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Scorpio Full Moon Medical Astrology

How to heal our money, self-love and relationship wound on that luna eclipse in scorpio that manifest as illness in our physical body with medical astrology and modern mysticism.

On this eclipsed, super charged full moon we are greeted with both the taurus and the scorpio energy as these are the two main signs that we are working with.

Scorpion rules our hips and pelvis, bladder, urethra, large intestines and bowels. Stands for our genitals, reproductive system, sex, as well as life and death.

scorpio luna eclipse astrology medical astrology horoscope

Ruled by water and the planet Pluto, this scorpio full moon asks us to confront our deepest emotions. In doing so scorpio and the planet Pluto reminds us that we are true phoenixes that rise out of ashes, but we do not always need to raise we can also just fly. What can we let go of in order to rebirth it in a new way and form. We are magicians and healers, artists for ourselves. We can transform any energy, emotion or behavior. We can turn darkness into a bright light, sad tears into happy tears and tension into relaxation. Discharge during this time to let go of old stagma during this full moon. Call your SWEAT TEAM cause this is the topic. Your permission to book your next Spa Day and go to the Sauna.

Scorpio needs to fight for his species because that's what scorpios do. Ruling the reproductive system as well as our elimination system, we tend to hold on to our emotions and toxins during this mystical time. Let's remember that scorpio is a fixed water sign, so think of ice cubes, the essence is the DNA.

Pluto and Scorpio shape our DNA, and during a luna eclipse our dna can be reformed and reshaped and we can heal our cells and destruct our tissues and believe system based on what our ancestors have gone through, what we want to carry on and what not.

Basically scorpio represents the energy of survival and purification.

Taurus rules our throat, vocal tract, neck and tongue. Meaning by speaking our truth we are healing our wounded inner child. supressed emotions that are not worked through and spoke up to are often shown in ailments related to our reproductive system, which therefore can also cause skin irritations.

Luna eclipses have always been a great time to turn the volume down of our lives, rest and even detox.

When our Body is full of everything, emotions, toxins, unprocessed food, memories, we get sick! Luckily our elimination system helps us and our bodies to eliminate all of this on a daily regular basis, starting with our morning po for example. But detox and elimination is a very complex process. If it doesn’t work 100 % as it should, our mind get scattered, we get depressed, anxiety shows up, unhappiness, melancholy, skin irritations, bladder infections, bloating, constipation and the list goes on and on. Therefore it is our job to look after our body, supporting it with different options designed by Mother Nature, so it can release and relax and heal. We take responsibility for our health and need to understand that we also are part of it, need to care for our soul’s home, the earth and our physical body.

Scorpio has the amazing quality in medical astrology of restoring vitality and recuperative abilities, therefore this luna eclipse in scorpio is a good time to heil our cells, transform darkness into gold.


It’s typically for a luna eclipse to not feel super motivated and the energy might be more inward than active. However moving our bowels, sweating and gentle physical exercise is fantastic to get the stagnant energy flowing.

Sweating yes, but every form of fluid excess is good. So feel after crying - do so. Don’t even know why you need to cry - perfect just let it be as it’s part of your healing.










if you’re graving eggs and dairy - go for organic local products it this time.

Herbs & Supplements






Schüssler Tissue Cell Salt

No. 12 Calcium Sulfate

Bachflower Essence


This Chicory plant is used for many purposes including constipation and pre-diabetes. Here, we're looking at its flower use for emotional disturbances. In short: Chicory is the flower of possessive people, who over-protect those around them.

Dr Bach’s description

"For those who in health or illness like to be alone. Very quiet people (Aquarians often do NOT to be loudbecause they are so committed to their vision they just DO it) , who move about without noise, speak little, and then gently. Very independent, capable and self-reliant. Almost free of the opinions of others. They are aloof, leave people alone and go their own way. Often clever and talented. Their peace and calmness is a blessing to those around them"


Yellow Topaz & Obsidian


horoscopes for the luna eclipse in scorpio

Aries Rising:

Time to see the change in your partner and collaborative relationships. Persistent pays off. Although your mental health got really tested lately due to things that didn’t worked out as soon or in general as you wanted but that was just because the universe had better plans for you. Here is a change in your shared resources with your Familie and partner based on what values you share with each other. The change the luna eclipse is bringing you definitely motivates you even more to go after your dreams more. This luna eclipse is also a chance for a good cleanse and elimination process and therefore also good when it comes to your body’s health. The more you alter your body and treat it like a temple the more you will attract.

Taurus Rising:

It happens in your house of relationship and love. Hu-Hu honey. This sudden change that comes with the luna eclipse is creating transformation & change in your love life, maybe that means sacrificing or getting rid of people who don’t benefit your personal evolution or simply valuing the security you feel in a relationship, but more important valuing your inner security that comes from only your inner grounding. Balance your relationship to food as well and what you eat. Treat your body like a temple and you will see how others will do too.

Gemini Rising:

You know how to treat yourself with the luxury and comfort of good and tasty food. However tasty does seems to be nice for the soul but doesn’t necessarly mean healthy too. Sorrryy. Change is here and that means for you in your health habits, approach to food and digestion. You can be off service for others only when you’re function in a good, stable way. You are the natural born multitasker, but this can be a burden if you don’t empty your mind from time to time and learn to focus more on what relay sparks up your life. If you don’t digest your thoughts , your belly gets bloated. You too need rest and rejuvenation.

Cancer Rising:

This eclipse moon brings sudden change in your creative projects also involved with kids and overall fun activities. That can involve your cooking skills and food prep or your pen is becoming a magic magician in your art and drawing projects. You can even become an artist when it comes to your food preps or footage. Scorpio eclipse more or less invites you to be part of this „project“ too. How do you prep your meals these days. What is it that you can allow to stay away from in order to invite you art and fun.

Leo Rising:

Your home is your sanctuary. A calm and fertile place where luxury comes first. All of the earth material have their own stores and history. Probably already witnessed, used and inhabitant by your ancestors and the energy is still there. Find healing through your ancestral home, knowing where you come from. What tradition you want to carry on and which ones are not serving you anymore. How do you define abundance really? What is your Soulfood? What food habits are yours, which one are you gifted with by your parents which one are you not aligning with. Let go of what seems to give you security but doesn’t really support nor help you align with your true life path and find your inner home that will always be there.

Virgo Rising:

Your communication skills are undergoing a transformation. That can be of physical nature through new techs or literally in how you receive, exchange and process information. How do you communicate your feelings if unwell and what is your attitude to it. Change in the are of life that is related to your siblings, extended Familie and your daily rituals. What doesn’t serve you on your personal journey any more?

Libra Rising:

your self- worth and self-love, the point for you here is really your self-worthiness. How much are you showing yourself love and how truly are you believing that you are worthy of everything. No self love, no money. But here is the the big opportunity for change and transformation for you and since you’ve incorporated this you see your assets growing and glowing. And eat with all your 6 senses to value what you have in order to grow more of it.

Scorpio Rising:

a new cycle, a transformation and change starting with your first house of self, vitality and how you identify yourself with the world. Coming more and more into your mystic scorpio energy. Your are the magician that loves transformation. Therefore you’re pretty much undergoing a transformation of your self and your time this full moon and this is your free pass to relax and observe it all from the comfort of your own sanctuary. Know that your overall health and vitality is the source of abundance for you. How do you feel the best in your body and skin? Change in your identity.

Saggitarius Rising:

you are going into dream land this full moon? which means your mind can rest now and you should allow it to do so. Relax your nervous system. You should also learn to set boundaries the nextweeks in your eating habits. Don’t just eat because its mouth watering you think about the reason why your actually eating. are you really hungry or is it an emotional excuse? Change in your unconsciousness, your dreams and connection to the gods, angels, you name it.

Capricorn Rising:

this full moon is inviting you, or better said your friends and community is inviting you or is there a change in your groups occurring? You can sense what’s best for you and should have the courage to nourish yourself at least as much as you do care for others. If someone doesn’t like what you’re bringing to the table, then it’s just because they have their own taste and are different. how cool that we are not all of the same sort. change in your groups and community. Definitely time to know who#s still supportive and helping you to life your best lief.

Aquarius Rising:

happening in your career and public life. A new grounding seed in your business, maybe the beginning of something exorbitant. The only thing that matters is the intention behind it. Is it serving the earth, the communities as well?! What did you manifested on the new moon in taurus and what happens now in order to follow your divine path. Change is always here for you not against you.

Pisces Rising:

have a good trip...or maybe not because we are also in mercury Rx and that means canceled flights, bookings etc. This solar eclipse catapults you into something where you’re not only expanding your cultural experience and knowledge but also your spirituality and general belief-system. Through travel we get wiser and become more align with our own philosophical creations. Whether it’s a business trip or a self planned long distance journey, those are the type of expenses that makes us richer and abundant in return even if there comes some detours along the way, which will lead you to where you need to be.

Thats it my loves.

May this luna eclipse bring you further along your souls path and what is truly best for your personal evolution.


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