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Aries Full Moon ignites true relationship with ourselves and others & heal from the past

The full moon in Aries on October 9th, 2022 at 10:55 p.m. at 16°32' degrees Aries gives us the courage to initiate far-reaching changes and brings us into contact with challenges that motivate or even force us to act.

How the Aries Full Moon affects you

The full moon in Aries on October 9th, 2022 at 10:55 p.m. at 16°32' degrees Aries gives us the courage to initiate far-reaching changes and brings us into contact with challenges that motivate or even force us to act. But he doesn't do it to annoy us, but because he wants to free us from deadlocked situations. So if you currently feel like your back is against the wall, you will feel a nudge that will help you activate all of your power. Maybe it's suddenly possible for you to set clear boundaries, to speak a word of authority, to gossip or to conquer brave decisions.

shift the fiery energy inside of you towards you passion projects

On top of it the topic of relationships, yes we are still in the Libra season and Aries is the opposite of Libra and therefore that is also the topic of this full moon. But in a different form than we had at the New Moon Libra two weeks ago.

Because now comes the courage and fighting will of the warrior Mars, especially when it comes to our communication.

The moon takes place near the asteroid Chiron and Venus. Due to the effects of Chiron, around October 9th we are given a strong, healing energy that supports us in closing old painful experiences. In contrast, the activity of Venus lets us see in which area of ​​life we ​​can let this healing energy flow. Consequently, we can use them in particular to heal the relationship with ourselves and with those around us.

One of the big questions you can ask yourself on this full moon ist - passion. What is it? What does it mean for you and what is your passion? The challenge on this full moon is first of all to find out what our passion is, what kindles the fire in you, what brings you enthusiasm in what you do and to prioritize it, but still share life with others (relationships). and to enjoy.

This Full Moon is in close contact with the asteroid Chiron, known as 'the wounded healer' in astrology. It means that we may feel extra sensitive around this time – like our deepest fears or underlying insecurities could feel particularly raw, brimming to the surface, or even publicly exposed. But luckily, at that exact moment, the Sun is tightly connected to Venus, which offers a kind and compassionate counterbalance to the lunar intensity. As these planets travel along together in this alignment, the spotlight will be on healing our relationships with other people and with our own bodies, hearts, and minds. Because Full Moons are often about release, this signals that we can let go of shame around asserting our needs. As the stars invite us to examine old thought patterns, self-limiting beliefs, or repetitive behaviors, we can see how they’ve helped us cope, but also could now be holding us back.

Medica Astrology

As plato ones said:

“For this is the great error of our day in the treatment of the human body, that physicians first separate the soul fromthe body.” —Plato

Aeies Full Moon astrology health medical astrology

This Full Moon represents the head, face, blood, our energy vitality in general (Aries) and Libra represents the kidneys, urinary system and ovaries in women. Accordingly, a lot of air and too much air brings the fire out of control, so caution with inflammation is called for here again, especially if there are already some in the body.



-kidney kidneys


-blood pressure high blood pressure

-hormonal swings hormonal swings

- eye strain

all can be side effects of this fiery full moon.


A lot of air is stuck in the game through Mars, ruler of the moon in Gemini, so a lot of grounding food and root vegetables that ground you are good..



celery (juice)

cucumber (water)



Avoid stimulants



Especially root vegetables


bitter greens





Omega 3




Rose hip and cranberry

Bach Flower Essence

Rock Rose

The Bach® remedy impatient

Be patient. The remedy Impatiens Bach® promotes the positive potential of thinking and acting less hastily. We all get overly irritable, impatient, and nervous from time to time. Find ease in dealing when life, people and situations slow you down.

Schueßler Cell Salt

No.3 Ferrum phos

Ferrum phosphoricum is part of the immune system and ensures good oxygen uptake in the body.

Iron (Ferrum phosphoricum) is found in all cells of the human body, especially in muscle cells and as a component of the red blood pigment.

The No. 3 as an ointment should not be missing in any medicine chest, as it can be used for any irritation. It's a real treat for sore baby bottoms and sunburn - you can literally watch the redness diminish as you apply it.

Ferrum phosphoricum is the emergency and first aid remedy of the Schuessler salts - taking it in good time can prevent the progression of a viral infection if it is taken at the first sign of illness, burns and sunburn heal quickly, the No. 3 reduces fever, strengthens the immune system.


don’t forget to create your moon water.

Take a jar preferable with a lid, fill it up with water and place it somewhere, where the moon can shine it’s light on it and leave it for at least a few hours or over night. Drink it on the day after, use it to wash your face with it, for showering or for whatever you like.


Moon bath outside

in the moonlight for 20-60 minutes.

Remember what intentions you wrote down for the libra new moon - write them again, burn them and release the ash.


Red Jasper

Aries is ruled by Mars, a planet known for its warlike energy. Red jasper is empowering and uplifting; it will help us channel the courage and perseverance of Mars.

How the Aries Full Moon affects you by your rising sign aka ascendant.

how the aries full moon affects you the medical astrology horoscopes

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If you feel and hear the call to start this new moon and new circle with more aligned astro informations about yourself than I can’t wait to see you in person via zoom.

xx happy full moon bleesings xx

and heal yourself with the gifts that this full moon illuminates

This post provides general information and discussion on health and related topics. The information and other content provided on this post or in linked materials is not intended and should not be construed as medical advice or supplementation, nor is the information a substitute for professional medical expertise or treatment.


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