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2020  September, 13-19

Coming Home to Mama Bali. It's quite hard to explain this Island or giving a bunch of Insights because this Island of Gods is just magic. If you travel to Bali it's one of the greatest gifts you can give to yourself and then topping it with a Yoga & Surf Retreat... wow hmm what should I say :-) I get goosebumps while writing this Retreat for you. This Retreat takes Place on Bali, known as THE Island of Gods. The spiritual culture of the Balinese local people is really strong and deep. If you come here with an open heart on your own spiritual journey, the Island will totally support you and you will grow and find yourself in a place where you never imagen. A big part of this Yogaretreat is getting more in tune with yourself and your Body and experience your Bodysystem from a holistic point of view. Not only that we are near the Beach and pure Nature we focus on a big Element in this Retreat. WATER. Life is a journey with ups and downs like a Wave it sometimes builds up and then crashes down. If Life is the Wave then Yoga is your Bord to handle these waves. On this 7 Days, you will learn how to ride the waves and dive deep into the water element. You will have 3 Surf Lessons supported and taught by certified and ISA licensed Surfteachers after Australian and European standard, who will guide you on your board. A morning Yogasession is your daily routine and at some days we will have a meditative and relaxing part to stay grounded of all these experiences and centred in ourselves. For your total relaxation and maybe after the tension on the surfboard, you have a one hour Massage to calm down and just let go. While we are seated in one of the most beautiful regions of Bali with a stunning cliff, beaches, view over the ocean, we are also going to visit the holy water Temple, where we are able to join a purifying ceremony and blessing. On the Way, we will also visit a  Waterfall and crossing the rice fields. The Island and this Yogaretreat also give you a beautiful breathtaking Landscape and a huge range of just positive Vibes. An awesome community with like-minded people that are all either on a similar journey or willing to support each other on whatever their journey may be.  Your Accommodation is the beautiful heart feeling SaltyBreeze Bali, existing out of 9 beautiful eco Bungalows nestled on the southern cliffs of Bali. The People from SaltyBreeze are so helpful and open-hearted humans that you will feel like being Home far away from Home. During the whole Days, you have your own Scooter to discover the surroundings, become a local and also have time for yourself. If you are ready to give yourself one of the best gifts, loving yourself,  be prepared for miracles ;-) then happy welcome on Bali, that is unlike any other Place in the World. It's also said, that Bali is the purification centre of the earth, so whatever it is you want to purify from, you will and create some space for new chances, beginnings and opportunities. 


During these 7 Days, we will start each Day with a morning yoga flow in our beautiful yoga shala. Each flow is uniquely designed to be like a hug to the mind and soul. There will be 90 minutes morning sessions, suitable for beginners as well as advanced participants. The first Sessions will be focused on feeling good within the body and gradually making it stronger and lighter. I will start by breaking down simple poses while building a consistent practice which by the end of the Retreat you will be able to do anywhere and at any time, according to your needs and level of practice. Mornings will be dedicated to flowy and dynamic Vinyasa sessions, mixed with steady elements of Hatha/Iyengar yoga, with stretching and restorative yoga. The whole Yoga practice is accompanied by my main focus on Yin & Yang Yoga to bring you in a completely balanced mood. Chakra Balancing, Breathing exercises as well as Guided Meditation, either in a seated calm position or in a more movable way, will be part of the Yogaretreat. This is a once in a Lifetime experience, having an unforgettable one that you can take home afterwards. 


On three Days, that are Monday, Wednesday and Friday you have a guided Surf Lessons, depending on your level. If you stand on the board for the very first time, no worries, our licensed Surfteachers will explain and guide you step by step into this. Stating with the board's language and terms up to the walk into the Water and getting up on the board you will learn everything in detail. If you are already a surf pro and want to be taught and challenged a bit more, you will get it.  


On Friday evening we will have a closing circle accompanied by a restorative and relaxing yoga session. All classes are open to all levels and Beginners are very welcome. The Classes will be taught whether in English or German depending on the students.


Treat your Body like a Bali Temple. To treat your Body right, does not only include Yogapractice or Meditation or focusing on a peaceful Soul it also contains healthy food to support the process of enlightenment and to become aware of our true divinity. As I am a holistic nutritionist studied in the Swiss I am living on a plant-based vegan diet for 8 Years now with lots of ayurvedic and alkaline influences. My aim is to offer you the best food during this Retreat, that will benefit your daily Yoga practice so you can shine from the inside out. You will feel lighter and detoxing in a very harmonious joyful way. My approach to longevity and happiness is based on three components: physical practice (yoga asana), conscious eating (raw/vegan) and mental exercise (mindfulness). Healthy and plant-based food also ensures our health and can make us happier, more in shape, lighter and carefree, prevents depression, supports digestion, regulates the blood pressure and offers us long life and all of that with nothing but so much joy and delicious bites. A holistic nutrition has pretty much in common with the yoga practice. It's amazing how Yoga and a plant-based diet can change your life and flip 180 if you allow it. During our Yoga Retreat on Bali, we have daily fresh Breakfast with lots of fresh fruits, Juices & smoothie bowls with granola or an overnight oaty served out of a coconut, Avocado toasts and much more. The veggie dinner offers also a huge on different vegetables, green buddha style bowls, Pesto Pastas, smashed avocado and to stay local not missing a Nasi or Mie Goreng if you want to. There will always be options with meat or fish, because it is still up to you and your choice what you put into your sacred temple but during the yoga retreat I suggest to stay veggie, plant-based or even vegan as often as you can :-) From Saturday till Friday you have all that mentioned above except on Tuesday evening, there will be no dinner at our Home SaltyBreeze because of the Daytrip to the sacred water temple and waterfall, therefore we will have lunch or dinner during our Daytrip, that everyone pays for themselves. On the whole, island who can find the best and healthy foodspots for very very very low price. If it's your first time to Bali, you'll think that it is unreal. IT IS kind of dreamy but so damn true :-)

the eco SaltyBreeze Bungalows

Have you been dreaming of far away tropical destinations or not only a destination but a Yogaretreat with eco-friendly nice, cozy, modern and unique rooms? The scent of the sun on your skin and falling asleep to the sound of the waves? If you were wondering, where to find this, you have just found the sweet spot for your Yogaretreat at the South of Bali. Where it always smells like sunshine and the ocean breeze soothes your skin. Introducing the little slice of Paradise, which is carefully and full-heartedly created to sailor all your needs. Salty Breeze is your Home during the Yogaretreat and a haven consisting of 9 unique and individual (such as you are :-)) bungalows on top of the hills of Greenbowls Beach. A magical and private space created especially for adventurers, yogis, friends and families. Even every single plant around this place is carefully chosen and they have been roaming around the island to pick that one, whos suppliers care as much about their product as the salty breeze does. And because they believe #plantsmakepeoplehappy :-)  You can either sleep in a double bed and share it with a friend, mum, loved one, yoga/travel buddy or you can have a bungalow with two separated single beds or just for yourself. The bedrooms are comfortable and cozy, with carefully selected fabrics and funky accessories, a touch of whimsy that creates a loving, homely atmosphere. Every room has its own ensuite bathroom with shower or tube. Together with the outdoor Yogashalla and a Massage space, you have the best conditions to unwind, let the Bali spirit flow in and yoga finds a new meaning. The on-site facilities, like an infinity swimming Pool, Volleyball-Court, huge communal area, gives this Retreat a juicy touch. And now just spoil yourself and have a look :-)

  • 7 Island Days / 6 Nights - accommodation in our Salty Breeze eco Bungalows


  • Daily Yoga practice in the beautiful Yogashala, with Meditation and other Rituals


  • 3 Surf lessons guided by a licensed Surf teacher upon your level 


  • Daily healthy & fresh served Breakfast and 5 Dinners


  • free Water during the whole days. Please use your own refill bottle


  • A purification Daytrip to the water Temple and visiting a Waterfall


  • a 60-minute Massage


  • your own Scooter for the whole week 


  • Yoga Equipment for the yoga Practice


  • housekeeping upon request or every second Day


  • Group pickup from / drop off the Airport



  • Flights


  • no alcoholic drinks 


  • no drinks between breakfast and dinner, of course, you can have snacks and drinks available from 7 am till 22 pm but upon your costs


  • On our Daytrip, you care for your snacks and dinner yourself.


  • no Travel insurance


  • between the morning yoga sessions, surf lessons and evening dinners you have enough time for yourself during this time you pay by yourself for other activities that you want to do


  •  no visa, but if you are less than 30 Days on the island your visa on arrival is for free. More infos here.


TWIN OR SHARED ROOM    *early bird*

  • two single or one double bed & ensuite bathroom -- 990 €

*depending on availability and if you would like to share a bed with a friend or prefer a single bed.

SINGLE ROOM    *early bird*

  • one single or double bed & ensuite bathroom -- 1.500 €

* A deposit of 500€ will be charged upon booking and is non-refundable. The remaining amount must be paid within 3 months before the beginning of the retreat. Payment of the total amount is also possible. More information about the terms and conditions can be found here.

*the early bird price is valid until the end of February, then 200€ will be added.


arrival 13 th September


The Retreat starts at the 13th of September with a get-together and welcome drink around 5 pm. We will get to know each other, I introduce you to our staff and what the next days will look like. We will have a little grounding yoga session, that will keep you back in balance after your arrival trip. We close this Day with a delicious Dinner and let the day pass slowly by with a view over the ocean from our communal area.

departure 19 th September


Your Yoga journey for this time ends at the 19th of September. After a small refreshing yoga session, we will have our last breakfast together before everyone gets a beautiful packed goodie bag, with wonderful things, that will remind you of this magical time and accompany you after this retreat. I promise you will leave the island with an extented horizon not only from the point of view but within yourself.

The Airport in Bali is "Denpasar" Code "DPS". You can reach Bali from all over the World either with non-stop flights or stopovers in "Bangkok" Code "BKK" or "Singapur" Code "SIN" or other Airports.

We advise our guests to allow one to two days prior and after the retreat for their travelling. If you want to sleep before or after the Retreat at our Hotel SaltyBreeze we can arrange this for you, just let us know.

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