) Phosphate

desert jasper crystal for aries zodiac sign. Mantra for aries new moon.
repeat: „ My spirit & I are activated“


My dear, I wish you a positive, stimulating and impulsive new moon and new beginning wherever this might be for you.

new moon blessings




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