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This is your natal horoscope, or astrological birthchart. Here we will have look at your whole chart, incl. all Plantes with their Aspects to each other, Houses, Signs, Nodes, and how the current constellations of planets in the sky are affecting you now. Discover your Souls Mission and Purpose. Maybe what challenges or blockages you have that stop you to fully step into your best self and how to support your superpowers.



A one hour personal reading via face call with video and audio recording for yours to keep.  After purchase, Julia will get back to you to aks for your detailed birth information, which are required for this reading:



-Birth location


and with available Dates/Hour to schedule your reading.

German and English available.


Cancellation Policy

As every Astro Reading is individually designed for you and associated with an expense weeks before, I am not able to refund your money. But for whatever reason you need to cancel a Reading last minute, we can look for another Date and you will prioritized you in the waiting list.


Astrology Blueprint Reading