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The Total Scorpio Luna eclipse

Happy Full Moon in May 2022, this time the moon shows up as a total luna eclipse at 25* degrees scorpio. Happening on the 15 Th. May, at 9:14 PM PT (pacific time).

This one is gonna be deep, transformative and mystic plus comes with unexpected things and new opportunities as well. We have the full moon happening in the sign of Scorpio while the Sun sits in Taurus conjunct Uranus. Luna eclipses are super charged full moons that occur in a pair with a solar eclipse. So this eclipse continuous the magic of the taurus solar eclipse that we had on April 30. It is also part of a bigger game, a set of seven eclipses taking place on the taurus & scorpio axis from November 2021 to October 2023. Meaning what occurs in this eclipse will continue in the fall when we have another eclipse season on the taurus and scorpio axis and again on May 5th in 2023. So whatever there is being demolished, transformed and released it is a process that you will see unfold up until Mid 2023. Whatever hasn’t been in alignment with your deep soul’s desire and purpose will fall into place now - however this might look like. Trust it.

luna eclipse scorpio full moon

Luna eclipses are also much more emotional charged compared to solar eclipses, as they are more feminine in nature , due to the highlighting effect of the moon, who is the representative for female itself.

A total luna eclipse is a significant chance to create a significant change in your life. And this change may come up very fast, abrupt and out of the blue during a luna eclipse because that’s how they bring you the information about yourself and other you need now. Not all of this is always negative information, I guess why most people tend to warn people about luna eclipses is just the fact because things are gonna change and in a rapid speed and pace, which sometimes can be a shock to the system, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s gonna be bad. Astrology will never ever work like that, of course we have some challenges and face some bad days and traumatic events in life but that’s only because your soul incarnated with this experience for this lifetime at this time. Nothing more or less. In fact these eclipses bring you also inspiration and encouragement to shift your life.

Open yourself up to the information this luna eclipse is revealing and trust that this is landing in your life at the exact moment when you need it. The good news is that whatever happened in the past, luna eclipses move you forward.

While the luna eclipse happening on a specific day, the 15th may, this doesn’t mean that the effect is only available during this time. In fact as I mentioned above, depending which ellipse it is out of the seven set, it’s affect plays out for even months. But the peak of it is mostly felt during 2 days before and 2 days after the luna eclipse is happening. Only so you can detach from energies, emotions, and even people who do not serve your evolution.

When a luna eclipse happens in the sign of scorpio, the most intense and transformative signs of the zodiac, this becomes a time for revelation, change and immense psychological breakthroughs. The energy of this eclipse will affect everyone and it’s energy’s gonna be intense. But what scorpio is teaching us is, that we are the magicians of our own life, we can transform literally everything into something different.

But in order to to this we must stripp our facades and be naked, yet vulnerable. The scorpio full moon asked us to stop in our tracks, let go of distractions and confront our inner reality. Showtime’s over, welcome to the reality show. We can not lie to ourselves and can not be lied to. Our unprocessed emotions come out to heal our suppressed memories. Because of that, people tend to see a scorpio luna eclipse not as something super sweet, because confronting ourselves with the naked truths is not sweet. We are puppets to our unconscious energies, who pull us. When you cut those strings, you take control of your life and your behavior. Follow your emotions without question. Just remember to be kind to others as they are going through the same as well. Channel your emotions through tears, cry if you need to, scream in the woods of a deep forest, punch a pill 100 times if it helps. Do not suppress it but impress your self with it.

Let’s look into the Aspects

Scorpio x Taurus

Moon opposing Sun

The most obvious aspect of the luna eclipse is the opposition between sun and moon. During this luna eclipse we have the moon in the sign of scorpio while the sun sits on the opposite site in the sign of taurus bringing us both energies to work with during this time. Just remember that during a luna eclipse, the earth is in-between the sun and moon that's why the moon can’t absorb the light of the sun as much as usual.

Both energies tho want us to absorb the full present of the moment and ground us into it. Taurus wants us to connect with Nature, while Scorpio wants us to connect with ourselves, reminding us to align with the rhythms of the nature, because we have them also inside of us and therefore the universe, both through different art of resources. Taurus focuses on tangible assets, like a physical space to feel supported, external comforts to sooth, money to buy food for the body or other stimulants. On the other hand is scorpio, who focusses on energetic resources like time to transform, space to feel and courage to travel inward. both of these signs give us tools and acknowledgment for mentioned assets to ground, transform and heal and step into unknown territory. Nothing can live, heal, nourish and exist without the other.

Probably the big 3 themes that scorpio and taurus combine and fusion are related to relationship, self-love and money. If we see us trapped in the more downside of either one of those signs, we have issues facing us related to the 3 topics just mentioned. This eclipse portal, of solar and lunar eclipse gives us the big opportunity for this year to heal our wounds related to money, relationships and see-love. While self-love and worth might be the overall starting point to begin this helloing journey. More tips on that in the medical astrology post.

Neptune sextile to the Sun and Trine to the Moon

Mars sextile to the Sun and trine to the Moon

(beneficial aspects)

Neptune puts a dreamy add on this eclipse, helping us to feel our vision and hold them in our consciousness.

Mars, the traditional ruler of scorpio, puts some fire to this eclipse, reminding us to fell our passion and to fight for it through challenging times. It gives us strength and courage to battle through our fears. So the emphasis on getting in touch with primal inner drives is underscored.

Saturn in a square to the moon and sun.

(not so beneficial)

Square aspects cause tension and friction in our emotional bodies and issues around how your internal world affects the collective. When you choose a path of self-love and evolution you are helping evolve all of society forward to a new, higher realm ox existing and peaceful world.

As the planets of restrictions and commitment we got asked , where we limit ourselves, where are we allowing other to limit our evolutionary growth through outdated restrictions and how is our commitment to our self and nature if we are part of it. What are we willing to stand up for, speak up for, break restrictions for that are part of an outdated, dieing society. Which restrictions can we keep up, that benefit our evolution and personal growth and which one cane we leave in the past ?! This Square with Saturn being in innovative sign of aquarius, we may find ourselves undergoing a trying process that ultimately points us towards innovating new structures that ultimately will provide more security and support as we used to see and feel in the last years and recent months.

Not am Aspect but another sweetness to add

Jupiter entered Aries

So now we have the Planet of Luck and Abundance in go-getter aries. This are the most opportune times to put ahead for big plans and make bold moves and act on your dreams. Through the Challenges, changes , chances and transformation of this luna eclipse you may seem to Bella get in warrior like drive to go after the life YOU actually want.

last but not least and very important is

Venus conjunction with the asteroid Chiron, known as „the wounded healer"

This conjunction takes place in the sign of aries and it activates our individual and collective wounding - which brings a healing process with it as well.

The Themes are again: Relationships, Self-worth, Money.

Medical Astrology

Scorpion rules our hips and pelvis, bladder, urethra, large intestines and bowels. Stands for our genitals, reproductive system, sex, as well as life and death.

Ruled by water and the planet Pluto, this scorpio full moon asks us to confront our deepest emotions. In doing so scorpio and the planet Pluto reminds us that we are true phoenixes that rise out of ashes, but we do not always need to raise we can also just fly. What can we let go of in order to rebirth it in a new way

scorpio luna eclipse medical astrology

and form. We are magicians and healers, artists for ourselves. We can transform any energy, emotion or behavior. We can turn darkness into a bright light, sad tears into happy tears and tension into relaxation. Discharge during this time to let go of old stagma during this full moon. Call your SWEAT TEAM cause this is the topic. Your permission to book your next Spa Day and go to the Sauna. With Uranus playing in the earth sign Taurus, the topic of the YEARS since the binning of 2020 is gonna be amplified again, but now we want to dive deep and whant to have high quality answers because scorpio gonna asks: who am I gonna trust? with so many different answers to more and more questions?The answers is: I trust no one but myself. So making decisions from an aligned, grounded and centered place brings you to actions that resonate and align with your core essence. Scorpio needs to fight for his species because that's what scorpios do.

Ruling the reproductive system as well as our elimination system, we tend to hold on to our emotions and toxins during this mystical time.

Let's remember that scorpio is a fixed water sign, so think of ice cubes, the essence is the DNA. Pluto and Scorpio shape our DNA, and during a luna eclipse our dan can be reformed and reshaped and we can heal our cells and restrict our tissues. How do we get the water fluid and in the state it wants to flow? What ritual serves us best during this eclipse and what remedies can I support my body with? All answers are in this astro medicine Post for you as well as your personal horoscope.

How to work with this Luna Eclipse
Full Moon

So the lunar eclipse takes place at 25* (degrees) scorpio, supercharging this point in the sky. Look into your personal birth chart, those of you, who had a reading with me already have their birthchart with the right settings I use and work with in astrology.

For those, who haven’t got a reading with me yet, I am happy to meet you in one of my astro reading :-)

For now you can also download your birth chart here.

Now, if you have your birthchart, see if you have any planets or cosmic bodies around this degree of scorpio. Look around 25 * Taurus as well and also at the other fixed signs of Leo and aquarius, to see if you have any planets around 25* in this signs. If you do have planets in any of these positions, know that this eclipse will affect you ore intensly than others. Your are evolving at a great speed right now and on the other side awaits a new way of being.

If you don’t have planets in these positions, know that the eclipse will also affect you. It will affect everyone on the planet whether you can view it, believe it or not.

Read your personal horoscope here to know where and how this luna eclipse is affecting you most and what you are allowed to let go of.

scorpio luna eclipse Vollmond im skorpion horoscopes

During this times may we embrace a sense of trust, in ourselves and the rhythm of life, that allows us to grow, and to surrender into the intelligence of life itself. May we experience support in all natural forms that allow us to heal, blossom and evolve to remember the essence of who we truly are.




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