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The Aquarius Full Moon in 2022 shakes up the Universe

find out what that means for you when the full moon occurs at 19 degrees in the air sign Aquarius on the 12 th of August.

Here is what the aquarius Full Moon is all about

The moon rules the emotional self in our horoscope and represents the archetype of the primal mother as well as the hidden and spiritual self in the tarot. At new moon, the focus is on introversion and calm. A full moon, on the other hand, emphasizes extroversion and personal power. It therefore also stands for growth and for the development of our potential. The full moon phase is a time of completion, when we can look back on our successes or failures of the past month.

Aquarius is an individualistic and freedom-loving zodiac sign. In combination with the full moon, it can awaken in us the need for emotional freedom. In that case, take more space and time for yourself without a guilty conscience. You may also tend to make radical decisions. The Aquarius full moon makes it clear that changes are necessary and part of life and gives you the strength to carry them out. Care should only be taken to act from mature consideration and innermost conviction.

In conjunction with the full moon, it awakens the desire for justice. This Full Moon has a wonderful purpose on it’s own and is an exhilarated evolution for humanity. We are taking quantum umps in our frequency and Energy right now with Uranus sitting right next to the collective north node in the sign of taurus, for only, health, wealth and earth.

Since talking about earth, the grain harvest takes place in August, the full moon was also given the name "harvest moon“ by the way.

If you've been more concerned with the material and practical things so far in 2022, August's Aquarius full moon is your sign to reconnect with your spiritual side. Which spiritual teacher has always inspired you? Additionally, Aquarius energy drives us to make big relationship decisions—that is, either move closer together or let go. At the full moon on August 11/12 th, Venus arrives in Leo - you have the strength to lovingly tackle all changes.

The August Full Moon 2022 is in Aquarius and is a reminder that, as the saying goes, if we do the same things over and over again, we can expect the same results. So, it’s also true that if we do something out of the ordinary, something that breaks us out of the status quo, we make room for the Universe to surprise us with something that’s different.

The fact is: the world needs you back in your strength. More than ever.
the aquarius full moon for August 2022

You have special qualities to make this earth a little bit better - like everyone of us has. Perhaps you have already explored these at the new moon in Leo. Now it's time to find out which limiting beliefs you still have inside you that prevent you from going out into the world with confidence.

Ask yourself two things in particular about this Full Moon in Aquarius:

  • Why don't you allow yourself to shine with your vision and qualities?

  • What limits you to going out with your abilities and what are your fears and worries about your/our future?

  • What is your contribution and how can you connect it to your visions?

  • How can you strengthen your ego to shine in the collective?

  • In which areas of your life is it time to break out, let go and free yourself in order to follow your individual path in a self-determined manner?

Shake up the Universe - that's the invitation of this intense and action-packed Full Moon in Aquarius.

Drama, of course, is just what you'd expect from a Full Moon during Leo Season 2022 and this one falls within touching distance of the huge cosmic event that is The Lion's Gate Portal opening. So you'd better get your Lion's Gate Portal manifestations ready as well!

With only one planet in one of the water signs and all the rest in air signs, fire signs, and earth signs at this time, we can expect intense mindset shifts, dramatic action, and some foundation rattling to occur as these planetary energies combine on this fateful day. Fate is indeed a keyword for the Full Moon August 2022, as the major planetary players of this Full Moon mirror the seismic eclipses we experienced in November 2021 and April and May of 2022. Think back to those time periods and if you experienced any major shifts - either new beginnings or final endings – as this Full Moon could bring up those same plotlines, themes, and possibly, even same appearances from previous players.


First of all as always every new or full moon yes even every day gets shaped by the aspects the different planets and celestial bodies make to each other. Sometimes we have more challenging days even months due to harder aspects that play out and other days seem to be more flowing and enjoyable because of smoother and nicer aspects. This aquarius full moon definitely brings some shake ups with it which can actually be a good thing.

The ruler of aquarius and therefore of this full moon is Saturn, well actually there are two planets that rule aquarius and those two could not be of any more different. The first is Saturn, known for its prominent ring, that marks him as the second biggest planet in the solar system, consisting mostly of ice particles, that’s why saturn got his coldness from and is the planet of restrictions, rules and boundaries. This can bring structure and meaning to our world around us and reminds us of our responsibility and commitments but also creating our own inner authority.

On the other hand is Uranus the ice breaker, the one who breaks the rules, shakes things uptimes and is known for the planet of freedom and revolutionary vision - he symbolizes the freedom from the known.

Now that we know these two planets, we can aspect what happens when the moon in aquarius creates a conjunction with Saturn, an opposition with the sun and this all creates an intense square to Uranus.

:-D what the actual heck ^^

All that means is that as this Full Moon peaks, we could experience an intense sense of letting go of a heavy weight or burden - possibly in an very interruptive, unexpected way – or rattled when a support system we previously relied on is no longer readily available to us, leading to great change.

The Mars Transit triggers the eclipse that happened on May 15th total lunar eclipse, so back revers to the time around that eclipse and observe the similarities and repeating lessons.

So as this Aquarius Moon shifts the collective consciousness towards community and collaboration, remember that as a stargazer, you have a cosmic clue from the stars themselves about what their highest hopes for you, for us are. Envision a world where people come together to their ideas, technology, and resources, to individually improve the personal lives of as many as we can.

Medical Astrology

Medical astrology is a branch of astrology that associates parts of the body (as well as diseases and treatments) with the nature of the sun, planets, and the 12 astrological signs. With ancient roots in India, China, Egypt, Greece and medieval Europe, the art of linking the cosmos with the human body—and the medicines and plants that treat it—is at least 5,000 years old.

As plato ones said:

“For this is the great error of our day in the treatment of the human body, that physicians first separate the soul fromthe body.” —Plato

Health Report for the aquarius full moon august 2022

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xx happy new moon blessings xx

and nurture yourself with what brings you joy and expression of your soul.


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