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new year, new decade, new you
January, 10-12

You want to feel better ?! not only better, but healthier ?! Start the New Year with ease and feel even lighter perhaps release the last Christmas sins ?! You are sick of hungriness and still having a feeling of fullness ?! Fatigue, headaches, sluggishness, and other pain have you got used to ?!

Then it's high time to give your body the necessary tools so that it can be fully functional for you again and your soul gets joy again to live there.

Use healing and detoxifying food, precise and accurate yoga practice, and the power of nature to excrete toxins, improve disease symptoms, and not just clean up your home now and then, but also your body.

This Yoga Weekend embedded in between the Dunes on one side and the healing Sea on the other side is all about Health, Wealth and Happiness. My aim on this Weekend ist to focus on how to cure specific illnesses and how we can treat our Body in a Way he really likes to be treated and in consequence, will give it all back to you. Detoxing your Toxines and the ancient roots of Yoga Philosophy will make room in your body for good energy to spread. I don't want you to do Yoga, I want you to fell and be Yoga. To me, Yoga and Nutrition belonged together like no other. They both build the perfect fairytale relationship for your whole body system. A true Lovestory with the Purpose to nurture you at the highest level.  Enjoy the moment in a very first, yet naked and very early, time of the New Year, because the past has happened and the future has not yet arrived. The perfect time to let go and get ready for new adventures and a year. It's time to relax and connect to the inner and outer awareness and perfectly designed to set your Intentions for this upcoming Year and Months ahead for your highest goals. We will practice how to set Intentions right and work with the Yoga practice towards your aims. Some of us may feel a bit stressed from the Christmas Season or even depressed because Sun hasn't given us Vitamin D for a long time. Then it is the Best time to retreat yourself to one of the healthiest and holistic areas in the Netherlands. Domburg is known for its healing effects of water and fresh air, next to another region, Domburg is the only Dutch beach resort to meet the quality criteria of the European spa association for Thalassotherapy. It has a very long tradition as a health region. It has even found remains of spas and a bathhouse with warm and cold water basin from Roman times. Bathers came to relax but also because of the effect of the clear sea air and seawater. A time in Domburg thus acknowledged strengthening body and mind. It's my honor to guide you through these 3 Days, where we find Stability, Strenght and Balance in our postures as well as in the body to get ready for  2020.  Leave stress from the last few months behind you and reboot your soul, immune system and mind. With the healthiest smoothies, dishes and snacks, Yoga and Meditation Practise as well as Breathing Techniques, Sound healing sessions and Chakra balancing in the spacious and cozy Yogabarn at the beautiful Retreat Centre in Domburg. You will have all the Instruments you'll need to lit your inner light and shine brightly after these days, to detox not only your Mind and Spirit but also your Body with fresh and holistic food and learn how to focus on your wishes and what you want to increase in your future life. Besides our Yoga Practise, you have the choice to grab a Bike for riding,  or just go for a mindful walk along the beach or between the dunes. Your needs are unlimited. Above all to leave you in a complete state of relaxation, purify and warm you up in the in-house sauna and swimming pool. Where a passing or face to face meeting with a doe is no rarity. This all awaits for you to unwind, retreat and detox to flow through your weekend days and preparing for the year with grace, health, and happiness. Use the opportunity to gain new information and above all knowledge about measures that really cleanse your body and make it steadfast. Deepen your yoga practice and get to know the Yoga Philosophy even better.


A warm, light and beautiful Yogastudio, that is directly connected to the house with views into the green will be your sacred Place for our daily Yoga practice, meditation, breathing teqnique and a sound healing session. A deer joining the class from the outside will be a sweet side effect. Right after your detox supporting welcome drink and snacks we will start with a get-together opening circle and a subsequent grounding and welcoming meditation. The evening will be closed with a gentle but yet active Yoga class. On Saturday we will meet for a short morning ritual in the kitchen and enjoying a Yoga practice afterward with the focus on alignment and how to do Asanas to have the most benefit and healing effect for your Health. After Lunch on Saturday you will have the opportunity to join a sound bath, which can provide your whole body with a reset. In the Evening before the cleaning but nurturing dinner again a gentle and restorative Yogasessionawaits you. On Sunday morning same ritual, same kitchen :-) but another morning flow will wake you up and give you the opportunity to clean and sweat out your toxins. After Bath and Breakfast enjoy a walking meditation on the beach or between the dunes and inhale one of the purest and freshest air flows. Do the rituals you want to do like, reading, journaling, sauna or a swim in our heated pool and the check- into your last yoga class this weekend with the focus on balancing and breathing. After our last lunch we will close our weekend with a get-together and closing cricle. Along these Days each flow is uniquely designed to be like a hug to the Body and soul. There will be 90 minutes morning and evening sessions, suitable for beginners as well as advanced participants. The first Sessions will be focused on feeling good within the body and gradually making it stronger and lighter. I will start by breaking down simple poses while building a consistent practice which by the end of the Days everyone (no matter if you're a beginner or advanced) will be able to do anywhere and at any time including Head- or Handstands :-), according to your needs and level of practice. Mornings will be dedicated to flowy and dynamic Sun Salutations sessions, with a big focus on steady elements of Hatha/Iyengar yoga and breathing techniques to fill our body and mind with the fresh oxidant, while afternoons will be more gentle, with stretching and restorative yin yoga. The whole Yoga practice as well as the Weekend is focused on detoxin especially your body from past toxins which most of the time are nurtured from stress, unhealthy food, bad habits or just unknowingly and wrong pieces of information.  Accompanied by my main focus on Yin & Yang to bring you in a completely balanced mood. Sound Bath, Breathing exercises as well as Guided Meditation, either in a seated calm position or in a flowing movement are part of your Yoga experience. This is a once in a Lifetime Experience, having an unforgettable one and a lot of new information about how to prevent, avoid or heal Illnesses that you can take home afterward for the rest of your life and even for your family or maybe kids one day.


This whole Weekend is under the sign of cleansing, detoxing, healing and nurturing Your Body and especially your inner organs. Most of the common diseases are caused by the wrong diet. And we can not only give the consumer the guilt for it to feed themselves badly if he does not get the necessary information or even the wrong ones, which are misleading and confusing. I don't' want to convince you to be a vegan neither do I want to impose my opinion about a plant-based diet. But what I want is to give you the opportunity to look behind specific symptoms and how you can cue them with your food. I know that for some of us it is not always possible conditioned by the job, household, family, cooking skills or motivation or other obligations to maintain a healthy diet. This is why I created this weekend to nurture you in the healthiest and most healing way. I want you to really get rid of toxins in your body, but most of it, I want you to have a stable and never aging foundation, which you can always count on and get back to whenever you feel the urge to rescue your body and help your organs to breath so they can be the best workers for your health instead of getting burned out. When we hear the word detox, most of us are thinking about fasting or drinking nothing but juice or smoothies. Well, fasting is really a good option of cleansing some unwanted things out of the body, but most of us forget how much stress that causes our body. Even if the fasting therapy is designed with good supplements, it is one of the most shocks for the body. Not only because the blood sugar is sinking immediatly but because the amount of toxins who rush out is not to handle anymore and instead of really going out of the body it can happen that they get into the blood, which is the most dangerous that can happen for your health. So instead of going on a fasting journey during these days, because I can not know how good and healthy every one of you already lives, you will get served foods that help your body in a gentle and effective way to lose unwanted confounders. The mornings will start with a cleansing ritual for what we meet in the kitchen before we start the day with a yoga practice, that supports the cleaning effect. After our morning yoga sessions, we will have a super fresh Breakfast, as well as Lunch and Dinner on Saturday that will fulfill your tasty wishes. Charge your body with fresh fruits, smoothies, juices and lots of vegetables that suit your Yoga practice and detox the body. The range of good AND healthy Snacks during the days are popping up almost everywhere :-)  The menu is also influenced by a sugarfree and low-fat diet, we try to cut out as much as we can but leave the good versions.  Thus, in addition to the dishes and spices of modern cuisine, gatherings, tips, and exchange with each other are very welcome on the table. 

Deluxe meets your cozy Home
Domburg, Netherlands

Vitamin Sea on hand and Vitamin D unes on the other, your personal retreat center amidst beautiful nature. A fantastic place to enjoy the breathtaking scenery of the Zeezalnd and its healing effects. You will be staying in the beautifully renovated, modern and luxurious Retreat Center, just outside of Domburg in the Zeeland. The house has eight spacious two-person bedrooms with comfortable (separated) beds, an inside heated swimming pool, sauna the Yogastudio and a big kitchen not to forget a cozy living room. Food will be served at the long table in the kitchen with views of the garden. The spacious Yoga studio has french windows with a panoramic view overlooking the grassland or covered in cozy white snowflakes where a deer is looking out of the landscape and maybe even join the yoga class from the outside sometimes. Whether by the heated pool or Yogaspace -  there is everything with a view. Including the rooms and cozy corners in the house. Domburg City is as far away to unwind and retreat your ears from noisy trouble but as near to go for a mindful walk and discover some little cute cafes and shops. While the Beach and the Dunes are just a stones' throw away to stay in your best mood. Every room is equipped with everything you need for a yoga weekend of this kind. Your intimate space to let the soul dangle and relax, inside and outside  Perfect for those who value time, freedom and creativity as much as a little bit of luxury here and there.Or just the perfect place for a yoga getaway to let go, reboot and prepare for the best time ahead.

  • 3 days/2 nights in the cozy Yoga center all-inclusive 


  • 4 Yoga sessions including other rituals (each 90 min.)

  • 1 guided meditation

  • 1 sound bath ritual


  • 2 fresh served Breakfast with a view

  • 2 dinners with best and fresh ingredients, plant-based and detoxing 

  • 2 lunches/ snacks served to maintain your hunger


  • infused water and herbal tea is available throughout the days ​


  • sauna and heated swimming pool


  • detoxifying welcome Drink and snacks 

  • yoga equipment (mats, blocks, blankets, straps)


  • optional if you want a mindful walk through the dunes or at the beach.

  • towels, bedding

  • a unique designed Handout (eco-friendly as PDF) with healing and detoxifying prescriptions and other detoxification measures that are always available beyond the weekend. 

  • Flights or other transfer costs

  • other lunch or dinners outside the Retreat center


  •  alcoholic drinks


  • travel insurance


  • price for other activities like Bike rental

  • tourist taxes (2 €, per Night/person)





  • two single beds either separated or together -- 570 € p.P


 *If you bring a friend, mother, partner or other beloved ones, you and your companion will receive 20 € off the price, each.



  • if you want to book a room just for yourself, please contact us here: and we will calculate the single price for you.





** A deposit of 50 % will be charged upon booking. Unexpected cancellations due to the hotel or julyas, the deposit will be refunded. The remaining amount must be paid  14 days before the beginning of the retreat. The payment of the total amount is also possible. More information about the terms and conditions can be found here.


If you are coming from Germany, or the Netherland itself, you can easily drive and arrive by car. Free Parking spots are available at the House. If you are traveling from another country there are several airports in the Netherlands, which are served several times a day from the departure airports all over the World. Nowadays you will find cheap flights, easily but I suggest, whenever you are flying to also use a flight emission tracker like to offset your flight emissions and donate a few amounts of your flight cost for planting new trees or other projects, that help to rebuild or protect ur environment.  

The Retreat starts on the 10th of January 2020 at about 12 am with a get-together and info about the upcoming days and a welcome yoga session afterward.


The Retreat Ends on the 12th of January 2020, after a fresh yoga session and Lunch and a closing get-together at about 3 pm


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