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Welcome to your Healy Biz! I'm so happy you are here. 

First, please join our business team here on WhatsApp: 

The Frequency Shift Biz

Healy Device & Experience

Once you're there, send me a DM so I can add your contact and get you any additional resources. 

*Note* This Community is growing day by day and the magic and abundance that this group dynamic brings into the life of so many is just one of the things I am most grateful for. We have new people joining this WhatsApp group almost daily. Therefore same questions can get asked quite a lot :-) therefore I suggest searching the group after your keyword if you have a question and see if this was answered and covered previously. Most often it was :-) If not feel absolutely free to put your questions and anything else in this groups. 

For the most part, you'll learn everything you need to about your business as you go.


But here are the important parts to get you started:



This is where most of the action is and where you'll receive your biz training. If there's anything to tune into, it's the team calls. We have several types of calls and options.

(All of the call info can be found for reference in the group description of our WhatsApp.)

Additional - we have several calls, Frequency School, direct team trainings, public info calls, moon circles and more that are on a rotational basis. All info for these calls will be dropped in our group thread. Keep an eye out. 


All larger team call replays can be found in Boards. (See below.)


Replays for our direct team can be found here: Frequency Shift Youtube  



All of your biz resources are housed here in this boards for you:


I recommend starting with section 1 & 2 in Boards to orient to the business. These areas will show you how to get your referral link, how to start sharing on social media, and more. 

Take special note of our 11 day IG challenge. For 11 days post a video of you talking to the camera (it can be a story video, live, or reel. Save all to a highlight and submit your entry to receive a free Quantum Leap expert program for your Healy.

Don’t feel pressure at all this is just an option and many of us felt uncomfortable with it at first but overcome their shadows and doors have opened that they would not have thought possible. It is just an opportunity for you to show up, knowing we got your back and that you can feel confident by sharing the things you are excited about, raising the vibration of humanity.

Also check out the section on Fast Start. Fast start is the opportunity to earn cash bonuses on all sales for your first two calendar months PLUS the opportunity to earn a free device! 

If you were to sell 4 Pro devices in your first three months here you would earn enough cash through commissions and bonus to pay off your original device purchase, plus you'd get a free Resonance Plus! And that's just the beginning of the abundance that is available to you.



The business opportunity here is rich, and there's lots to take in, but this will get you started for now. Don't forget to send me a DM on WhatsApp so we are directly connected there.

If you have any questions, you can ask in our group thread or reach out to me directly, you should not feel alone here and you aren’t :-) We are here to do this together. 

Enjoy your journey and growth, together we can create a better future with health and wealth for everyone who’s here! 

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