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Venus Retrograde - time to detox the venusian virus

Normally we all make a big deal about the thing called "mercury Retrograde" right?! You must have heard of it in the past and if you're following me on instagram you must have heard of this event for sure :-) as I always talk about mercury retrogrades.

This Time its slightly different. It's not the Planet Mercury that stations retrograde its the Planet Venus that makes her move backward. (little side note: a planet never really turns backwards in the universe, all planetary bodies always move forward, but when we talk about retrogrades its more about the appearance and the extreme energy build up that we are experiencing) You can watch this Video or more detailed Infos about Retrogrades.

Now let's talk about the Planet that is all about LOVE, RELATIONSHIP, VALUES & MONEY....

What happens when Venus is doing her thing.

From December, 21 until January 29 Venus is in her Retrograde Phase in the Sign of Capricorn. Normally she spends about 5-6 weeks in a zodiac sign, but this time, because of her move backwards, she is sitting in Capricorn for about 6 months...and this is why its a big deal.

In the next 6 weeks, during her retrograde, we are asked (not very gentle) to work and look deeper on our Love Relationships. Not only between our romantic love but also between our friendships, work relationships, and the relationship we have to our values and money and ourselves.

Is your Relationship of any kind still fulfilling or are you stagnating at this point?

Are they worth hanging onto or if we're better off letting them go?

If you are not sure or you can't have the clear view for this, don't worry, Venus will make that obvious for you ;-)

If there are any suppressed issues Venus will bring them to the surface and she wants us to clear them once and for all.

Think of a DETOX in form the toxic venusian Virus ^^ after we have cleared, cleaned and eliminated we always feel more vital and even more full of love than before.

As difficult as it may feel, express your feelings! Say what you've been holding back. Try to come up with solutions. realize when you've had enough and get closer and realize when to move on.

If the relationship to Love, Relationship is not so much of a big deal this time you might be challenged with the affair to your values, possession, finances and money is where your focus should be over the next 6 weeks....ching ching.

How can you create more financial stability and security in your life?

What are ways you can save more?

Whats a good budget you can stick to ?

What are your believes about money?

All things that brings us personal security in the broadest sense, is of value for us or makes our life comfortable are being tested.

We get asked to overlook this things, does our values have shifted during the last 2 years and have to be reevaluated ?

I think we all are pretty much present right now with what's going on in the world and we can watch and observe the transformation of our values on a global economic level.

Venus wants us to think about what are the values that are most important to us, as our decisions are based on that.

Is it Money, is it Freedom, is it Health, is it Security ?!

This is very different for everyone and super individual.


You can access your birth chart here to look where Venus is in your data chart.

If you want more in-depth information on how this transit will effect you and where you are holding great potential to work with Venus in your own birth chart. Then I am happy to offer you the Venus Reading that I am just launched and only for a limited time period.

The Reading is available until the 29 th. of January when Venus will be out of her Retrograde Phase but I would suggest booking this mini horoscope before that date so you have time and knowledge to transform with Venus.

Venus Reading - mini Horoscope in written form that you'll receive after purchase in a digital form to work with this Venus Retrograde Energy.

As we approach the new year, reevaluating these life areas now could really help you to enter 2022 a bit lighter - freer from restrictions and limitations we've placed on ourselves throughout 2021.

I wish a deep transformative Venus retrograde as it will lead you more towards your souls purpose and will heal you on loving level.


yours Jules, Julia, Georgi


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