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Pitaya the answer how you stay young, glossy and sparkling

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

We all know that with time and beautiful memories and moments we can't miss on the fact, that our Body goes forward not backward :-) which means that we do get older from the in and outside, which is pretty perfect isn't it? Sure some of us really trying hard to stay young and prefer to be 22 for the rest of their lives but to me that has nothing to do with being sexy, young and fresh :-) First thing to know, you are only as old as you feel. Second thing to know, your age has nothing to do wis your person, experience or knowledge. There are people who are almost 50 and are not as smart as they act. Then there are Souls who are 19 and acting like mastering the last 40 years with easy, struggles and growths. Thats a spiritual thing ;-) our Soul can be with the wisdom, knowledge and observations of 150 years or the Soul can be very young. Knothing is wrong here, both szenraios are sparkling and expressions of life. But the third thing to know is, you can do something to help your body and cells staying young and healthy withouuuut helping out from the outside ;-) When we cleanse our liver we help our her and our entire body to get rid off all the toxins and bad stuff, that she holds back for us. That means that this rubbish placed deep in the liver doesn't get into our blod or someweher else where considerable damage would be done. There are plenty good natural ways to really help the liver and heal chronic illnesses, so i suggest reading books of anthony william or subscribe to my email list where you get detailed informations in the next weeks :-) For NOW I am speaking about the one and only PITAYA or also known as dragon fruit. The anti aging super food.


Pitaya, also called dragon fruit, is a tropical fruit that is grown in California, Florida, Central and South America, and South East Asia. It’s getting popular as a superfood for smoothies and salads. If you read and stick to my blog you become an outrider and the next best educated human about what to eat and what not to eat ;-) The europen medical sector hasn't heard much nor do people know about the healing benefits of pitaya yet.

I first learned about pitaya when I did the liver cleanse from the book Liver Rescue, by Anthony William, the Medical Medium. I made the “liver rescue smoothie” that includes pitaya, a super liver supporter and healer. I’ve been having the smoothie in modified forms ever since. Dragon fruit, or pitaya, dates back to centuries ago when it was used by the indigenous people of Costa Rica. This fruit was brought by early missionaries to Asia, where it was renamed "dragon fruit" because of its skin's scales that resemble a dragon. From the cactus family, this tropical fruit comes in yellow, white, and red. But the claims that pitaya can heal the liver is connected specifically to the red variety. Red pitaya tastes like a less tart kiwi but tangier than a pear. It's also been described as tasting like an earthier watermelon.


Pitaya is a fruit and the red pigment in the red-fleshed variety of pitaya is a rejuvenator for your liver, bringing cells back to life. It helps your liver produce cells faster so regeneration of the liver can occur. It cleanses poisens out of the liver. It’s a fountain of youth fruit for the liver that slows down and stops liver aging by caring for its deep, inner core, which in most cases succumbs to disease if left neglected for too long.


I'm always amazed by how holistic the body is. Did you know, your liver stores old traumas and emotions? The liver stores old chemicals and toxins in it to protect you, and emotions are wrapped up with these toxins.

When you feel moody, depressed, anxious and irritated, its from a liver that is stuck, full and sluggish with toxins and emotions. So its good to take care of your liver. I always say to my clients and yogis, if you don't have a baby yet, you have one now. If you're already a mommy or daddy, you have one more family member now. Treat your Liver like you would treat your own baby! and we only want the best for them!

Pitaya does:

-Rejuvenates your liver

- helps the liver produce cells faster for healing

-Slows down and stops the liver from aging

-Contains high amounts of antioxidants, great for skin, anti-aging

-High in Vitamin C for your immune system, skin and detoxing

-Protects against diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular disease

-good source of magnesium

-promotes a healthy gut

-loaded with fiber


The best version always is as fresh as you can. But in Germany or most of Europe its hard to find fresh ones and the right ones. Because from the outside you can't identify the dragon fruit if its white, pink or red from the inside. Most of the dragon fruits you can get in germany or europa are white ones. We learned that the benefits described above come from the pitaya with the red- flashed one. Otherwise you can get it best in frozen packets, like we know from acai, which are made from red ones or you get the pitaya powder i also use and can totally reccomend the powder from the brand the glow lab. If you want to grab a 10 % discount on your oder feeld free and welcome to use the code: JULYAS10.

Hope this information was an enrichment for you and your health :-)

All the Best xx

your yogateacher and holistic nutritionist



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