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The Libra Super Full Moon is here

With the full moon in Libra, happening on the 16/17th of April (the moon will appear bright from Friday to Monday), squared with Pluto, the name of the game is rebirth your relationship, fairness & balance. What better time to be reborn into a more balanced mood than these early days of spring/autum.

everything you need to know snout the libra full moon

The first full moon of the astrological new year is here and it’s a super moon. What's a super Moon ? meaning it's a bit closer to Earth than usual, making it appear bigger and brighter.

We are still fresh off the vibes of the week’s earlier Jupiter Neptune Conjunction, so it’s time to drop those rose-colored glasses and discover that balance. Are you feeling ready for some revelations and truth, fairness?

Every full moon illuminates our shadow side and this time the libra full moon puts the spot on our closest relationships, this could be your partner, friends, family, business partner.

Funny enough, the moments when the moon is brightest in the sky are the same moments when the sun is completely opposite of her, creating space for her to be seen. They are in perfect harmony, balanced, aligned and shining their brightest, reminding us of the ways we must find balance in our lives where all parts of us can shine.

With this pinki libra full moon we will be urged to reevaluate our lives as feedback and information we need to proceed is revealed to us. You see, full moons are all about culmination, revolution and epiphanies. If you think about it, just like the adage, “as above, so below,” above the moon shines in her fullness no part of her hidden. Below, just as she’s revealed in her brilliance, so are the messages we need to evolve.

Libra Moon x Aries Sun

The sun is positioned in headstrong, me-focused, fiery Aries, which invites us to go after our needs, assert our desires and launch headfirst into our ideas. The moon lingers in intellectual, compromise-focused, balanced Libra, asking us to see all sides of all circumstances and find the beauty and balance in life. This full moon will literally light up your inner fire. It’ll make us feel fired-up in getting things done. Amplifying the go-getter attitude from the fiery ram to achieve our dreams. This comes from serious craving for more peace, balance and love in our life that is the motivation for our action right now. At odds, as they are with this Full Moon in Libra, we are given the opportunity to learn how to improve our relationships through compromise and compassion while simultaneously honoring our own individual truth. Yes, it’s kind of a balancing act. With that craving for peace also comes an overall feeling of confidence that things are going to turn out A-OK. Sure, you’ll have some bad moments here and there, but you know what you want out of life, so keep reminding yourself that there’s zero reason why you won’t get it if you try your hardest.

Because we are talking about the year of revelation and revolution I want to add the note here due to the Mars, from aries - Venus, from libra, ruled full moon and the fact that this full moon is all about balance in truth, fairness, relationships on a personal as well as global scale, we could see some truth coming out related to feminine abuse and sexual activities. Because Venus rules the feminine genitals. Venus is the feminine, Mars is the masculine.

libra full moon and what you need to know

The main aspect that steers my eyes is the square to planet Pluto. Not only because Pluto is the planet of transformation, rebirth and changes things for 180 degree, but also because a square aspect is one of the most energy loaded aspect that we can have in astrology.

Pluto is looking at rebirth, and Libra is all about truth and balance, so what is trying to be transformed within your life? A full moon itself is full of energy, we can see this in peoples behaviors, hospitals are always more crowded around a full moon, animals go crazy and kids become more lunatic, emotions run high. Paired with a square, well let's say it’s even more intense and with a super moon also known to be more energetically potent..... let’s see what happens ;-)

Pluto will square the Full Moon in Libra, Saturn will trine it and Neptune and Jupiter will quincunx it. It will be a time of adjustment for all of us. Pluto in square to the full moon urges for an adjustment to how you experience, perform and use power.

With the libra full moon things that aren't working for us are going to come to light for sure, so we can transform through them and become more aligned with our path and where we're going.

Where new moons are about setting intentions and starting fresh, full moons are about releasing what isn't working for us. And since this is the first full moon of spring (or vic versa), and the moon is squared with Pluto, it's the perfect time to let go of any lingering winter energy you're still feeling and make room for rebirth.

With rebirth and transformation in mind, becoming aware of where you might be wearing rose-colored glasses in relationships, friendships, your workplace—whatever it may be. Set aside some time this weekend to get clear on where you're kidding yourself and what your heart is really asking for.

You can journal around this questions, pull tarot cards, watch out for angel numbers and their meaning and ask yourself:

  • what do I need to let go off in order to see the full clear picture, person, situation?

  • where do I see too much through my rose-colored-classes in order to be realistic?

  • where in which area of my life do I need to focus more on balance in order to achieve my goals or dreams?

  • Do I currently act more like a giver or receiver, is it one sided?

  • in which part of my body do I feel the imbalance most? How can I realign and balance this part of my body.

Moon Horoscopes

As this full moon is so much about relationships and libra tends to be a people pleaser, read your moon sign to know what you need in a relationship in order to feel whole, aligned and fulfilled.

Why based on the moon sign?

Knowing what your moon really needs is key to understand why your relationship either flows or flops. You must meet your own emotional needs first, before you can be in a harmonious relationship with others.

Aries Moon:

You are fiercely independent and seek the freedom to follow your heart at any cost. In a relationship you need someone who has the same passion for life and shares your love of adventure. Although you require time alone. It is best for you to have self- assured partners who give you the freedom while persuing their own goals.

Taurus Moon:

You need peace and steadiness in your inner and outer worlds.Your emotions are soothed by nature and you need to connect with your sensory emotions to feel the world around you. You need someone who understands your need for stability and respects your comfort zones.

Gemini Moon:

You need and feel to be understood, literally. You share your feelings with the world. Sometimes you share too much before you know what it is you feel. Your love language is speech and you nee in depth conversations with your partner. Mostly someone who listens to your words and is not annoye. A good listener is everything.

Cancer Moon:

You more than any other sign needs and has feelings. You need to get in touch with your intuition and feel aligned with in in order to leave the confines of your shell. You are best with partners who respect your need to feel and are willing to ride the wave of emotions with you.

Leo Moon:

You are the attention seeker, the lion king and need to roar your roars. You need someone who encourages you to go on stage and supports your expression. Your partner needs to make you feel like the queen or king you are. You need the freedom to express yourself, whether it be dancing, acting or through your profession. The reward for this admiration is your loyal heart.

Virgo Moon:

You thrive when you are of service. You love to do things for others and need people who appreciate you. You do best with partners who are organized and can look after themselves when it comes to tidiness ;-)

Someone who knows how to push the laundromat button. In your best you are a true healer for yourself and others. the only thing to be aware of and should be under control is the perfectionist that comes out now and then. It's good to have someone who does the details just don’t overdo it.

Libra Moon:

Harmony is your biggest need and you would do everything for the other in order to hold that peace. Don’t loose yourself in the other. You do best with a partner who gives you the feeling that your needs and treat you like an equal with your own wants and needs. Someone who inspires you to follow your heart and passion is a true soulmate for you. You also need to co-create with your environment and living rooms and you have a love for beautiful things more than anyone else. Find someone who finds the perfect shade of grey and knows that interior is a form of meditation for you.

Scorpio Moon:

Your are the deepest of the signs that ever exists. Before any external relationships can exist and thrive you need to bond with your self. You need to understand you inner working first before you ever let the high walls down for others. You do best with a partner that you can run deep in conversations with all the secrets as well as emotional mystery. You may be the sign that has the hardest time to recover from a betrayal which can cause into trusting issues. You need someone who are willing to look at their shadows and grow together. if you feel the security you bond forever and are a true captain of the relationShip.

Sagittarius Moon:

You need to roam wherever you heart desires as well as freedom and someone you can LOL and steel horses with. You do best with someone who has a positive attitude towards life and situations as you have. Someone who understands your great humor and can keep up with your wanderlust is a perfect match.

Capricorn Moon:

You need security and of all signs your career plays the biggest role in your emotions. Although you like to relax and eat your meal you also want to make sure that you can have whatever you want and therefore you need to feel fulfilled through work that makes you feel useful. Find or have someone who appreciate your love for work and celebrates your trophies.

Aquarius Moon:

You do not allow society to define your way and same goes for relationships. You need a partner who understands your big vision and to dance to your own rythm. You do best when you have someone who can keep up with your intelligence and quick mind and who stand in their own truth and work for each other.

Pisces Moon:

You feel everything including the emotions of those around you. You need someone who understand syou sensivity and that you are a highly emotional being who operates from feelings rather than logic. You also do best with partners who nourish your imagination and creativity. You need a partner who can meet you on soul level and you can dive deeper into your consciousness with. Someone who gives you the feeling that allows to express your emotions without fear is best.

Medical Astrology

On each and every Full Moon the sunlight is reflected by the moon in it's brightest form. Putting some Spotlight on the area of our life where we are allowed to look deeper and release blockages while and with the wanning moon phase after it’s peak

One the one hand we have the aries energy, which rules the head , skin, brain, blood, senses, muscles and is ruled by the planet mars. When mars is involved it always comes with inflammatory kind of energy. Let’s remember that inflammation is actually a good sign, your body is showing you what’s wrong and your cells and immune system is working hard to protect other parts of your body. But the fire also needs to be controlled and extinguished as a chronic state of inflammation in the body can lead to cancer, which can be prevented with the right diet according to one’s individual birth chart.

The other part of the scale here is libra itself, which stands for ovaries, thyroid, kidneys and urinary system and is ruled by all things lymphatic Venus. Swollen lymphatic knots? Can be a side effect of inflammation in the body (mars ailments mentioned above) can be a typical aspects of a libra/aries moon constellation. Again, the body showing here that the system is not running smoothly and a deeper look at thyroid issues, kidneys and the whole urinary system is needed.

If you want to have more clarity, help and guidance with your health?! Please feel free to book a free 15 min call with me to get a short overview about what’s specifically happening for you regarding your birth chart and to see if I am the right practitioner for you.

Food & Herbs:

First things first, Water, as most of you are going into spring and summer soon, still 80 % of people are chronically dehydrated. That means, no sorry, Softdrinks, milky smoothies and apple cider vinegar do actually nothing to hydrate your cells and to strike off unwanted and excessive fire.

  • Water, best cased purified

  • pure aloe vera juice

  • coconut water and

  • cucumber juice

are the 4 best sources to hydrate your body and cells with.

Add spinach, berries, raisins, cranberries, tomatoes, beetroot, leek and lemon to your shopping list.

Ginseng, yarrow, verbena, rosehips are herbs that are very beneficial for this full moon, add green tea if you need some caffeine. *If you do teas, please try to use always loose tea as it has more benefits and less additives*


Schuessler Tissue Cell Salt:

  • No. 5 Potassium (Kalium) Phosphate

  • No. 9 Natrium (Sodium) Phosphate

The water-distributing cell salt, helps the body balance and better distribute its fluids. Tissue Salts are homoeopathically prepared minerals that stimulate cell metabolism. Common mineral tablets such as magnesium or calcium have similar properties, but they simply fill up the body’s mineral reserves. Tissue Salts do not need to be broken down in the digestive tract before being assimilated, which allows them to be extremely effective

Bachflower Essence

Impatience & Scleranthus

According to the Bach Centre, when used as a flower essence, impatiens is “the remedy for impatience and the frustration and irritability that often go with it.” Impatience can be a temporary state of mind; like when you're waiting in a long line for your morning almond Cup.

Lack of certainty and decisiveness ? Scleranthus is a natural flower remedy designed for those who suffer much from being unable to decide between two things, first one seeming right then the other, unable to make up their mind.

Dr Bach’s description

"For those who in health or illness like to be alone. Very quiet people (Aquarians often do NOT to be loud because they are so committed to their vision they just DO it) , who move about without noise, speak little, and then gently. Very independent, capable and self-reliant. Almost free of the opinions of others. They are aloof, leave people alone and go their own way. Often clever and talented. Their peace and calmness is a blessing to those around them"

Moon Water

Before we’re heading into eclipse season this pink libra moon is a very good moon to create your own moon water.

You can use an empty Jar fill it with (filtered) drinking water, you can add rose quartz, lapis lazuli, amethyst as well as edible flowers, close the lid and put it outside over night and let it be charged by the energy of this full moon. to fill your cups with balance.

Remove the flowers and Chrystals and you can drink it in the next morning, or use it with your shower

Libra Ritual

As Libra is an air sign, practice a breathwork exercise.

the best ritual for the libra full moon
libra full moon ritual

Libra is also the zodiac sign associated with the image of scales. Representing balance, and harmony, Libra energy can be harnessed to restore inner peace. In this mini ritual, you will combine the fire of Aries season, with Libra's expressive energy to communicate our hopes and wishes for the future. Light a candle. Divide a blank piece of paper into two sides. At the top of one side, write down "Release", and on the other side, write "Invite".

Under "Release", answer the following questions.

1) What beliefs are limiting your growth?

2) What habits & practices are hindering you?

3) What are you ready to let go of?

Under "Invite", answer the following questions.

1) What would you like to welcome into your life?

2) Where can you dedicate more of your attention in order to instill a greater sense of balance?

3) What do your body, mind, and soul need in order to feel aligned with your intentions?

Once finished, cut the paper down the middle so you're left with two, independent sides. Using the candle's flame, light one corner of the "Release" page and place it in a fire-safe dish to burn. Fold up the "Invite" paper and, while holding it in your hands, close your eyes and imagine a bright light streaming from you into the paper. Hold it to your mouth and lend it some Libra air by blowing on it, as if you were making a wish and blowing out birthday candles. Now, you may either burn this paper also, or you could tear it up and release it to the wind outdoors, or you could practice some springtime magick and plant it in your garden or in the soil of one of your houseplants. Get creative!

If you want to include journaling and manifesting in your daily routine grab your journal book here.

That’s it for now my love, but I have the most exciting announcement waiting in the pipeline to reach your stay tuned and watch your e-mail inbox.

If you are not on the stars letter, better act now and hop on here

Until then, enjoy crushing your goals. You've got this and happy full moon blessings




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