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Super Full Moon in Sagittarius

Updated: Jun 15, 2022

just do it! self-actualization, broadening the horizon, passionate dreams and hips don’t lie.

Look at the sky, my moonchild! The moon is full and fat and bigger than usual, indeed once a year, when the moon is closest to the earth, it's a supermoon - and that's exactly what we can see on June 14, 2022 at 1:51 p.m. (german time) By the way, the full moon in June is called strawberry moon because the North American Native American tribe of the Agonquin called it that because the strawberries ripen at this time in June. This lunation is also a super moon. Super moons happen when the full moon is closer to the the earth than usual, appearing even closer with the naked eye and of course we feel it more in our bodies as well.

full moon in sagittarius everything you need to know

This full moon is in Sagittarius, so the good news comes first: there is no bad news! The Supermoon brings us all positive influence and just what we need after the past few weeks of Mercury retrograde and eclipses. Wellthere still is one thing that requires this postitive vibe to fully land on you this full moon and it’the monthly routine to let go with the full moon. We definitely need to let go but Sagittarius is known for their generosity, love of adventure, idealism and optimism. Everything will be fine, he thinks, and his ruling planet, golden boy Jupiter, ensures that luck keeps flying and confirms this motto in life.

But Sagittarius is not driven by blind optimism - rather an innate, higher knowledge that everything has a purpose and that even difficult moments are an important part of the journey.

Sagittarius is said to be hard to pin down, starting 99 projects at a time, never finishing one, and zipping from one thing (or people) to the next. But he just loves being free, hates rules and constraints, has a problem with authorities and the motto "We've always done it that way". He doesn't think in boxes. Now is exactly the right time to build your own drawers and to reconsider what you really want.

What makes you happy?

The to-do list can wait a moment, the questions: "Why am I here?" and "What makes me happy?" rather not. You don't have to find an answer to everything at once, although - and this is the most beautiful gift of this full moon - it might appear to you. Listen to your inner voice. Above all, listen to clear, precise sentences that come to mind. Unlogical Solutions are so typically for this lunation.

This full moon is super illuminating while being precise. Listen to your inner voice.

What are the top three things she wants to tell you?

New opportunities and paths may open up, and things (or people) may pop up and emerge that you would never have considered for yourself. Sagittarius wants you to be open to everything.

Who knows what new journey this may begin?!

The Moon (emotional self, feeling, feminine, unconscious) and the Sun (spiritual self, mind, yang, consciousness) When the moon is in Sagittarius, it is easier to dedicate yourself to your tasks with creative enthusiasm. Written activities, or oral presentations and discussions, are now very good options - especially if you want to convince the other person of your thoughts/ideas/visions.

Since the sun is currently in the air sign Gemini, which represents curiosity, sociability and communication, this will be possible with a lot of enthusiasm and self-confidence.

It is important not to assume the role of “preacher” or even “know-it-all attitude”. Because sometimes the Sagittarius energy can be instructive or missionary. In this phase of the moon, thanks to the Gemini Sun, there is an opportunity to convince other people of your own personal thoughts, but without "teaching" them.

* In which areas of my life do I wish I had more courage for a change?

* What does happiness mean to me?

* In which areas of life can I confidently dare to break new ground?

Each full moon phase thus offers a chance to get rid of negative energies, i.g. Disconnect from troublesome thoughts, feelings, behaviors, habits, and routines, as well as from toxic people and relationships. This entails healing, because through this "tidying up" and closing with the past, life energy can be harmonized again.

The two Aspects


Saturn in aquarius makes more positive aspects to the sun and moon this day. So ask yourself how can committing to your goals and path help others and the collective as well and by doing this help raise the vibration of the planet. When you break though your fears to life your authentic self and truth, the whole world benefits.


Neptune in Pisces makes a more challenging aspect on this full moon to the sun and moon, governs illusions and dreams. This can cause some blurry unclear visions of the future, leading us back into our fearful thoughts and concerns. It’s important to confront ourselves with the question where are fearful visions take over our live and stop us to go on. We must break through them this time.

How have you let fear interfere with your life and visions why and where is this coming from?

Redirect your energy and visions to the best case scenarios.

Astro Medicine

There’s truth to that Shakira song—hips don’t lie! In fact, they wind up being the energetic storehouse for our emotions and our deepest vulnerabilities. When we experience fear or trauma, we naturally clench the pelvic region. The trouble is, we can also forget to relax and release this area of our bodies, which can remain tightly bound, even for years.

Honest, high-minded Sagittarius is associated with the hips—the area of the body that houses our second, or sacral, chakra. This chakra is the energy center for our emotions, sexuality and our intuition. There’s good reason to loosen up this area of the body. It keeps us in the flow with our feelings and in touch with our truths.

On a physical level, healthy hips also ground core strength and help with posture and essential for us in order to move forward and that’s what sagittarius is all about- the movement.

On a full moon we always work with both energies, the sun’s and the one from the moon. Both energies are highlighted as the sun shines the light on the moon and both are illuminated. While the sun is in gemini, that rules our senses, nervous system and mind the moon sits in sagittarius ruling over our liver, neuromuscular system, hips and thighs. Sagittarius is also responsible for the psoas, the muscle that runs from the mid-spine to the front of the hips, literally helping us to move forward. Psoas is also called the muscle of our soul. Often when we feel pain in our lower back area, hips and have problems with the sciatic nerve it comes from a fear towards life or change. The ruling planet of this full moon is Jupiter and as I mentioned previous times now Jupiter is all about abundance but expands everything. He is a plethoric energy currently in fiery, inflamatory aries. Inflammation allert. The Moon in general is nutritive, meaning ruling over our breasts, digestion, fertility, emotions, stimulates our psychic ability and healing. This Full Moon is also a super moon, meaning it is closer to the earth than usual, therefore impacting us on a deeper level. These themes can be more active now and you might feel your breasts and overll body more swollen, the emotions very stimulating and maybe your period starts even earlier. No full moon is the same as the aspects are always different, so with this one and Saturn being retrograde in aquarius gives this all a very spasmotic touch dressing chronic issues. Specially spasmodic issues around the face. This Full Moon is a good opportunity to pay closer attention to your hips, face, stimulating your lymphatic system, take care of your liver, with supporting bitter herbs. Our organs not only feel our emotions, thoughts and worries in they are showing the issues very clearly. Calming the nervous system during gemini season is still the key.


  • oats

  • asparagus

  • figs

  • cucumber

  • raisins/cranberries

  • cherries

  • apples

  • leeks

  • prune

Herbs & Supps

  • dandelion

  • nettle

  • calendula

  • lemon balm

  • sage

  • horsetail

  • Zinc

  • Magnesium

  • Omega 3

I highly recommend the supplements from vimergy and the glow lab. I have tested several different brands over the last 10 years as a holistic nutritionist and there is really not good in every product and definitely no effect with every product. I 100% recommend these brands that I’ve mentioned from the effectivity, the best ingredients and brand philosophy.

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  • Agrimony

  • Cerato

Schüßler Salz

  • Nr. 11 Silicea

  • Nr. 4 Kalium Chloratum


  • Lapislazuli - get your lapis lazuli bracelet here

  • Soladith


  • Write down your biggest fears that prevent you from moving forward. Use real pen and paper. Burn them over a candle and let them go with this full moon.

  • Mingle multiculturally, have in-depth convos with friends of different backgrounds

  • Light a bonfire to celebrate this fiery full moon


A meditation awaits you specially designed for this full moon in sagittarius to help you calm your nervous system, reset your mind and embrace your voice.

Listen to the free meditation here:

To know where this Sagittarius full moon's astrology is all happening for you personally, read your horoscope here

your horoscope for the super full moon in sagittarius

If you want to work more with Astrology or you would like to deal more with the philosophy and science of the planets in order to get to know yourself and your life purpose better or you might even want to have a closer look into your health, then I cordially invite you to my Astro Readings. You can choose between different Readings according your needs and desires. I offer short readings such as „ Your Nodes" or „Your Big 3“ or in-depth detailed version like „Your whole Blueprint Birthchart“ or „your astro health“.

If you feel and hear the call to celebrate this full moon with more aligned astro information about yourself than I can’t wait to see you in person via zoom.




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