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Gemini New Moon

Gemini New Moon is the fresh air after a stormy intense eclipse season

Hey my love, happy new moon in gemini and this one is so needed right ?!:-)

We are just coming out of an intense eclipse season with karmic fated events that catapulted us into our new way of being. We are ready for a new moon that brings in the fresh air and new beginnings.

all you need to know about the gemini new moon plus horoscopes and free meditation

And it couldn’t be any better than a mutable air gemini new moon. This Lunation is happening on the 30th, April at 4:40 am PT (13:30 pm German time). When a new moon occurs we always have the opportunity to start something new and beginn a new cycle in synchronicity with la luna itself. It's the darkest moment of the luna cycle and the time when we plant a new seed.

Gemini is all about Communication and Connection, think of an buterfly flying from flower to flower and roaming through the air, especially the two symmetrical side of the wings - the twins. The energy of gemini can be really fast paced and we might even notice that in the roam and space we are living. Is half of the year really nearly over? noooo way. Its the time of the year where we asked ourselves again, how times flying. The days definitely still count 24 hours ;-) but what makes it appearing is when we are too much in our head and focused on the future instead of living in the present moment. This New moon also invites us to reflect and look back to the past weeks. Why? because there is a connection between the eclipse season that we just came out of and this gemini new moon.

The eclipse season in itself was a time to reflect, and adjust our lives or better said, the universe adjusted things for us that where not in alignment with our souls path anymore. So think back to the last couple weeks what shifts and changes arised out of the eclipse season. Just to remember that the solar eclipse in taurus was the portal to let the new energy in and the scorpio luna eclipse on the other side was the portal to let go off the energy, things, people, habits, whatever that simply doesn’t serve us on our personal and collective evolution. We could say, been there, done that eclipse shit :-D and now that we are finally out of it we can also start manifesting again with the new moon. But the thing is that we can manifest as much as we want and won’t see any results if we haven’t done the work around our eclipse topics. And because Mercury the ruling planet of gemini is currently still in retrograde there is less of a directness associated with whatever you’re trying to grow with this new moon. And because the retrograde of mercury is happening in the sign of taurus, where we had our last solar eclipse we have to go back one more time and do some homework here.

Let’s break it down, Mercury is currently retrograde and literally sets the tone for this new moon. Mercury retrograde itself means reviewing and rethinking our communication around.....our taurus topics that are, self worth, self-love, resources, food and money.

So we can definitely work with this new moon in ways of looking at our communication to ourselves but also to others. Words are so powerful and they build the energy and aura around us. While in person communication comes in many forms, speech, eyes, gestures and our body language and thoughts we are noticing a shift in the technical evolution and tools that spread our words. We are also reviewing our relationship to our social media handles and how this is affecting our (mental) health.

How do you communicate to yourself and what are your thought patterns when it comes to your self-worth, and self-love around all things that bring you pleasure, love, abundance and fill up your resources.?

Are you being honest with yourself and others?

Are you using your voice to stand up for your rights and injustice that stops you from living your souls path? And are you using your voice to clearly say and communicate your wants and needs? What words, volume and pitch are you using? Are you communicating in ways you want to be adressed as well?

The mental flexibility and agility of Gemini as well as the impressive acumen, we are now able to gain new insights into well-known problem areas and can see them from a different perspective but most importantly with a fresh new one. Gemini is one of the most curious signs and seeks oppinions from everyone and everywhere. This can sometimes lead to insecurity and disconection from the own intuition. While it is super important to be curious so it is to be able to categorize and select the informations or the mind gets too full, scattered, stucked and overstimulated.

This gemini new moon is a really nice one and brings us definitely new beginnings in terms of how we will continue to communicate, think and coming up with ideas, new input on solutions that we need now for the world, the earth, the animals, the people. It is even possible that we see some new platforms arising that help us connect on a different level and where we can use our voice for the good.

Let's look into the aspects of this gemini new moon , cause there is a lot to be aware of.


Mercury Rx stations direct on the 3rd June when Saturn goes retrograde next to Star Algol

Ok so all the topics and themes that come with this mercury retrograde are amplified and reaching it’s peak on the actual day when the planet stationes. That means the day when mercury goes direct and the day when he is moving out of retrograde we fell the energy the most.

This happens to be the 3rd of June and this astronomical event happens right next to the fixed star Algol. Well, Algol is known to be the head of medusa in greek mythology and represents also the themes around betrayal and has always been associated with the balance between a sane mind and enlightenment. So the topic of betrayal can arise around this day also pretty much for the collective situation in terms of reclaiming our personal power by reclaiming our voices. Then one Day after mercury is going forward and direct again, Planet Saturn makes his move in Retrograde mood in the sign of humanitarian aquarius. Saturn rules the chronic ailments, restrictions and where we set boundaries. So this is going to be about topics that are about social structures, restrictions and how they function and if they fit with something that could be considered „good“ for humanity and who decides what is good for a individuum, the individual itself or someone else ?!

Mars, Chiron, Jupiter in Aries

Now this is a combo...this definitely gives us the courage to go after it. Mars is the planet of energy and drive while Jupiter is the planet of expansion. With this conjunction there is a marked infusion of energy and optimism to achieve goals. Passion and courage is highlighted together with an attitude of „can do, wild do“. Most likely because Chiron, called the Wounded Healer, is the planet of healing and acknowledgment of concealed trauma. With Chiron in Aries there are opportunities for humanity to grow in understanding of its deepest and most hidden traumas, especially those affecting the assertion of self in a higher way or in dealing with challenging feelings regarding our own self-acceptance. The level of progress that is possible now through individual action in concert with societal needs is extraordinary. It is good to apply a modicum of caution though and in terms of the world situation it can expand wars as well, potentially.

Our thoughts create feelings, our feelings influence our decisions and our decisions determine our actions - gemini new moon

medical astrology for the gemini new moon and health horoscopes

Medical Astrology

With all that’s going on this gemini new moon and its aspects lets look how this affects us on our health and what we can use this one for.

Gemini rules our 6 senses, ears, taste, eyes, nose, hands and nerves. The focus on a Gemini new moon let alone will be on this parts of our Body but we also look at the Mercury the planet that belongs to gemini as well as the sign he is in (taurus) and of course the moon.

When mercury is retrograde it is always a time to look back and review and take it slower, because our minds, brains and nervous system don't operate as they should. This can cause ailments around and in our bodies that invites us to look deeper. Often during Mercury Rx we get brain frog, fatigue, insomnia, headache, memory issues, deafness, nerve pains, anxiety, bronchial and lung problems, communication issues and shoulder, hands and fingers can be showing issues. Because Mercury is still retrograde in the sign of taurus, we can also deal with problems our breath shortness, lungs and vocal tracts, as well as things related to the feminine genitals including bladder. Of course this all depends on every individual chart and what’s going on in someone's personal birth chart. But because Jupiter is in aries this can potentially lead to an expansion of inflammation in the body that causes ailments mentioned above.

A big factor here is again our nervous system Mercury represents the vagus nerve, the main nerve of our parasympathetic nervous system. This system controls certain bodily functions such as digestion, heart rate and the immune system. These functions are involuntary, which means that we cannot control them consciously, rather our subconscious controls them. But we can influence and retrain our subconsciousness through calming our minds, meditation, eft and reframing thought patterns. Overall this new moon in gemini invites us to review health issues, maybe some that have become chronic and look at them from another perspective now. Because of the fresh air of gemini and the new moon’s beginning we could also have better insights know in what causes us problems health wise and how to eliminate them completely, touching them by their root cause, beginning with our subconscious mind.

When Mercury stations direct on the 3rd of June health topics could be highlighted.

New Moons are always a good time to start something new, leave old habits behind us and go on a fast.

This might be also good for this new moon as fasts help us clear not only our bodies but also our minds. This doesn’t need to be a strict, rapid fast but simply can be an adjustment and new beginning in including more healthier versions or excluding toxic ones. This new moon is all about inspiring a new energy of curiosity, and figuring out how can you change something that isn't working. Think, discuss, and play with the possibilities under this new moon and ready yourself for action once Mercury stations direct on June 3rd.


Nuts, brain food





seeds - chia, hemp

root vegetables

exclude dairy products around this new moon and avoid stimulants

Herbs and Supps:



Lemon Balm







helps recognize and trust your own intuition. Be guided by your inner voice and stand by your decisions.


good time for Cleansing your crystals

Jade, green tourmaline, agate and smokey quartz,


go over your email and spring clean your messages. What have you missed out?

To honor the energy of mercury this gemini new moon write down affirmations that are related to your thought patterns around your values, self-love and worth and how you connect with your resources.


A meditation awaits you specially designed for this new moon in gemini to help you calm your nervous system, reset your mind and embrace your voice.

Listen to the free meditation here:

read your Horoscopes for the gemini new moon


To know where this gemini new moon's astrology is all happening for you personally, read your horoscope here

If you want to work more with Astrology or you would like to deal more with the philosophy and science of the planets in order to get to know yourself and your life purpose better, then I cordially invite you to my Astro Readings. You can choose between different Readings according your needs and desires. I offer short readings such as „ Your Nodes" or „Your Big 3“ or an in-depth detailed version like „Your whole Blueprint Birthchart"

If you feel and hear the call to start this new moon and new circle with more aligned astro informations about yourself than I can’t wait to see you in person or via zoom.

I wish you a wonderful new moon with many moon blessings


Julia Georgia - medical astrologer

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