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The Most Optimistic Sagittarius New Moon of 2022

The new moon that falls on November 23, 2022 at 23:57 and 01°37 ‘ degrees of Sagittarius is calling on you to stop playing small after a very intense, dramatic, and slightly chaotic Scorpio season.

How the sagittarius new moon affects you personally

A number of factors come together at this New Moon to make it the biggest manifestation event of the year. On the one hand it is the first new moon after the eclipse season and so we have been able to use the moon energy again for a long time and on the other, the sign of Sagittarius itself stands for the biggest and most optimistic outlook and manifestation on life and it’s ruling planet Jupiter is also doing us a favor at this new moon day. The first new moon after the eclipse season has enabled us for a long time to draw on the lunar energy to realize our desires. Especially since it takes place in the sign of the zodiac with the greatest power of manifestation: Sagittarius. The sign represents abundance, trust, faith and happiness. The Sagittarius energy supports us in the search for meaning and ideals, in expanding our horizons and in the awareness of the magic in our everyday life.

With this new moon we are also kicking off the Sagittarius season 2022 that comes as a blessed relief to many after the intensity of eclipse season. As winter rolls in(for the northern hemisphere), this time lights a fire under our feet and motivates us into our purpose.

The last weeks created chaos in the emotional realms for some of us. However, what has risen out of its manic mists is powerful rebirth and renewal. If you played your cards right during Scorpio season 2022 and its eclipses and let go of the old versions of yourself, accepted the endings, and focused on self-care, you'll be ready to grasp the fiery bow and arrow of this new moon and push forward like a warrior.

It's an activating time to step into purpose, passion, and new versions of yourself. It's time to get your body moving and feel energized. Sagittarius, which is the Latin word for ‘archer’ is the zodiacal archetype for the searcher of truth. A true bohemian, the archer wanders the earth on a quest for a higher vision. The Sagittarian pursuit of meaning pulls them into all realms - mental, physical, and spiritual. The deeply philosophical nature of the Sagittarian archetype fuels the zones of inspiration, purpose, and freedom. Sagittarius is a fire sign, therefore the spheres of ignition and action are key in a purposeful process.

And also as a mutable sign ruled by the planet Jupiter, Sagittarius sizzles with the energy of flexibility, restlessness and going-with-the-flow. Sagi’s ruling planet Jupiter embodies all things expansive.

It’s a, "go big or go home," type of energy!

This sagittarius new moon will be activating you into a new and improved version of yourself! And it's the perfect time to embrace the new season with setting intentions around stepping into a new chapter of self-discovery.

For Sagittariams the Glas is always full rather than empty, it’s the most optimistic sign of the zodiac. Sagittarius is associated with the lucky boy because of it’s ruling planet Jupiter, who brings expansion, growth, optimism and faith. Luckily for us all, the mood has now instantly shifted to a much lighter, jovial, and fun tone, as we welcome this new moon and season.

Sagittarius is about being open to experimentation and changes even if those plot twists weren’t part of your original vision. Sagittarius energy calls on us to keep navigating through by calling on our inner reserves of strength and bravado – if not us, then who? If not now, then when? This is about having an adventure and living to tell the tale – whether it’s an epic love story or a funny anecdote you get to share while having a pint with your pals – you need to live life and experience it to its fullest. Don’t count yourself or anyone out - and never take life, yourself, or anyone else too seriously. Instead, find the joy and even the humor in your situation while setting in your intentions and then go after it with everything you’ve got.

With this free-spirited adventure, optimism, hope, belief, and the power of positive thinking we got a dose of pre Christmas present here. With so many planets in this dynamic fire sign, including loveable Venus and chatterbox Mercury, the New Moon November 2022 signals that the stars are calling on us to open our hearts, open our lines of communication, and open our minds to the limitless possibilities available to us if we just believe that they’re possible. A New Moon is always about feeling our way in the dark with a bit of faith and belief in ourselves, and when the New Moon takes place in Sagittarius, it’s doubly so.


We have a good vibe new moon here with sagittarius but the fact that two other planets are also in this most optimistic, far reaching and jovial and fun tone sign are a real gift. Plus a super helpful trine from the moon to the ruler of this sag new moon and ruler of the year - Jupiter.

Mercury & Venus

both are sitting right next to the moon and highlighting the vibe of lighter feelings and leaving heavy weights and burdens behind. Expect more enlightened conversations that believe in the ultimate good in all people and planet. Our thoughts and mind become more forward going now and reaching our biggest dreams and goals seems to be a daily business leaving limiting beliefs behind us for real now. Expanding our horizons with new insights and education in all kind of forms is offered and supported at this time around.

Deep healing of our hearts and solving relationship issues is at highest possibility at this time and looking for the best solutions for all and everyone involved is what we are up to.


He is the charming, lucky, boy the biggest planet in our solar system so there is no question we’re feeling his present and actions. The year 2022, associated as the year of Jupiter has almost reached an end and Jupiter wanders in one of his home signs. Jupiter rules (in tradition systems) pisces and sagittarius and therefore has a special meaning at this specific new moon. On the same day the new moon occurs, the planet Jupiter of grows and expansion moves direct again after being retrograde for a while. Whenever a planet stations -meaning changes directness either going into retrograde or moving forward again- the energy is intensified and more present. In other words, we are here for the bid deal. No more belittling of ourselves, our dreams, goals and life. With your good intentions and manifestations not only for yourself but for the good of humanity and Mother Nature you’re invited to go after all what you want now.

draw the bow and aim at your goal

All in all this is a very helpful new moon energy much needed after intense eclipse season. But since everything comes in cycles, the moon, nature, life, we are working or should work also with the cycles of astrology and the zodiac here. What we learned from scorpio season can now be transformed into our higher goals. We can see a spiritual movement on a global scale and this new moon brings different belief system more in our consciousness. You will also feel that your projects, work, or other things are now moving forward and everything gets easier. Not saying t's a sure-fire success and things don't happen without us having to do something, because we still have Mars Retrograde but things do get lighter.

Medica Astrology

As plato ones said:

“For this is the great error of our day in the treatment of the human body, that physicians first separate the soul from the body.” —Plato

sagittarius new moon medical astrology health horoscope

Medical astrology is a branch of astrology that associates parts of the body (as well as diseases and treatments) with the nature of the sun, planets, and the 12 astrological signs. With ancient roots in India, China, Egypt, Greece and medieval Europe, the art of linking the cosmos with the human body—and the medicines and plants that treat it—is at least 5,000 years old.

The dark phase of the moon, of the year and of any part of any cycle was seen for thousands of years to be a part of the healing process. When we have a new moon, we go more inward and have better access to our intuition and subconsciousness. New moons are here for us to reset, breath out and get ready for a new luna cycle with new opportunities each and every day.

Sagittarius rules over our liver and neuromuscular system, it represents our bum, tights, hips, coordination, sciatic nerve and as a fire sign literally gets us into motion. This sign stands for our motivation in life and for life and moves us around on the land as well as on an internal level and broadens our horizons. This sagittarius new moon pairs up with two other planets - mercury and Venus- and makes an aspect to its ruling planet - Jupiter.

This marks an overall nice - like very nice new moon in general from a „normal“ astrological perspective, but

from a medical point of view this is a mutable, Jupiter alert.

This means that there is a potential for overdoing it. specially with Venus here take caution with all things sweet and having this in an excessive way. I know it’s only 4 weeks left until Christmas and no one wants to hear to cut off some sweets with all this smelling seductions, but I am not here to tell you want you want ;-) but want is best from the current astrological perspective.

This includes blood cholesterol, arterial surges, fluid overflow (I don’t mind having glass of wine now and then for some people but right now is no good time for alcohol), our lower spinal nervess - sciatic and hips.

Unless like a typical new moon you might feel the urge to move, flee, run or even party. With all that is o problem, just don’t overdo it as this is what we tend to right now. This new moon also invites us to indulge in all the goodness, sweetness and fun thing in life but only if we know how to relay handle it. Most of us, who read this, life in a society where we have everything - from consumption- in front our doorsteps that we want. We don’t only have everything, we have it in so many varieties that we can't even make conscious decisions anymore and life in an overflow society. We have to learn how and when to stop questioning the real reason and purpose of something and become more conscious again. A society that lives in excess isn’t the most healthiest.


As I mentioned this is a good day/time to cut off and limit all things sweet and alcohol. Other foods that are helpful and if consumed unfold their strengths perfect right now are:








Herbs & Supps



nettle and dandelion - for cleansing




Bach Flower Essence


Communicate Openly. The Agrimony Bach® flower remedy encourages the positive potential to open up, as well as communicate your real feelings. For those who hide a mountain of thoughts and inner turmoil behind their smile. Leave emotional discomfort in the past, face your emotion freely.


Take 2 drops in mouth or in water, sip at intervals. Repeat as needed.

Schueßler Cell Salt

Nr. 11 silica

The mineral salt of hair, skin and connective tissue

Occurrence in the body: Silicea is considered the mineral salt of beauty. It strengthens the connective tissue and is important for the growth of skin, hair and nails. Silicea (silicic acid) is indispensable for the body as a component of the connective tissue. Silicea is involved in building tissue structures

Application & dosage

Adults and adolescents over 12 years: Take 1 tablet 1 to 3 times a day. Once you get better, you should reduce the frequency of use.


Aventurine - Mantra: I am lucky.

Turquoise - Mantra: I am protected by my wisdom.


Own your dreams and write them down - in small action steps, beliefe in them and speak as if it’s already happened and move your body

of course Manifest!!!

How the Sagittarius New Moon affects you by your rising sign aka ascendant.

how the sagittarius new moon affects you astrology horoscopes

Listen to the Moonmedicine Podcast Episode for this Sagittarius New Moon on the Holi Hub Podcast
(German Version)
all explained very well in German

If you want to work more with Astrology or you would like to deal more with the philosophy and science of the planets in order to get to know yourself and your life purpose better, then I cordially invite you to my Astro Readings. You can choose between different Readings according your needs and desires. I offer in-depth detailed version like „Your whole Blueprint Birthchart“ and your Astro Health Reading.

If you feel and hear the call to start this new moon and new circle with more aligned astro informations about yourself than I can’t wait to see you in person or via zoom.

xx happy new moon xx

This post provides general information and discussion on health and related topics. The information and other content provided on this post or in linked materials is not intended and should not be construed as medical advice or supplementation, nor is the information a substitute for professional medical expertise or treatment.


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